Prepare For The Day!

I don’t know about you, but the busier I am the more scatterbrained and forgetful I become. Today is an extremely busy day for me and I’m trying to do all the right things to condition my body properly. I must do my part to prepare for the day. It’s easy to say I don’t have time to exercise, yet I really can’t afford NOT to exercise and prayer is a MUST. Exercise will give me the extra boost of energy I’ll need plus help me mentally. Continual prayer will help me stay focused throughout the day and remind me to stay connected to my true source of power. Hitting the floor running use to be my way of life, yet age and wisdom has taught me differently. Have you properly prepared for your day?

The Victory!

While watching the final inning of the World Series last night, I focused on the facial expressions of the anxious fans awaiting the outcome of the game. I related to their edgy emotions by recalling some of the very close games my sons have participated in. Each player’s move is watched with intense concentration as spectators hope and pray for victory. At the end of the game, you see the winning team running on the field, jumping up and down, and yelling with excitement while the other team faces the agony of defeat. I had a life lesson in this late night baseball game I was honored to watch alone.

I’ve been promised a life of victory! I don’t have to live my life wondering and hoping about the outcome of my circumstances. I have a choice to maintain a mind of victory or defeat. My life should be anxiety free! These thoughts made me want to jump up and down and run through my living room as if I had won the World Series. What joy! I have God’s favor living a life of promised triumph. It doesn’t matter what the middle of my mess looks like – I have the victory! It doesn’t matter if I’m bringing up the rear – I live in victory! It doesn’t matter if things don’t go according as planned – I’ve got the victory! Helping our children apply these concepts in their small worlds of academics, sports, and other endeavors teaches them spiritual success. Preparing our children for life is one thing, yet preparing them with a mindset of victory is larger than life. The benefits of being obedient and in God’s will are beyond belief, yet real. The Red Sox may have won the World Series, yet when you're on God’s team, you're a winner in life! Live today in victory!

This is a Test

My goodness! One thing after another has been breaking in our home. This week alone, our kitchen sink was backed up, the plumbing throughout the house has been acting crazy, our washing machine is broken, the refrigerator is leaking, one car wouldn’t start this morning, and just to put the cherry on top, I played a CD in my husband’s car and it just won’t eject – it’s stuck! When it rains it pours! Sometimes little things can pile up and cause complete chaos in the home. This is when keeping your peace of mind comes into play. In spite of all around me, I have peace. What can I do except deal with one issue at a time and go with the flow? Falling apart doesn’t help anything or anyone and things really could be a lot worse. This is a test – this is just a test of the National Coping Skills and Stress Service. I wasn’t prepared for this test, yet this too shall pass. One day at a time – one issue at a time.

Is Hubby Number One?

Being a wife is a full time job! There is more to being a help mate than meeting the physical needs of my groom. Cooking for him, washing his clothes, and stroking his ego every now and then are all good, yet that's not all. My prayer this morning was that I truly grasp the meaning of being my husband's helper - physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. I felt like I was doing a good job until our Married Couples Class last night. The study was on priorities - my goodness...I fall so short in making my groom feel he is number one in my life. Yes, he is a high maintenance man, yet his high maintenance and everything else about him are mine. He is God's gift to me although I often want to return it (smile). I'm making a new commitment to pay more attention to the needs of my man and make him feel he is number one in my life. God IS my life, so hubby should be number one. The children think they are number one, yet they come second. I'm mentally exhausted at the thought of this new commitment, yet I'll just ask for an extra filling of the Holy Spirit. I want to give my husband all HE needs, not all I think he needs - there's a difference! Well, no time to talk... I've got a JOB to do!

Hallelujah Anyhow!

Even the worse thing that has ever happened to you has worked for your good – if you love God. I heard this statement years ago as a pastor explained Romans 8:28. I often recall this verse and refer to it as my situation scripture. It brings me comfort and lets me know everything is alright. Recently, a tornado visited my city and damaged some homes and also my church home. The tornado took me back to the many personal tornadoes of life I’ve dealt with. Sometimes it seemed my life was turned upside down, yet remembering God was in control made everything alright. In spite of my tornadoes, I’m still standing and they’ve actually made me stronger and strengthened my faith. It doesn’t matter if a tornado hits my home, my marriage, my children, my car, my money, my friendships, my job, or my health…God is in charge, so it’s already alright and I must say, “Hallelujah anyhow!” The first time I heard this phrase was over ten years ago when I miscarried twins and a woman I respected said to me, “Well, Hallelujah anyhow!” I thought this was the most insensitive comment she could have made, yet as I grow in the knowledge of Christ, her words were exactly what I needed to hear. It’s not about my light afflictions, yet about giving God glory in the midst of my tornado. Hallelujah anyhow!

The key to this faith is staying in the will of God and living my life solely for Him. As my tornadoes come and go (and they are coming), they remind me I am not here to fulfill my own selfish wants, needs, and desires. I was created by Him for Him and nothing else matters. Is a tornado visiting you? Well, Hallelujah anyhow!

Psalm 113:1 (TLB)

Hallelujah! O Servants of Jehovah, praise His name.


I was looking through my journal and came across some old wedding and funeral programs. One particular home-going celebration program captured my attention. It was of a young woman I knew from my previous church in California. She and I were pregnant at the same time. My last memory of her was standing in our church foyer (California) foyer together. We were both big as balloons. We laughed, talked, and shared due dates. It wasn’t long after our conversation that she died - in her ninth month. While looking at her obituary, I thought…God could have chosen me to come home with Him. Life is full of swift transitions. You never know what is going to happen from one day to the next – one minute to the next! The memories I have of this young woman are wonderful – her spirit, her smile, her friendliness, her joyfulness. Hmmm…what memories am I creating for my family and friends? Am I being the loving, supportive wife my husband needs? Am I giving my children the love they need to be confident, secure young adults? Am I being the woman God created me to be? The only thing we’ll be able to take to the other side is a good life. The only things we’ll leave behind are good memories. Make good memories each day.


Lately, I’ve been hearing so much about menopause through the media. From the day I realized I was in peri-menopause (the beginning stages), I have been excited. I thank God for the mood swings and hot flashes! Menapplause! Why? This change in my life not only reminds me that my pop-up craziness is warranted, yet it’s preparing me for the second stage of my life as a secure, confident woman. Younger women should be prepared for this transition. I wish I had been more aware of the change. Instead, I thought I needed crazy pills and thought I was drying up into a grey pile of brittle bones. I’m also celebrating menopause because one day I will be free from Aunt Flo! She has GOT TO GO! Her monthly visits have been an inconvenience since middle school and it’s time for her to pack her bags and leave for good. Aunt Flo, you are no longer welcome here! MENAPPLAUSE!!

God's Protection / Mother's Intuition

I'm one of those Mothers who still gets up in the middle of the night to check on her children. If my eyes open, I'm up surveying the house - going through each room making sure everything is in tact and also looking out a window to see the front of the house and our surroundings. The main thing I do before going back to bed is check on my babies ( ages 9/11) and pray for them. Last night I didn't make my survey check. I remember looking at the clock and it read 1:30 and I chose to stay in bed. Well, this morning when I walked into my sons' room to check on them, their ceiling fan was on the floor. Yes, the ceiling fan was on the floor. It fell right out of the ceiling. I looked over my boys to see if they were okay. I was almost afraid to get close to them, but I made sure they were breathing and immediately thanked God once again for his mercy and protection. The ceiling fan didn't have to fall straight down. It could have done some serious damage in their small room and to them. I left the fan on the floor because I want the boys to see it when they wake up. What a wonderful opportunity to share God's grace and mercy - we are so undeserving! Anyway, I'm not saying the fan would not have fallen if I had done my routine survey check, yet there may have been some sign - a sound or something. When God opens a Mother's eyes in the middle of the night - it isn't just because He wants to see how beautiful they are - get up! A Mother's intuition is stronger than we can ever imagine. We can't be everywhere at all times, yet God can, so when He prompts us to move (whatever time of the day)...for His sake MOVE!

Housewife With A Hobby

A young girl recently told me she wanted to one day be a housewife with a hobby. Hmmm…a housewife with a hobby sounds like fun. I had to make sure she knew being a housewife wasn’t all fun and there is little time for a hobby. Housewife, homemaker, domestic engineer, home-front career woman – whatever you choose to call it and regardless of whether you work within your home or outside of it, it’s no easy job. It’s tough work – if you do it God’s way. Personally, I choose the ‘homemaker’ name. Housewife sounds like I’m trained and chained to the house. As women of God we are all homemakers and we’re called to create a clean, loving, nurturing, safe, comfortable, peaceful dwelling for our family. Is my home always clean? I wish! Are we always in harmony? No! Is my home neatly organized? Yeah right! Making a home all God wants it to be is a lifetime mission – this is where the work comes in. There is no idle time. Decorating, cleaning, and cooking only scratch the surface of being a Godly homemaker. As you create (homemaker) your home, you must maintain (homekeeper) what you’ve worked so hard to make. Yes, it can be a challenging, thankless job. It takes every waking minute you have covered in prayer, yet the results will bring God glory and produce warmhearted memories for generations to come. What kind of home are you creating?

Proverbs 31:27 (NIV)
She watches over the affairs of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness.

Time to Refill

Tuesday evenings my husband and sons have men’s night. They usually go to a dollar movie and out to eat. I don’t care where they go as long as they leave the house. I use this time to renew my mind and pour into myself. When Mothers are pulled in every direction by so many people inside and outside the home, we are exhausted of all our resources and we need to stop for a fill-up! We’re like a balloon slowly leaking air and as we get to the last bit of air we circle around even faster thinking we’ve caught a second wind, yet we quickly burn out mentally, physically, or both! To never stop to refill ourselves is dangerous to our body and unfair to our family. Is it time for you to stop for a top off? Filler-up or Fill HER Up?

I Have What?

I’ve been doing everything in my power to lower my blood pressure and at a recent doctor’s visit; it was lower than ever. I was thrilled, yet my doctor had more news. An earlier series of lab tests indicated I have MCTD. “I have WHAT?” Mixed Connective Tissue Disease is the name of a rare disease wanting to damage my body. I prayed and the peace that surpasses all understanding covered me as my doctor continued to speak. He asked if I was sure I felt alright. When I assured him I felt fine, he said if I had not already been doing the right things, our conversation would not be as pleasant. Eating right, exercising, drinking water, and meditating are part of my daily life - now more than ever. Little did I know working to lower my blood pressure was intervening severe symptoms of this rare disease – thank you, Holy Spirit for your guidance! Besides occasional bouts of dreadful fatigue, other symptoms have yet to visit me. I wish I had been obedient enough to care for my temple anyway – regardless of blood pressure, yet I thank God for his mercy and another opportunity to live right – physically. When will we get it? How many times must we be told the importance of exercise? When will we start drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water each day? When will we start getting the proper rest our bodies yearn for? Hmmm…maybe when we visit the doctor and he tells us we have a disease. Mothers, if you haven’t already, I encourage you to begin today – take care of your temple! How you treat your body today is indication of how it will treat you later. Young Mothers are not excluded from this! Don’t wait to ask God for healing after the damage is done. Ask for discipline to implement preventive measures in your daily life - today.

3 John 1:2 (NIV)

Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.

Making A Difference

After being with my sons all day long, most evenings I’d like to just sit and vegetate, yet this rarely happens. They love it when the entire family is together. While I’m trying to find a quiet corner to escape in, they’re planning a family night. Even time spent at the dinner table is enjoyable to them; they can sit for an hour after the meal is complete while we all joke and laugh with one another. I’m grateful my sons appreciate their family, yet at the same time I often find myself thinking of other things I’d like to be doing. It’s heaven to me to be in a corner reading a book or somewhere quiet writing. I just need a minute – not a whole day – just a minute! Hmmm…will my boys grow out of this? At ages nine and eleven…yep…I better enjoy this while I can. Children experience changing stages of development, yet spending time with them produces unchanging results. Spending time with them shows a love they’ll never find in their peers. Spending time with them gives a confidence and security they won’t find in the streets. Spending time with them gives them a desire to want to spend time with us. Mothers don’t have a lot of spare time and if you’re selfish like me, you’re trying to find time to yourself, yet it’s not the quantity of time, yet the quality time we spend with our child that makes the difference.

Grasp The Moment!

The days seem to be passing by so quickly. It’s already Wednesday and I’m trying to remember what I did Tuesday! The hustle and bustle of life hides the sound of the tick tock and before you know it, time has passed by. Work, school, housekeeping, cooking, and errands are all necessities of life that consume time, yet I try to remember the next minute is not promised to me. Enjoy the moment, seize the day, grasp every moment as if it were the last! I really have nothing – no thing – to complain about. I’m alive and just the ability to BE is enough to have joy and enjoy. Life is full of swift transitions and not knowing what the future holds is enough to live each moment to the fullest.
Whatever you may be dealing with today – it’s already alright! It could be worse and yes, it could be better, yet IT IS WHAT IT IS. Live for today and grasp the moment!

Take The Trash Out!

My eleven year old is on lockdown until he learns to take the trash out without being told. Am I being too hard on him? My Father says if this is my only issue with my son right now, I don’t have any problems. Well, I may not have a problem now, but my son will have problems later if he doesn’t have consequences for his lack of responsibility. Okay, I admit my choice of punishment is a little harsh. I’ll release my son from boot-camp in a few days, yet it’s amazing what no television and play station has done to him. Taking away his most prize possessions has made a difference in his attitude also. I’m loving it! I know he’s putting on a good show until he gets his world back, yet he’ll remember what happened and I won’t hesitate to do it again. I always remind myself I’m raising some young woman’s husband, I’m raising a Father, I’m raising a future employee, I’m raising a future community/state leader. The early habits created today will transfer to his adult life, so as The Loving Mama, it is my responsibility to raise a responsible, contributing citizen with character. Whatever my son decides to do when he leaves the house is on him, but for now…TAKE THE TRASH OUT!

A Winning Loss

My nine-year-old niece ran for vice president of her school student council recently. Her mother was surprised at her strong desire to run for the position plus stand before her peers and deliver a speech, which by the way was awesome! She was allowed to write the speech herself, yet of course her supportive, controlling aunt gave her a few helpful tips. I prayed with her the morning of her speech and waited by the phone to hear the voting results. My niece didn’t win, yet I excitedly told her she was a winner anyway! She didn’t understand, so I explained how things really do work together when you love God and made it clear her defeat wasn’t because she didn’t receive enough votes, yet it wasn’t God’s will for her to win – not yet. It’s strange, yet we learn few life lessons in good times, however, when adversity and disappointments surface, our character is strengthened, we better understand God and ourselves.

My niece is blessed to experience something so large in her little life and more blessed to have Godly women explain the blessings in tribulations. Her already visible leadership seeds will prepare her for future endeavors, yet they must be properly watered to take root. My own children have gifts and talents - some have surfaced and some haven’t. My youngest told me last night he wanted to be a fisherman when he grew up. Hmmm…can we reach a little higher? It’s not my job to plan his future, yet to watch for the seeds and pray for wisdom as I position him to stay in God’s will. Our children are created with purpose and their disappointments, tribulations, and challenges are only preparing the path. Needless to say, my niece wants to run for president next year. Looks like my little princess of politics learned a few good lessons!