When All Hell Breaks Loose

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Finally, the storm is over. Not my personal storm, but my latest book, When All Hell Breaks Loose: How to Weather the Storms of Life, is complete and was released over the weekend. One thing I learned while writing the book is that I make a choice on whether I allow an issue to disturb me or not. Storms are designed to toss and turn us, but our perception of the storm determines our poise in the midst of hell breaking loose. I pray this survival guide will edify women because it sure edified me. I referred to the guide yesterday when Secondborn tried me – he didn’t win. 
Storms are guaranteed to come for as long as we live, so learning how to spiritually prepare for them equips us to endure. Most of us have enough Word in us to remain anchored when storms arise, but we often become unraveled. If we ever think we have it perfectly together or that we’ve arrived, storms have a way of knocking us down a notch or two. Some storms will be more severe than others, but they are coming. It’s a blessing God has given us the tools to not only survive storms, but to thrive and maintain a level of poise that reflects His Spirit. If you’re going through a storm now, it won’t be alright because it’s ALREADY alright. 
The winds may intensely blow, but hold on and keep your mind on the Savior not the storm. He’s in control and knows the exact intensity of wind and rain you need to bring His plan to fruition. If you don’t believe it, look at your last storm. You came out alright didn’t you? We always do. All storms eventually dissipate, and the sooner we learn to not allow the appointed issue to disturb us, the quicker it’ll lose its power. Have a wonderful week and stay COVERED!

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