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I share some of my innermost thoughts and feelings of leaving my marriage 
and my encounter with The Other Woman


Can I Be Real? Our young girls are faced with crippling pressure to be accepted by society like never before. They compare themselves to photoshopped images not to mention the pressure to have long nails, long hair, long eyelashes and now larger T & A (tits and ass). It's okay to WANT these things, but why not also expose them to their authentic SELF and help them GROW into a woman who doesn't NEED these things. Introduce them to The Othe Woman now instead of later.

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The Other Woman

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This happened after leaving my 20-year marriage

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For a Second, I Thought...

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Can I Be Real? 

I spoke to my mother before sharing this because I thought I vacated my senses. Those who know me (really know me) know I'm happy and content with my single life and have no desire to change my status. Well, tonight I realized I do miss having someone in my life. I actually wished I had someone in my life! 

Those emotions consumed me while I was outside washing my car and taking the trash out. Amazingly, once I finished those man jobs and got back in the house, I came to my senses. Must've been the heat! Scary Halloween-like thoughts!!  More like...
Temporary Insanity

Life Happened

I loved being a wife - supporting my husband, waking up with the chickens to prepare his breakfast, being available to fix a quick lunch if he dropped by, having dinner ready for the family when he got home from work - simply being there for him and being his wife was my pleasure, but some odd things began to I like to say, "Life Happened."  

"a woman should have enough money within her control to move out and rent a place of her own, even if she never wants to or needs to…" 

Author Unknown

That day came for me. I made a decision to leave my 20-year marriage and realized I might have to get a job although I was retired military. I could definitely live off my retirement pay but that would be too close to living from paycheck to paycheck. I didn't want to simply survive or barely make it, I wanted to do some things and go some places.  

Yes, I could have stayed in the marriage. After all, we invested 20 years of our lives to each other and built a family around the love we had for one another but was it love or were we tolerating each other for the long haul? Twenty years is a long time. Something kept me there, right? What was it?

Stay tuned...

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