A Priceless Gift

Merry Christmas! I pray everyone had a joyful Christmas Day in spite of the various life circumstances many of us encountered - life doesn’t stop just because a holiday rolls around does it? I’m returning home from a long visit with family and friends and as I recap the many events of the holiday and the gifts given and received, I’m amazed at the frequent times the Lord reminded me of the ultimate gift to share - the gift of salvation. I was given several opportunities to share the priceless gift and each experience was a blessing to me. It doesn’t matter what gifts we exchanged this Christmas, none of them will ever compare to the priceless gift from God. Thank God His gift isn’t seasonal and there is no concern for size, color, or price! Hallelujah! Isn’t it wonderful that we can continue celebrating and sharing this priceless gift that will never fade, break, or lose the excitement of newness? I challenge every mother to take advantage of this awesome opportunity to ask children, friends, and family members what their favorite gift was to give or receive. Once their answer is given, remind or share with them the most precious gift they can ever receive - the gift of God. The Lord will bless us as we use every opportunity to share Him with others not only during the Christmas season, yet every day of the year!

Romans 8:23 (KJV)

For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Stay Strong!

Motherhood can be stressful and here comes Christmas! I don't know why we turn this Holy Holiday into a crazed array of ribbons and bows. I believe it's because we get caught up in the chaos of traffic, shopping, commercials, and people in our ear and we feel we need to be a part of this. No we don't!! My husband keeps asking me when I'm going shopping and I say, "Shopping for what? Who needs a gift?" Yes, he looks at me like I'm crazy, yet that is how I feel. I don't plan on being one of those last minute shoppers, yet shopping just isn't a priority for me this year. Most of my gifts will be home made baked goods and the list is short. I'm trying my best and praying for discipline to remember what Christmas is all about. It's so easy to get caught up in the hype. We do all this running around trying to get things done and we're running all around Jesus and the holiday is supposed to be about Him! Anyway, slow down if you are getting stressed out, take a deep breath, and do ONLY what is necessary. Children don't need everything they ask for and they will be happy with what they receive. If they aren't happy - maybe they didn't deserve it anyway. Just one mother's opinion (smile).

You've Been Missed!

Hello MOMSWEB Family!
Yes, it’s been a while and I thank all of you for your prayers and concerns.
I’ve been great, yet my computer has been quite ill and is recovering from a virus. I’ve missed having contact with everyone soooo much and your emails, received almost a month later, convinced me more than ever of the love mothers of all ages have for MOMSWEB. My passion to encourage you and support the role of Motherhood has definitely increased. The Lord has blessed me with this avenue and I will do it with my whole heart while I’m able. The more obstacles come my way, the more I’m determined and passionate to glorify God in my life while I have life. Lord willing, I’ll chat with you on Monday through the MW Monday Meditation! As I share with you, please feel free to share MW with others.

Ecclesiastes 9:10 (NIV)
Whatever your hands find to do, do it with all your might, for in the grave, where you are going, there is neither working nor planning nor knowledge nor wisdom.

I Still Have Peace

Thank you to everyone for attempting to contact me via email or phone and wondering where I've been. I'm still here, yet my computer is terminally ill (smile). This is the third time this year, so I'm convinced it's time for my computer to be replaced. I'm at the library using a very nice computer!! I'm putting the word out and praying that some organization or company will donate a computer to MOMSWEB, so we can continue our mission of encouraging and offering mothers spiritual support. I've had to pick up the phone a little more than I care to, yet it's been a blessing. I even lost my voice for a few days after my computer went down. When it rains it pours! In spite of having no MOMSWEB contact with you, I still have peace! Things happen for a reason and MOMSWEB will be back stronger than ever - new and improved!! Count in JOY! Keep MOMSWEB in your prayers and thanks for your concern. This lets me know that MOMSWEB is missed and very much needed. I miss you toooooo!