A Horrible Mom!

A HORRIBLE MOM - Can I be real? A perfect mother does not exist. We all snap, lose it, or reach our breaking point, then say or do something we later regret. You're not alone! I receive countless emails from moms venting and sharing their breaking points through Momsweb. With permission, I'm sharing one I received yesterday. I'm sure it wasn't funny to this mother and daughter at the time, but she later laughed after she calmed down.  The email is long, but if you're honest with yourself, you may recall one of your "snap scenarios."

Good Morning,

Well, I could very well receive the most horrible mom of the year award for what happened last night between my sweet daughter and I. I lost it over a bug. A bug,  A BUG!

It all started when I was on the porch and received a text from her who was in the house. She was warning me to be careful when I came in because the kitchen floor was wet from her squirting an American Cockroach. I thanked her and added to just towel the floor dry, kill the roach and throw it away. Simple, right? Oh no....

About an hour later my head was pounding from a headache and I was feeling like ass.  I had to pee so I started down the hallway and my foot hit something so I looked down and lo and behold...a giant American Cockroach on its back. What happened next can be described as an over dramatized, hot freaking mess. Did I calmly ask her if this was the same roach? No. I knew it was the roach. So, I screamed a colorful array of words and told her to get her ass out of her room and come here.

"Is this the same roach you told me about?" Of course her answer was yes so I told her to get a shoe and kill the damn thing and throw it away. Oh. My. God! You think I told her to kill a giant poisonous spider or something. The tears started rolling and that just pissed me off even more. I screamed at her again to just kill it. Did she kill it? No. She stood there frozen in fear, but I had no mercy. I yelled that I'm tired of always having to kill these things and she needs to help. Then she referred to my fear of rodents--my temper escalated further whilst I hollered back that while it's true, I still have to kill them and dispose of corpses.

Finally, I told her one more time to get a shoe and finish the roach off. She just stood there bawling. I went out, came back and she had gotten a shoe, but she still was down the hall crying. I glared at her with all my motherly might and said very slowly, "Get your ass down the hall and kill that f---ing thing, NOW!" She just stood there and then screamed, "I'll do it, but stop staring at me!!!!" I left and sat on the couch.

After ten minutes, she was still whimpering, sucking up tears, trying to pep talk herself into doing it. By this time I was even angrier. I stomped over to the dying roach, angrily removed my shoe, smashed it, marched into the kitchen to grab a paper towel, headed back to the dead critter, wiped its remains off the floor, threw it away and then to the top of my lungs yelled, "There it is done! And I will not be your taxi anymore since you aren't ever going to help me in this area."

Needless to say, I went to the living room and my dear daughter went to her room in tears. I calmed down about half an hour later to apologize. I also wanted to listen to her and find out why she had such an awful time. She said it's because it's just us now for these kind of jobs and she used to be able to rely on her brother or dad for that dirty work.

Her brother has left for college and her father has left me. Yes, it’s just the two of us. It’s going to take time for both of us to get used to our bug-killers being gone. As long as I don't lose it over stupid and insignificant things anymore, hopefully that time will come sooner than later. I got this out and now feel better...Thanks, Momsweb for being there! I'm sure some perfect mother would have judged me!
Worry? Moms don't worry...we just own a level of concern that only a mother would understand.

Where's My Baby?

To the mothers of young children: Graduation day comes quickly, so embrace your precious moments with your babies, toddlers, and teens. Firstborn has graduated from high school, and it took a minute for me to accept that my baby will be going to college soon. Time flies and it just doesn't seem fair, but this is life. 
A joyous celebration indeed, but he will always be my baby.