A while ago, Firstborn made me a CD with Earth, Wind, and Fire songs and yesterday, I played my favorite song, Devotion, over, and over, and over. I decided to look up the lyrics, so I could sing the correct words instead of only singing one word - devotion. The words are beautiful. I then looked up the word devotion. Devotion: 1. profound dedication; consecration. 2. earnest attachment to a cause, person, etc. 3. an assignment or appropriation to any purpose, cause. 4. Ecclesiastical, religious observance or worship; a form of prayer or worship for special use.

I began to think of my devotion – devotion to my husband, my sons, my talents, my church, my parents, my ministry, my temple, my life. My devotion and service in each of these areas are empty without giving God the devotion He desires from me. Doing what I do can become religious rituals without a true devotion to God – the One who has placed these people and things in my care. After my umpteenth time playing the song, Secondborn asked me if the group was a gospel group. Below are the words to the song, Devotion.

"Thru devotion, blessed are the children. Praise the teacher that brings true love to many. Your devotion opens all life’s treasures and deliverance from the fruits of evil. So our mission, to bring a melody, ringin’ voices sing sweet harmony. For you here’s a song, to make your day brighter. One that will last, you long through troubled days. Giving your heart the light to brighten all of the dark that falls in your way. You need devotion. Bless the children. Deliverance from the fruits of evil. In everyone’s life, there’s a need to be happy. Let the sun shine a smile your way. Open your heart, feel a touch of devotion. Maybe this song will help uplift your day, make a better way. You need devotion, bless the children…"

May your Monday be full of devotion – to God.

McDonald's Breakfast

Last night, Firstborn mentioned he wanted McDonalds for breakfast on his first day of school. I cook a hot breakfast every morning, but I listened to him talk about McDonald’s hash browns and some other grease-filled menu item. Firstborn knows his Mama is against fast food breakfast, so I wondered why he was going against the grain. He knows breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why McDonalds when you can have Mama’s hot breakfast? Instead of rocking the boat the night before school started, I asked him if he had money and we figured out what time we needed to leave the house to prevent being late for school. I even visited the McDonald’s website to read the nutrition facts of some of their breakfast items. I know; I’m a little anal about this. J

 Some children don’t eat breakfast at all and some eat junk for breakfast, so one morning of purchased grease wouldn’t hurt Firstborn - not even on the first day of school. If this is the motivation he felt he needed for the first day, so be it. I accepted this while being reminded that this school year will be full of battles and I refuse to jump in the ring with all of them. I don’t have the mental space or energy for each of them. McDonalds, you win! Firstborn will be in the 11th grade and has a maturing mind of his own. Although I’m his parent, I don’t want to go against the grain on every idea he has. I want to be a supportive parent and not one full of ego that has to have it my way – oh, that’s Burger King, huh? Anyway, I’m here to guide and train my children, not control and dictate. Some issues are major which will require me to put my foot down, and some are minor which will work themselves out – without Mama’s help. I’ll pray for discernment with these major and minor issues as I allow God to raise His children through me. Good grief, LaVender! Give the boy a break – even if it is at McDonald’s!

 Have a marvelous Monday and choose your battles!


Last night, while hubby and I sat in the living room talking, the boys were nearby listening, yet focused on their gadgets. Firstborn was texting and Secondborn was on the computer.  I didn’t place emphasis on what they were doing, but I noticed how focused they were. If they can diligently focus on what they enjoy doing, they can use that same ability to focus on their school work – if they want to. The new school year has already started for many, but the bells will ring next week for us. I will remember the deep concentration the boys had on their gadgets when it’s time to focus on homework. The inability to focus definitely won’t be the problem, but distractions will be.

A distraction is anything that captures our attention from the task at hand. Whether the distraction is around us or in our own mind, we all deal with them. Exercise, work, cleaning, studying, spending time with God, or even having to change a diaper invites distractions - the Spirit of Distraction comes in many forms. This school year, I will have a different approach with the boys when dealing with their lack of desire to focus on their school work. I know they can do it – if they want to! I’ll have to help them recognize their distractions and explain how distractions work against them – against us. Distractions damage - distractions destroy – distractions disturb - distractions detour us from what God has called us to do.

Regardless of our age or what we’re doing, focusing is significant to success. As a wife and mother with so many of my own tasks and countless distractions, I must be an example to my children and fight the annoying Spirit of Distraction. I must focus, follow through, and finish what I’m called to do. I can do it – if I want to.

Boring Bible

The title sounds like blaspheme doesn’t it? Well, I use to think the Bible was boring. Every time I picked it up, the thous and shalts bored me to tears and I never knew where to begin reading. I would find every excuse not to read the Bible. Booooring! 

Now, as an older, wiser, married woman with children, I’ve realized how much I need God’s presence in my life.  I dare not start my day without His Word. If you ever want to start reading the Bible and not know where to start, The Psalms are awesome! The Psalms, located right in the center of the Bible, remind me that God is the center of my life. Reading the Psalms has given me a deeper relationship with God. This morning, I read Psalm 27 and it began with, “The Lord is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life, of whom shall I be afraid?”  I read a little further, and it read, “Hear, O Lord, when I cry with my voice: have mercy also upon me, and answer me.” I continued reading with, “Wait on the Lord; be of good courage; and he shall strengthen thine heart; wait, I say on the Lord.”  Now, what woman doesn’t need these words in her life today? Boring Bible? I don’t think so! 

 How we react to daily situations reveals how much Word we have in our life - our Word level.  As we deal with our toddlers, teenagers, and adult children, God’s Word gives us power! As we help our husbands, God’s Word gives us power! As we interact with co-workers, God’s Word gives us power! As we deal with our Self, God’s Word gives us power!

The next time you look at your Bible, look at it as your power. Open it, read it, and be empowered! Boring it is not!

Mom's Fighting Fat!

All of us are guilty of starting something and not finishing it. Whether it's a special project, a new endeavor, or even a blog!

Well, my dear friend, Sandy, started a blog a while ago titled, Mom's Fighting Fat. It was a great blog, but life got in the way and Sandy left all her followers and her fat hanging - no pun intended.

Mom's Fighting Fat offered so much encouragement and information to women with a desire to live a healthy lifestyle. Sandy also included her own struggle with weight loss and even took backside pictures and videos of herself exercising. Oh my goodness, who does this?

I'm proud to say, Mom's Fighting Fat is back in business and I'm asking you to please drop by and welcome Sandy back to blogland.

When time permits, visit Mom's Fighting Fat Comes Back

To Yield Or Not To Yield To Temptation


This is the sound I heard in my ear all weekend as I enjoyed my high school class reunion. The psst was the call of temptation in my ear.  The planning committee went above and beyond what was necessary to set the stage for pure enjoyment and excitement; it was an awesome gathering. Not only did I see the faces of classmates I hadn’t seen in years, but I also saw the face of temptation – up close and personal. We all have a weakness and if the stage is set properly, we will be faced with a choice – to yield or not to yield. I love to dance and my body wanted to get down, get funky, and get loose - really loose. Thank God, I was able to dance like a lady and still have a ball. Did somebody say buffet? Delicious food was in abundance, yet I held back from eating all I could eat.  Is that Eddie? I had a crush on Eddie from junior high to high school and there he was in the flesh standing next to me. Eddie, Eddie, Eddie. Hubby knew all about Eddie and finally met my high school crush. I thanked hubby for coming to the reunion with me because temptation has a mind of its own – I live in the real world. Just because I love the Lord doesn’t mean I’m excused from being tempted by the lures of my weaknesses and Eddie was definitely a weakness back in the day. Talking to Eddie reminded me why I liked him so much. Miss Flesh was in my ear. “Psst…psst…you know you still like him. Psst…have dinner with him. Psssst..he has a boat and likes to fish, you love fish! Pssst…hug him again.” Whether our weakness is food, money, music, or men, we WILL be tempted and although sometimes difficult, the choice should be to yield not to temptation. Are you wondering what happened with Eddie?  Well, I got out of my own bed with my own husband - I made the right choice. I was not a prisoner of the moment. Eddie is where I left him – in my past. Have a marvelous Monday and yield not to temptation.