I Dare You!

Secondborn and I talked about his gifts and talents this weekend.  He sometimes doubts himself and lacks confidence in his God-given abilities. These doubts lead to discouragement. As his mother, I continually remind him of the supernatural power he possesses to excel. My teaching moment immediately turned into a life lesson for myself. The words I shared with Secondborn should be applied to my abilities – especially my writing.

I recently found the nerves to submit articles to various magazines and received my first acceptance – with pay. Why didn’t I do this a long time ago? Because I doubted my abilities, which is actually saying I doubted God. After all, it’s His gift; I’m just an instrument for words to flow through. We all have gifts, creative abilities, and unique talents. What are we doing with them? I dared Secondborn to let God have His way with his abilities and to watch what happens. I also dared myself. A dare will push us pass our carnal limitations. Fear blocks our optimum performance and doubt limits our faith. I dared myself to allow God to consume my writing. I dared myself to give my writing back to God. I dared myself to seek God for direction with my words. I dared myself to put God’s super on my natural each time I sit down to write.  

As women, we naturally overflow with God’s creative spirit. It seems our creativity travels in so many directions, but our lack of focus on Him also takes us in soooo many directions. We sometimes appear to be all over the place.  I’m good at many things, but one thing I know – writing is God’s special gift to me. You too, can make a list of things you’re good at, but what’s one thing you know is a special gift? I dare you to allow God to have His way with it! I dare you!

Have a marvelous Monday!

Motivate Me

Hubby is sent off to work with a hot breakfast, a hot hug, and words of encouragement. The last thing he hears from me each morning is to have a great day!
The boys are also sent off to school motivated and knowing having a good attitude will make a good day and I pray with them individually every morning. Keeping my family motivated and on the right track is a job in itself – especially Mondays.

Who motivates me? Well, if I don’t motivate myself, no one gets motivated. Some mornings are more difficult to motivate myself than others. The mornings I’m held captive by my covers are the hardest. Who wants to be motivated when you don’t even want to get out of bed?  The days I’m dealing with the horror of my hormones are extremely difficult - the word motivation sounds more like mutilation!

My only source of motivation is knowing my strength comes from above.  There is no morning cup of coffee, but a morning cup of Jesus. There is no music, but meditation. There is no self help book, but I speak words from The Book…I can do all things through Christ…the joy of the Lord is my strength…He will keep me in perfect peace…the Lord is the strength of my life…I will never leave you…with God all things are possible…abide in me…God is able…let not your heart be troubled…follow me…fear not…Repeating power-filled promises motivates me in the right spirit to begin my day. God’s words empower me and counteract the pessimistic and self defeating words I hear throughout the day from others and sometimes in my own head. I can’t sit and wait for someone to motivate me. I have to motivate myself! I have to encourage myself! If you haven’t been motivated today, speak a few of God’s power-filled promises and meditate on them. Your Monday and every other day will be okay!  He promised!

Have a marvelous Monday!

33 Cent Stamp

For days I contemplated whether to send my mother a Mother’s Day card or not. I personally don’t care for the cards, but decided to send her one anyway. I searched and searched until I found one saying something remotely close to what I would say.  I placed a stamp on the envelope and it was in the mailbox on Wednesday. Unfortunately, I realized a little late that the envelope had only one 33 cent stamp on it. Good grief! I called Mama to apologize for my scattered brain mistake. I then waited for the cards to return to me, so I could add the correct postage. Mother’s day came, but the cards didn’t make it back to me. I called Mama to say Happy Mother’s Day and she received her card! I didn’t try to figure it out, but I thanked the post office and thanked God! Mama said the post office probably knew it was a Mother’s Day card and felt sorry for me. Whatever the reason, I was grateful. My old 33 cent stamp also bought me a priceless Mother’s Day life lesson. As a wife and mother, when I come up short, God has my back – in everything.  When I’m low on energy, He fills me up. When I’m low on money, He is my sufficiency. When I’m low on giving, His giving Spirit steps in. When I’m low on love, His love covers me and comes through. When I’m low on serving, He serves me with an extra ounce of His grace and mercy. Thank you, Lord for being my sufficiency, my energy, my strength, my peace, my light, my joy, my comfort, my HELP, my everything! It’s another Monday morning and as I ask God to fill me with His Spirit to get through the day, I will also remember to ask Him for a refill when I begin to run low. Let’s have a marvelous Monday!

My Haitian Babies

 This weekend, my pastor and a few others from my church returned from a mission trip to Haiti. While they were away, they sent journal updates and pictures via Facebook. The pictures of the Haitian children tugged at my heart. I looked at those big brown eyes and innocent faces over and over again. I wanted so badly to take care of one. Knowing they couldn’t, I asked the mission group to bring one of those precious babies to me. Sunday, while driving home without my Haitian baby in my arms, the Lord let me know there were plenty of children all around me needing love. I’ve mentioned before how our house is the neighborhood gathering spot for children to play. Since the boys have been in public school, there are even more children around. We have more sand than grass in our yard because of the football, baseball, and endless games of hide and seek and tag going on. The children God wants me to love aren’t from Haiti, but they are from Him. I failed to recognize the work God has for me right in my front yard. I get tired of knocks at the front door, but these knocks are God’s knocks. I have children all around me, but noooo, I wanted a Haitian baby! I have two teenagers that need all the love and attention I’m capable of giving, but noooo, I wanted a Haitian baby! I have nieces and nephews that I need to be a loving aunt to, but noooo, I wanted a Haitian baby! There is a youth ministry in my church needing help, but noooo, I wanted a Haitian baby! The message is loud and clear. I don’t need to look for someone to love because the need is all around me and my first ministry is the homefront.

Have a marvelous Monday and if you’re looking for someone to help, check your homefront first!