Leading Lady

I’ve been dabbling in fiction writing lately and creating main characters is so exciting. I wondered what type of main character I would be in a book. What type of leading lady would I be in a movie or play? After letting my imagination run wild for a minute, I realized I AM the leading lady in a story…my story!  I looked back over my life, which has been full of drama, mystery, and especially comedy because I am extremely silly – at home. Then I wondered how the remaining story would play out.  What juicy scenes are in store for me? Will I come in on cue when I’m called or be missing in action?  Will I take center stage or allow fear to keep me behind the curtains?   

What about you? What kind of leading lady are you? It doesn’t matter what our height, weight, or social class is. What matters most is the essence of our character - the inner core of our being. If you aren’t sure of your character, ask the author…your Creator! He knows your part well; He wrote the script! It’s not just about playing the part, but it’s how well we play the part. Is our heart in each scene or are we going through the motions? Do we come across as genuine or phony? Each of us has a script written specifically and strategically just for us; no one else can play our part. We only get one shot at the leading lady role, so we better play the part with every fiber of our being. The scenes go by pretty fast, so pay attention – watch and pray! We may not get an Oscar when it’s all over, but if we stay in character and follow the script, we’ll get to hear our author say, “Well done my good and faithful servant, well done!”

New scenes begin today, so Happy Monday and break a leg!

Watch What Happens

I have a germ phobia when it comes to shaking hands, so I keep hand sanitizer with me, but yesterday I forgot it when I went to church. I didn’t want to hear how God’s blood can cover germs, just give me some sanitizer, please! I sat near a woman with a constant cough. Of course she coughed in her hands – both of them, and I knew I would eventually have to either shake or hold her hand while praying. I didn’t pray about this, nor did I get up to avoid her, I just waited to see what would happen. My thoughts of her germ infested hands were so loud; I’m surprised she didn’t hear each one. Maybe she did, because she amazingly took out a small bottle and poured a little of the contents into her hand. I was bold and asked if it was sanitizer. She said it was. THANK YOU, Jesus! I even asked for some. She then pulled out a Kleenex and coughed into the Kleenex. I was so relieved. 

The lesson for me in this crazy story? Nothing is too trivial for God. Maybe it is for your God, but my God cares about the very hairs on my head. If I care about every aspect of my children’s life, why wouldn’t God care about every aspect of mine? No part of my life is insignificant to God, nor does He pick and choose which parts to handle. I refuse to forfeit tender mercies by thinking God’s too busy to care about my minor matters. Aren’t all issues minor matters that we turn into mountains? I’m spoiled rotten by my God and as long as I’m obedient, I usually get my way. We treat our children the same way. God cares, so let Him have His way with you and watch what happens. Happy Monday!

Encourage Your Children!

See You In The Morning!

Hubby usually says goodnight before drifting off to sleep, but last night, he said, “See you in the morning.” Hmmm….he’s never said that before. I thought about his statement for a few seconds, then asked, “Will you?” I then said, “God willing, I’ll see you in the morning, too!” A children’s prayer came to mind and I’m sure you know it. Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep. If I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord, my soul to take. We either assume, believe, or hope we’ll awake the next morning, but we really don’t know. Numerous people died in their sleep last night and did not see this Monday morning. Years ago, my own step son died in his sleep. I don’t ever want to get so comfortable with living that I forget death is in my future – whether near or far. Just as sure as I was born, I will die.

 If this subject is too morbid for you, maybe you haven’t gotten to know death. Death should be like a family member, so when he knocks, we won’t be surprised to see him. He won’t be a stranger knocking at the door. My previous pastor in San Diego once said, death is like a football tackle - when you see it coming, you can brace yourself for the hit, but when it comes from behind, it knocks you off your feet. The subject of death shouldn’t be a sad subject, but should spark a fresh energy to appreciate and value life. It should stir thoughts to seize the moment, to live boldly and on purpose! With this being said, let’s stop talking about death and live our life! Let’s live today without reservation and thank God for Monday! And, if God is willing, I’ll see you on the next post!

What's Your Story?

I don’t know which was better, the actual Super Bowl game or the many interviews prior to the game. Everyone had a story – everyone! Interviews with some of the players, parents of players, coaches, and team owners captured my attention. Everyone had a story! Not one story was covered with only sugary success, but each had its share of trials and triumphs.  

I thought about my own story. Hmmm…what is my story? I don’t have a story to tug at heart strings or bring tears to eyes, but I do have one.  Parts of my story are very embarrassing and may make me appear weak, gullible, or even stupid to some. I’ve made some poor choices, some flesh-filled decisions, and some of my mistakes had to be made over and over before I learned from them.  I would rather keep these parts to myself, but these are the most important parts because they show how God worked through all my mess. What anyone else thinks of my story is not important, but I have an obligation to share it anytime an opportunity presents itself.   

My Monday Meditations are excerpts of my story – short stories, if you will. Each Monday, I disclose a little of myself with you as I learn life lessons that are molding and grooming me into the woman, wife, and mother God created me to be. God continually uses my mess to bless. Someone is waiting to hear or read your story also.  Have you endured a challenging time in your life, or found the courage to make necessary changes in your life? Has your marriage survived a storm? Have you seen prayer work in your child’s life? Your story may not seem important to you, but it is to someone else. Don’t be a closed book that has never been read, be an open book with stories to encourage and uplift others. Everyone has a story! What’s your story? Watch for the opportunities to share your story!