It’s been three weeks since I joined my Mastermind Group for Authors, and I’ve already noticed a difference in my writing productivity. I joined because I wanted to be around people who were as serious about writing as I was. I needed to be surrounded by others who would hold me accountable for writing because I wasn’t being disciplined enough on my own. I’m not afraid to acknowledge my weaknesses, and I know the strength in others helps me stay on track. Not only is there a mastermind group for writers, but there can be one for whatever your craft is – business owner, gardener, exercising, etc…

Being around like-minded writers pulls me, stretches me, pushes me, and challenges me to write beyond my comfort zone. Boy, oh boy, that comfort zone is a dangerous place! Life goes by too fast to waste time, and I definitely don’t want to spend my life around those who are comfortable just being comfortable. I want to be everything I was created to be. I don’t want to die with books in me or with visions that never come to fruition. Even on my spiritual journey, I want to be around those who are sold out and not comfortable living a luke-warm life. Boy, or boy, that luke-warm life is a dangerous place!

The clock is ticking, and the minutes are flying by…what are you doing with your talents, gifts, ideas, and visions? Surround yourself with like-minded individuals who will pull you, push you, stretch you, and challenge you to live beyond yourself. Rub elbows with those who are where you want to be. Live your life to the fullest and spend time with those who understand the value of thriving in life and not just surviving.

If you can’t find a mastermind group, be a mastermind; and I guarantee others will find you!

Stinky Advice

Why are you doing this? Maybe you should do that. Don’t fight that battle…

These are just a few comments I’ve received as I’ve lived my life, but lately, taking heed to what others say isn’t important, but hearing God’s voice and trusting Him is. Nothing God leads me to do makes sense to me, so I don’t expect anyone else to understand my actions. When I begin to listen to others, I compromise and doubt God’s voice.

Yes, God can speak through others, yet I still must recognize His voice. Call me crazy, strange, or even a radical in life, but I know my God’s voice, and it has never led me wrong - never. My father told me advice is like old fish and sour milk; it stinks and nobody wants it. It’s so easy to give someone else advice about their life, but when we look at our own life, it’s close to being messed up from the floor up. The best advice is to direct the person to the one and only Counselor.

Hearing God’s voice is the key; and trusting His voice unlocks the doors to making confident choices regardless of what other voices are saying. It’s not easy following a voice that doesn’t make sense, but with each decision I trust God with makes the next decision easier. His ways and thoughts are not ours, which is a clear indication our choices are wrong if we aren’t Spirit-led. We’re instructed to not lean to our own understanding, but to acknowledge Him in all our ways. Now that’s good advice!

I’d like to invite you to read about a choice I had to make regarding Secondborn’s life. It happened 15 years ago, yet reminds me of how crucial listening to God’s voice is.

Don’t make choices based on stinky advice; listen to God’s Voice!

Positive Test Results

Doctor's tried to intimidate me into aborting Secondborn. 
Read the article in Celebrate Life Magazine here.

My Performance Enhancer

Performance enhancers? I really don’t see anything wrong with them; I take an enhancer everyday. I decided to come clean and expose myself after watching 60 Minutes and the segment on MLB’S A-Rod, Alex Rodriguez. Mr. Rodriguez is under investigation for the use of illegal performance enhancers. Okay, so my enhancers may not be illegal, but I don’t miss a day without a daily dose. 

My enhancer is a powder, I mean a power that is supernatural and is called HS. Not only does HS enhance my performance all day every day, but without my daily dose, I work well beneath my full potential. I have to admit, sometimes during the busyness of my day I forget to stay tapped into my performance enhancer and find myself working in my own power, but the amazing thing about HS is the personal reminder of a refresher dose! So, instead of becoming spiritually drained and physically unglued, I simply tap into my enhancer and I’m back on track. Some enhancers are addicting, and so is mine, but over-dosage isn’t possible, so no harm will come to my body. 

HS is unbelievably potent; and I have yet to take the recommended dosage, and I’m not sure why. I don’t know if it’s fear, or if I think I’m working well enough with my daily comfort dosage.  I know I have yet to scrape the surface of experiencing the full power of HS, but I think I’m ready. I’m ready for optimum performance! How about you? Do you need a boost in your daily strength, energy, and power? Are you tired of living a life of mediocrity? HS is available to anyone. It’s free, and completely legal. There’s even a guaranteed promise of high performance! 

The full name of HS is Holy Spirit. Mix it with faith and obedience and watch your life change. Have a marvelous, enhanced day!

Big Mistake?

While watching Secondborn’s basketball game Saturday night, I spoke with a parent that mentioned transferring his son to his present school was the worst mistake he ever made. I reminded this parent of our first meeting when he told me he was led to transfer his son to the school. Isn’t it funny when things don’t go our way, we think we’ve made a mistake? God doesn’t make mistakes; and He sure doesn’t promise us a life of roses without thorns. I would not have been able to share with the parent if I had not been in a similar situation.

When I look back, through my brown, carnal eyes, certain situations seem like a living hell, but when I look at that same situation through spiritual eyes, I’m convinced God was in control. We desire a comfortable life of joy, peace, and happiness, but what would we learn? We’d be in a sad state of blissful ignorance. I know I would! When I fall on challenging times, life lessons are revealed and wisdom is delivered. My life definitely has not turned out the way I thought it would. My marriage, finances, relationships, career, and even my self have me wondering if I’ve made some mistakes, but believing that God is in control and knows what’s best for me allows me to be content – in whatever state I’m in.

God knows how high my mountains need to be, how low my valleys will go, and exactly when to bring me out of my wilderness. My life isn’t about what I want to do, but about what God wants to do through me and with me; my life is not my own. Mistakes? No. Master plan? Yes. Having the right perspective allows me to embrace this new year, one day at a time, and all God has planned for me.

Being a mother calls for making decisions for ourselves, our children, and sometimes even our husband. The worse thing to do is depend on your own thoughts and ideas. I believe prayer is the key to making good choices. When you're at peace with your decision, that's a sign that you're going in the right direction.