My Chipped Mug

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Firstborn knows I’m a tea drinker and I use the same coffee mug all the time. Well, he bought me the cutest mug for Christmas. It was white on the outside and purple, my favorite color, on the inside of the mug and the words, To God Be the Glory were sketched on the mug. I’ve been using the mug every day and yesterday I chipped the rim.  Firstborn and I just happened to be texting each other when it happened. I think I bumped the mug on the microwave or something – not really sure. Firstborn said he would buy me another one, but I told him I would use it regardless of the chip. 

As I boiled hot water for my tea, I looked at the chip and thought – there is no perfect vessel. The words on the cup resonated with me in a different way also. Before I give God the glory, I have to go through something. My life must be touched in some way. My heart and soul have been chipped on more than one occasion and although the scars are not visible, they are there. God gets the glory when we share how our lives have been chipped. We all have a chipped story. Again, there is no perfect vessel. 

My chipped mug means more to me now than it did before I chipped it. I can imagine God felt the same way about us when we were born perfect in His sight. He knew we would have even more value to Him once we’ve been chipped. Unlike my coffee mug, the great thing about us being chipped is that God makes us whole again and each time we share the story, God gets the glory!