Being a mom can seem like a thankless job,
but we're so thankful 
for the opportunity to be called, mom!

Key to Confidence

We hold the key to our child's potential. 
The sooner we unlock it, the sooner they can feel confident and secure in who they are, and in their abilities.

Bible Study Anyone?

I did something last week that I’ve never done before. I’ve been thirsty for a Bible Study group, so I asked a woman who is knowledgeable of the Bible to open her home and lead a Bible Study. I’ve always felt a connection with this woman, so I was even bold enough to request she hold it on a Saturday because week days wouldn’t work. I went a little further and requested if she could do it early, so my Saturday schedule wouldn’t interfere. Not only was this wonderful woman willing, but she said I could bring someone. 

When I asked her what time, she granted my wish and scheduled it early – six a.m. early. Uh…okay. I didn’t even bother asking anyone to come with me. I take no credit for requesting this early morning Bible study; it was planted in my spirit. Sunday school is good, but not enough. With so many changes going on in my life, I need to know, experience, and recognize God within my changes at an optimum level. I study the scriptures, but there is no discussion; it’s just me. 

I wasn’t bold enough to request the book I wanted her to incorporate in the study, but guess what? When I arrived at the willing woman’s home, fifteen minutes late, she joyfully welcomed me and guess what she showed me? She had the exact book I wanted to request, Experiencing God! I knew this was not a coincidence, but a God incident.  All I can say is that I can’t wait for the next one. Yes, six a.m. is early, but don’t we find time to do everything else we want to do? 

I’m tired of my own excuses and I’m sure God is, too.  As it turns out, it wasn’t me making bold requests, but God is requesting a few things of me.  How about you? Is God making any requests of you?

The Best Me

I watched Serena Williams win her 5th US Open title last week.  It wasn’t easy for her, but she played the last set with such determination and passion. While she proudly held her trophy in the air, I wondered what it felt like to be a champion, number one, or in my case, a best-selling author. I pictured myself holding up a trophy and laughed to myself while thinking – you can’t be the best anything until you become your best Self.

I was created with very specific gifts, talents, and abilities and until I learn to do everything unto the Lord and be the best me, I can forget being champion of anything. Am I being the best mother to Firstborn and Secondborn? Have I been the best helper to my husband, or the best sister, daughter, aunt, or friend? No, no, and no; I have not. If I can’t be trusted with the little things, how can I ever be any kind of champion?  It’s so easy to want what someone else has, but being a good steward over what God has entrusted me with is being a champion ME.

Going through the day with a mediocre mindset produces mediocre results. Everything we touch has the possibility to be great – a file, a claim, a report, a meeting, and even the dinner we prepare. I was reminded in my meditation this morning that I was created by Him for Him, so everything must be done unto Him – to bring God glory. Serena won 3.5 million dollars for winning. Good grief, I just want to get out of debt and maybe have a little extra to eat out. I’m happy for Serena’s accomplishment; she has worked hard and is reaping what she sowed. We definitely reap what we sow.

With that said, let’s get to work, and work like champions.

A Mother's Prayers

I had seventeen years with Firstborn before he left for college, and cutting the apron strings is, by far, the most difficult thing I’ve ever done. Sometimes when I think about Firstborn, I get a big lump in my throat. I don’t care if he is less than three hours away, or that he’s surrounded by family, or on a Christian campus, or having the time of his life being away from home. Firstborn is out of the house – away from me. I know time will help me move on, but a conversation I had with another mother yesterday didn’t help.

This mother shared some upsetting news about her sweet, college son and hearing it brought tears to my eyes. Of course, I thought about Firstborn. It only takes a second for children to take a detour on their life’s journey, and what can a mom do? Nothing except pray. I thought about this mother’s son all day yesterday and last night. With each thought, I prayed for him. I know his mother has done everything to raise him, love him, nurture him, discipline him, mold him, correct him, shelter him, teach him, and sometimes even save him. She, without a doubt, did her part. I’ve done my part also, so the only thing left to do is to keep them covered in prayer. I’ve stepped up my prayers in a way I never thought I could.

Firstborn’s life is out of my hands. His life should have never been in my hands, but you know what I mean. I have to trust my training and leave Firstborn where he belongs – in his Heavenly Father’s hands. I was a sweet, quiet girl growing up, but when I left home, I made some unbelievable, dreadful choices.

Let’s just say I thank God for my mother’s fervent prayers.