Invisible Supply

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While traveling this weekend with cruise control and music on, I failed to notice my almost empty gas tank. The gas tank light showed 30 miles and was flashing to get my attention. I turned the music and cruise control off and sat straight up. I drove a while and finally saw a sign with gas in one mile. I exit and drove down a long dark road and ended up at a closed gas station. My first thought was the gas I just wasted. I got back on the highway making an effort to not look at the flashing gas tank light with 20 miles. I kept driving and chanting the words, “Praise the Lord. His mercy endures forever.” I made the mistake of looking at the tank and it was flashing PLEASE REFUEL with no miles. I had no choice, but to keep driving. Finally, an exit came up with several gas stations. I exit to find them all closed – every one of them. 

It was late and began to rain. I saw a Waffle House, so I walked in and announced I needed gas. Someone mentioned a station two miles down the road. I had already been in that direction, but I go anyway. I passed two closed gas stations, and kept driving and praying, “Praise the Lord. His mercy endures forever.” GASP!  An open gas station! I turned in, pulled up to a tank, turned the car off, and began to cry. I was overwhelmed with gratefulness. I will never put myself in that situation again; however, it reminded me there is never an empty tank with God. His mercy endures forever and so does His unlimited, invisible supply. I arrived home and later received a phone call from a friend making sure I made it home safely. Praise the Lord. His mercy endures forever.