The Game of Life

Having difficulty dealing with your current life situation? Gas prices, overdue bills, finances or lack of, husband, children, parents, self, job or no job, etc...These are just a few of life's issues and they aren't going away. There will always be SOMETHING in life to deal with. We are all dealt a hand of cards and we must play. No, we don't want to trade our hand in for someone else's. You think your hand looks bad? Ha! The grass always LOOKS greener on the other side. I'm a firm believer that ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER and things aren't always what they appear to be anyway. Sure, we can place our cards face down and not play, yet eventually we must - the cards don't go away. So, what do we do? We roll our sleeves up, put our poker face on, and play our best game then watch life happen. The only way we lose is if we stop playing. Are you playing the game of life or watching someone else play?

Tired of Talking

"I'm tired of talking!" Have you heard yourself say this before? I know I have, yet no matter how tired I get, I must continue. "Make your bed." "Pick your shoes up." "Did you put deodorant on?" "Clean your room." "Why are those clothes under your bed?" "Sit up." "Stop playing." "Wash your face." "Brush your teeth." "Take the trash out." Good grief! I'm sure they get tired of me talking just as much as I get tired of talking to them, yet I bet I win! Consistent parenting is the key. Don't get tired of talking! Some of these seeds we're planting have GOT to take root!

The Ice Cream Story

I love the sound of children playing – outside. The joy and freedom they experience as they run, laugh, and scream can’t be replaced. This weekend at my parents’ home, my sons and two nieces were outside playing when suddenly they exploded through the door frantically yelling, “The ice cream man is coming!” I laughed to myself as they hurriedly gathered their money and ran back outside to meet the ice cream truck. After a few short minutes, my four year old niece burst in the house again, yet this time crying – she dropped her ice cream. I asked her if I could give her a hug and she agreed with big tears rolling down her small face. This was a catastrophic moment for her; her world was rocked. All I could see was a future wife and mother going through the trials of life. I shared with her that although she was hurt, she would feel better very soon. Even at the fresh age of four, I wanted her to understand that hurting never lasts forever. I attempted to act out her reaction when she dropped her ice cream and my silliness made her laugh as my Mother came in to offer her a Popsicle from the freezer. Everything was soon alright. I told my niece the next time she felt hurt to remember the ice cream story and how she was sad for a little while, but then felt better. I thought of how Jesus looks down on my hurting moments and how He knows exactly how long they will last. Sometimes it feels my world has been rocked, but as long as Jesus is here to comfort me, everything is already alright. In every life some ice cream must fall.

Ecclesiastes: 3:1,4 (NKJV)
1)To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven: 4) a time to weep, and a time to laugh…

It's Already Alright!

Lately, I've been in contact with quite a few Mothers feeling like they were truly losing their minds. We all have these valley moments and sometimes it feels as if nobody cares. We're everything to everybody and we just want a minute to exhale or even use the bathroom in peace. I too, have had more than my share of valley moments, which is how this blog came to be. Just knowing you're not alone is a big help. We don't always want to expose our shortcomings and low moments, yet it's the sharing that strengthens us. It's alright! Take a moment for yourself to exhale. Take a walk. Find a room or closet in your home to say a prayer for peace. Exercise to clear your head. BREATHE! Whatever it takes - do it. Nobody in your home is more important than YOU. If you don't take care of YOU, you sure can't take care of anyone else. It's already alright!

Because He Rose

I awoke Sunday morning feeling physically drained. Instead of springing out of bed as I usually do, I continued resting and watching the minutes on the clock go by. I needed to get up early and prepare breakfast and dinner for the day, yet instead I let my mind wonder and questioned why I had to wake up with the chickens while everyone else slept. I already knew the answer to my question, so before my personal pity party started, I focused on my only source of strength, energy, and power. “One more day, Lord. Help me get through one more day. Anoint me with an extra filling of your Holy Spirit and power.” I continued to lie in bed, yet the energy to put my feet on the floor finally came. “Thank you, Jesus.” My mind went from pity to praise as I meditated on the power of the holy resurrection. Because He rose, I rose! Because He has power, I have power! I began my morning and danced away in the kitchen as I prepared my meals and listened to my favorite gospel music. I even had energy to exercise my temple before church. Thank God for His resurrection power! As a wife and Mother, I need His power everyday! If your tank is running a little low this morning, plug into your power source and receive a refill of God’s power!

I Peter 1:3 (NIV)

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead...

I'm Free!

I've released the boys' laundry - I'm free....sorta. I no longer wash their laundry and I explained to them as plainly as I could that if they don't have clean underwear or socks, it's not my fault. At ages twelve and almost ten, I think it's time. I've tried this before, yet got tired of seeing loads of dirty laundry in their bathroom closet, so I did it myself. This time, they'll have a laundry day and it must get done. I have to remind myself that I'm raising some young lady's husband and I want to make her job as a wife and mother a little easier. Okay, so I'm proud that my boys are doing their own laundry, yet embarrassed to say second born has already washed baseball raffle tickets. Ha! I guess I need to teach them to check pockets for pens, paper, bugs, and money!! Oh well, they can wash their shoes for all I care - I'm free...sorta (smile)

Clean Up Day

One thing that gets under my skin is watching my family place dishes in the sink just knowing someone else will wash them. Last night when I came home from work the sink was full of dishes. It would not have been so bad if I left them dirty dishes, but I didn't. I left them a clean kitchen plus a meal to eat. Today is clean up day. I will not raise boys to think it is the woman's responsibility to wash the dishes. Wrong Mama!! They will leave this house knowing to help out around the house. I grew up watching my father wash dishes. He still says it's simple consideration for one spouse to cook and the other to wash dishes. I don't know what my boys will do when they get married, yet I will know they've been taught right. I think I'll put a sign up that says USE A DISH - WASH A DISH. We don't have a live in maid in this house!!

Manipulating Life

I sat looking at a blank screen this morning as I waited to hear what God would give me to share in this morning’s meditation. I have so much going on in my life, I could have easily picked something, yet I know to wait on God. I waited and waited. “Lord, are you there?” Anxiety began to creep as I thought of everything I could be doing, so instead of sitting and waiting, I started my day and the words began to come. Hubby and I were talking this morning about our family’s schedule. I’ve started working a few hours in the evenings, my husband is in school, the boys’ sports schedule is full as always, and church ministry doesn’t stop – thank God. Because we have so much going on, it’s imperative that we wait on God and allow him to order our steps. It may seem easier to sit and plan the day, yet from experience, it’s a whole lot easier to just begin the day and allow God to have His way. I have to remind myself that we aren’t the only four people that matter - there is a whole world out there sharing this day with us. Our day is already mapped out for us and the only plans that won’t change are God’s, so we might as well do it His way from the beginning. This is funny to me as I tried to give God the meditation this morning. I needed to get out of the way, so I could hear from Him. I call it manipulating life when I plan, schedule, and act without including God because He has a perfectly planned purpose for each day. Okay busy Mothers, let us not fret about what the day holds for us or the rest of the week. Let’s go with the flow and God will show the direction to go.

Proverbs 19:21 (NIV)
Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails.

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Feeling overwhelmed and thanking God it's Friday? For some of you, the weekend is just as full as the week. Laundry and cleaning to catch up on, church events, sporting events, appointments/meetings, etc...

Don't forget to find a day of rest to renew your mind and body. My husband is good for adding to my to-do list. I wonder if he ever considers his own honey-do list (smile). Regardless, I do what is necessary and remind myself that I am NOT a Superwoman, yet must depend on God's supernatural power to hold me up and carry me through the week and the weekend.

Mothers, don't forget to get your day of rest. Can't get the entire day? Well, find an hour or even a minute. TAKE CARE OF YOU - it makes a difference!

Have a joyful weekend and take it one minute at a time!

Defeated Spirit

My second-born has the most defeated spirit I've ever seen or heard of! In the name of Jesus, you can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens you!! I thank God for allowing me to recognize this and fight it and especially to show my son how to fight this ugly spirit. If the enemy can't defeat the parents he'll try to defeat through the children. Not in this house!!! Instead of getting angry with him, like I was, I'm showing love and combating with words of encouragement, courage, confidence, and the Word of God.

Don't Stop

Gas prices are rising and so is the stress level for many Mothers. The only way we lose this battle is if we give up. Don't stop doing what you're doing. Keeping moving forward - pressing toward the mark. Keep believing and standing on God's promises. God is the same today, yesterday, and tomorrow! Yes, the economy will fluctuate, yet God and His Word remains the same. He is our sufficiency!

Walk In Love

My husband and I had a discussion last night about showing love to one another. We’ve been married fourteen years and some of our irritating ways and habits still bother each other. Why can’t we look beyond these simple things? Why do we feel the need to point these things out to each other? We played the flesh card, yet came to the conclusion that God would not ask us to walk in love if it wasn’t possible. Surely, our awesome God would not set us up to fail. I love my husband and want to experience the love God said we could have in our marriage – that love that conquers all. As the years we’re together increase, our tolerance, consideration, and respect for one another should also increase. Yes, our discussion was a good one, yet we didn't stop there. We challenged ourselves to be more conscious of showing Godly love to one another. We want to show the love we talk to our children about. A marriage looking beyond faults creates a home of harmony. Yes, sometimes we want to strangle each other, yet why give the enemy one minute to stir up mess in our marriage and cause division in our home? Being Christ-controlled is the answer – again. I chuckle as I think of a few of hubby’s irritating habits, yet allowing Christ to consume my mind and emotions with His Spirit will allow me to show the Godly love expected of me. Mothers, let's show our husbands and children the Godly love He has shown us!

Ephesians 5:2 (NKJV)

And walk in love, as Christ also has loved us and given Himself for us, an offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweet-smelling aroma.