Monday Meditation

I’m so thankful it’s Spring Break...oh, so thankful! It may be a time for teachers and students to take a break, but I need one, too. No asking about or helping with homework, checking grades, emailing teachers, or cooking breakfast. I don’t care if the boys sleep until noon – I need a break. I stayed up all night last night trying to meet some writing deadlines, and this morning I wanted to jump right on my laptop and start writing again, but that very quiet voice got my attention. I may need a break from my routine, but I can’t afford to take a break from having intimate time with my God. 

Every morning, I awake extra early to establish my connection with my Power Source, so just because we’re on Spring Break is no excuse not to continue that meditation time. The boys also read scripture and pray every morning before they leave for school, so I can’t afford to let them get comfortable either. It’s so easy to forget about the One who gives us life to live our life. It’s so easy to forget about the One who gives us the ability to inhale and exhale while we run around busy and out of breath.

 I’m so happy I was reminded that Spring Break doesn’t mean a break from God. How about you? Did you establish your connection with your power source this morning, or did you jump right into your day without Him? It doesn’t matter if we’re on vacation or if we have a lot going on in our lives or not, we have no power unless we establish our connection. Even in the middle of the day, if I feel agitated or easily upset about little things, it’s a sign to check my connection because I have a tendency to get disconnected. I got my reminder this morning, so this is yours. Have a marvelous Monday and stay connected!

Make It Better

 Did I mention I had my nursing degree? I realized last night I have more than enough hours; and you probably do also! Add up the number of hours your husband and/or children have come to you with aches and pains and you nursed them. I’ve been a mother for seventeen years and a wife for nineteen, which gives me a total of thirty six years in adult and child health care. I’ll let you figure out the hours.

Yesterday, I dealt with knees, bones, toenails, and acne. From a pimple on the behind to pimples on the face, and from stomach aches to heartaches, I’m expected to make it better. The confidence my family has in me is amazing; they actually think I know what I’m doing. If they only knew that I completely depend on my own concoctions mixed with the Holy Spirit.

Although I often nurse my own aches and pains, there is a pain I’ve neglected for years - emotional pain. Past hurts and heartaches have kept my mind and heart in bondage until I recently cried out to God to make it better. My ability to hold on to stuff created a hold on me that Miss Flesh was enjoying. That stuff took up mental space and started to grow cob webs, which captured bits and pieces of bitterness and cluttered my mind. I couldn’t take it anymore, so I ran to the throne of mercy like my sons ran to me when they were little with their bruises and scratched up knees.

Women are emotional beings, but we don’t have to carry emotional baggage. God can make it better; I’m a witness. Just as this is a new Monday, God can give us a new emotional start and help us to live in today’s promises and not in the pains of the past. Run to God and cry out to Him. Expect Him to make it better like our family expects us to.

Have a marvelous Monday, nursemaids!

Random Thoughts About Real Housewives

  I've been thinking a lot lately about all the housewife reality shows and what makes them so popular. You don't even have to watch the show completely to get an idea of what it's about. The previews alone reveal the drama-filled content and the publicity the housewives get is amazing.

I conducted my own Google search to see just how many Real Housewives there were and this is what I came up with:

Real Housewives of Atlanta
Real Housewives of New Jersey
Real Housewives of New York
Real Housewives of Orange County
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
Real Housewives of Miami
Real Housewives of DC plus more!

I'm not sure if these shows still air or not, but they came up in my search. I could have just typed the city they're from, but typing real housewives helped me to process the fabrication of these REAL housewives.

Soooo, what's the big deal and why are these so-called reality housewives so popular and what's real about them? They certainly don't depict the average housewife and they most definitely don't depict the middle income housewife! Stilettos all day? Really?  Well, maybe it's their reality, but for the housewives I know, they display a reality that doesn't exist in the real world. Hmmm...maybe I should revisit the definition of reality.

Are the reality housewives mocking one of the most needed and underrated roles in America or are producers searching for ratings while giving no regard to the position of women who are called to nurture and care for the family entrusted in her care? These are just a few thoughts roaming in my head....

To be continued....

Love My Job!

There is no better feeling than waking up and loving what you do. There's not a better job than that of... 

The REAL housewives

The Real Housewives of reality television vs the REAL housewives of America....

Stay tuned....

In Good Hands

I call Firstborn’s female friend a sweet distraction because that is exactly what she is – she’s as sweet as pie, yet she is definitely a distraction for his sports-filled life and with graduation on the horizon.  We traveled out of town this weekend and she traveled with us; her mother knew she was in good hands. Having two teenagers of the opposite sex in my care was no joke. I watched sweet distraction like a hawk. We even slept in the same room together and I kept waking up to make sure she was in the bed across from me and not tipping out to meet Firstborn. 

Teenagers are very creative, so I had my spy antennas on the entire weekend and was cautious of their every move – more than I am with my own children. I assured sweet distraction’s mother that her daughter was in good hands, and I kept my word. Even while the two were sitting watching television, I kept eyeing them and making sure they didn’t get “too comfortable.” Well, the weekend is over and sweet distraction is back in the care of her mother – safe and sound.   

My weekend reminded me of how God watches over me – even when I sleep. Talk about being in good hands! I’m not talking about Allstate insurance either; I’m talking about an almighty, all-knowing God watching every move I make and ensuring my every step is secure. He goes before me and prepares my path. He even tells me to follow Him to prevent making the wrong moves. He never takes his eyes off of me, He never sleeps, and He definitely doesn’t get tired of watching me as I grew weary of watching the love birds. Today is a new Monday, and although we don’t know what’s ahead of us, we know we’re all in… GOOD HANDS!

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