Why Me?

 Steven Spielberg’s, The Color Purple, is my favorite movie and I’ve always wanted to see the Broadway play. I’ve followed the tour on the Internet, but it’s either logistics, finances, or timing which prevents me from attending. As I listen to others say they’ve attended and how great the play was, a small ‘why me’ lingers in my mind.

I strive to be obedient, loving, and surrender my life, so why, Lord? Why can’t I have something as simple as being able to see The Color Purple?

I continued to follow the play and eventually forgot about it. Over the weekend, someone who had no idea of my love for the movie informed me the play was coming to my city. I was ecstatic! I’d finally get to see the play after what seemed like years of following it on the Internet.

I remembered how I questioned God’s will for my simple request. God’s timing is never ‘on time’ for us, but is always ‘on time’ for His plan for us. Not only is the play coming to my city, but I was offered two free tickets.  I choose to believe this special blessing, with my name on it, is from My Heavenly Father.

Waiting on God is difficult to do, but He delivers in the most awesome ways.The timing for me to attend the play is perfect in every aspect. God knows exactly what, when, and how is best for us.

I still ask, “Why me, Lord?”  This is an extra special gift and I dare not say I deserve this, but accept it and recognize it as a personal symbol of God’s tender mercy and grace of a simple desire. Thank you, Lord

In 2011, I will continue living in bold obedience... knowing God knows what is best for me. He loves me in spite of me.

The Wrong Gift

    Our budget doesn’t allow for purchasing gifts this year, therefore my baking and other limited homemaking skills will definitely be used. Amazingly, this has been the most enjoyable, relaxing, stress free, shop-free Christmas I’ve ever experienced. Because we’ve been mindful of every penny spent this year, I’ve learned to financially depend on God like I should have always depended on Him. It’s so easy to wait, expect, and depend on payday and forget the true source of our needs.

As I focused on making and baking gifts with my hands, I learned the most valuable life lesson I’ve learned all year – Christmas isn’t about gift giving at all. Christmas is about the gift I’ve already been given! I’ve been focusing on the wrong gift. I need to be focused on the gift that can’t be purchased, made, baked, exchanged, or returned. The gift that doesn’t need any thought, but is free and can be shared by everyone. The gift that offers something no mall or online shopping store can ever offer. The gift that matters most is the gift of baby Jesus – The Prince of Peace! 

Wouldn’t this simple reminder be a wonderful gift for everyone? Just think, not only am I sharing one gift, but this gift comes with unlimited accessories such as forgiveness, compassion, understanding, long-suffering, healing, deliverance, grace, mercy, unconditional love, and peace – perfect peace!  Wow. I don’t even need a box or gift bag for this gift!

Merry Christmas to you and may ‘the gift’ set you free!

Mother's Intuition

A mother's intuition is a powerful weapon, so don't ignore the thoughts of your children while they are out of your sight or even when they are at home. Our sixth sense is more powerful than we give it credit for!

 I've learned the importance of praying for my children while they are in school. I also pray for them when they cross my mind throughout the day.

Mothers can't be everywhere nor can we see everything, but we have an intuition that let's us know when something just isn't right. 

Listen to the voice...Pay attention to the feeling

Cut Your Own Toenails!

A couple days ago, I noticed Firstborn was in desperate need for a pedicure, so I told him to cut his toenails. When he walked out of the room, hubby and I had this brief conversation.

Hubby: "I thought you cut the boys' toenails."

Me: " WHAT?"  "You're kidding right?"

Hubby: "You use to."

Me:  "OH MY GOD!  Yeah, I use to cut them WHEN THEY WERE TODDLERS WITH CUTE FEET! Where have you been the past few years? Those feet are no longer cute!"

I sure hope hubby wasn't hinting that he wanted me to give him a pedicure. I did this for hubby once in my love is blind days. Sorry, I can see clearly now and you'll have to cut your own toenails. LOL!

Be Gone Busyness!

 With a few weeks left in December, I already have appointments and speaking engagements scheduled for the month of January. I promised myself I would not commit to busyness, but productivity – there is a difference. I don’t want a plate filled with non productive events simply to appease someone else’s agenda. I want to be used by God instead of using God for personal gain or to validate my busyness.  I would be crazy and divorced if I agreed to each request I received.
I have to remind myself that only what I do for Christ will last. My family is my first ministry and having two active sons in separate schools and a high maintenance husband is a full time job requiring much overtime; there is little room for much else. Not having time to rest, renew my mind, enjoy my sons, spend quality time with hubby, and especially spend consecrated, contemplated time with my Creator is a sure sign of my busyness. Busyness isn’t a symbol of importance, yet reminds me my priorities are a little off.  Jesus was a simple man – never rushed and always about His Father’s business. I need to be about my Father’s business also. I’m not so important that I can’t be replaced, so it’s important I allow God to order my steps in everything I’m asked to do and activities I desire to participate in. One helpful tool I use is remembering I’m in control of my stress level. I create my own busyness; therefore I have a choice to make with each request…busyness or productivity?  

Look Behind You

 It seems like just yesterday I wrote about facing the unknowns of 2010 and the year is almost gone. If I had looked through a crystal ball to see what I had to endure this past year, I would have cried and questioned God’s plan for my life, but I’m still standing! I made it! Looking back, it was a piece of cake, but there were some rough storms to weather.  My marriage, my children, my peace, finances, faith, and even a few friendships were tested. I would have gladly welcomed the easy road this year, but I’m one of God’s hard headed daughters and very little is learned in good times. God really does know what is best for me – especially when He waits until the eleventh hour to answer my calls for help. Trying to make things happen and manipulate God’s plan for my life only made matters worse. As I prepare to face the unknowns of another year, all I have to do is look behind me. When I look behind me, I see how God has ALWAYS been there for me. Things ALWAYS work out, so there should be no fear in the upcoming year. When situations arise which invite the spirit of doubt, I must look behind me and remember God’s promises. I’m more than a conqueror!  God knows what is best for me! He said He would never leave me!  He is faithful! He is my Protector! He is my Healer! God loves me and knows exactly what I need and when I need it. He is my sufficiency in all things! So, whatever today, tomorrow, or the next year holds, look behind you and be assured that everything is already alright!