Monday Meditation - 60 Minutes of Viagra

Last night, while watching one of my favorite shows, 60 Minutes, I couldn't help but notice the frequent commercials for Viagra. Good grief, commercial after commercial was about Viagra. I later realized they were the major sponsor for the show which explained the 'in my face' information about erectile dysfunction.

The frequency of the information only reminded me of the importance of sex - in marriage. Mothers often habitually put the children's needs before the husband's needs when we know our men should come first. I'm not talking about fixing their plate or washing their socks, I'm talking about bedroom business.

We underestimate the importance of sex in a man's life and have to be continually reminded of what lengths many men will go through to have a fulfilling sex life, thus the constant Viagra commercials. Age doesn't matter - men need want sex - period. Even if there is a medical issue at hand, some type of intimacy is desired.

Years ago, I took pride in being a mother and homekeeper, yet didn't realize I was neglecting one of the most important factors in my marriage - my husband's physical needs. After cooking, cleaning, teaching, and taxiing, a desire to meet one more person's needs wasn't my priority - getting some sleep was. Thank God for waking me in the area of my marriage I had literally gone to sleep on.

Here's a little secret a minister told me a few years ago....The more a man gets in the bedroom, the more they give outside the bedroom. It may not be true for all men, but it sure is true in my household!
For more encouragement in the area of sex and marriage, visit the MW Marriage Blog

I Corinthians 7:3-5 (NLT)

3. The husband should fulfill his wife’s sexual needs, and the wife should fulfill her husband’s needs. 4.The wife gives authority over her body to her husband, and the husband gives authority over his body to his wife. 5. Do not deprive each other of sexual relations, unless you both agree to refrain from sexual intimacy for a limited time so you can give yourselves more completely to prayer. Afterward, you should come together again so that Satan won’t be able to tempt you because of your lack of self-control.

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"Mama, You're a Wimp!"

Before going to bed last night, I told the boys to wash the dishes. There was a pot that I knew they wouldn't scrub with the necessary elbow grease, so I told them to leave it in the sink. Hubby later came back and told the boys to wash the dishes - all the dishes - even the pot I instructed them to not wash.

I didn't say a word and Secondborn with his very opinionated self looked at me and said, "Mama, you need to speak up for yourself. Papa can't boss you around, you're a parent too! You told us not to wash the pot, so Papa can't come back and say something else. If I were you, there would be non-stop arguing. I'm not letting anyone boss me around!"

He actually had me second guessing myself until I realized the hot air he was blowing was strictly for his benefit - he did not want to wash the pot.

I let him know Papa and I were one - we're a team. He continued to insist that I was being a wimp. I laughed and walked away from this eleven year old boy who will either be a darn good husband or not get married at all. Whew!

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Monday Meditation - Did You Hear Me?

While sitting with my legs crossed and enjoying a cup of tea yesterday, I remembered I had chicken in the oven – on broil. Gasp! I ran to the kitchen and slowly opened the oven door with hopes dinner wasn’t ruined. Whew! Thank goodness the chicken was browned to perfection. Thank you, Lord!

Why at that very moment did my brain trigger to remember the chicken in the oven? Coincidence? I choose to believe my brain works on a much higher level than chance. Have you ever said, “Something told me to …..” Why won’t we trust ourselves? I can only speak for myself, and I don’t always trust these subtle promptings because I don’t recognize them as nudges from the Spirit of God.

A mother usually refers to these promptings as our sixth sense or a mother’s intuition. Whatever we choose to call it, I believe it is God’s special gift to us – a special ounce of guidance. When I get a feeling that something just isn’t right or have thoughts of my husband or sons, I begin to pray. Just as my brain triggered to check on dinner, the brain triggers to protect, prepare, and guide in every area of my life. These triggers can save us time, money, and energy – if we listen. Ignoring Him may cause an unpleasant reaction – burnt chicken. Responding to His voice even a minute later may be too late.

I think of the times I tell Firstborn to do something and he wants to take his sweet time doing it. I usually respond with a, “Did you hear me?” I expect him to act immediately to prevent adverse consequences. I wonder if God thinks this during my slow or lack of responsiveness…”Did you hear me?’ How about you? Is something telling you to take action?

Jeremiah 10:1 (NKJV)

Hear the word which the LORD speaks to you...

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I'm Addicted

Help me!

I think I'm addicted to my computer!

Am I in denial?

Laundry is yelling at me, the mop is crying, the vacuum is sulking, Secondborn is in my ear, yet still I sit... my fingers continue to kiss the keyboard keys, my hand is hugging the mouse, and my behind is like a magnet to my chair.

If I heard hubby's keys in the front door, I'd immediately jump up and run from the computer. LOL! Wow...

Am I addicted or do I just need to manage my time better? Afterall, my job is on the computer! I'm a writer! I don't do this everyday, but today is especially difficult. Thank God I don't own a cell phone, I'd really be messed up!

What's that you say? Oh, it's not as bad as I'm making it out to be? How would you know? How long have YOU been sitting at the computer? It takes an addict to know an addict! LOL!

Hi. My name is Momsweb aka laVender and I became addicted to the computer while sharing with women across the world about the powerful role of the Mother. While encouraging you to love and nurture your family, my home is neglected, my children are hungry, and my husband is often cold at night. that all it took? I just needed to admit my addiction and take corrective action! I feel better already!

Click....I'm going to clean up!

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I am Woman!

When God created woman, He created an extraordinary being. I have to remind myself of this from time to time – especially during that glorious time of the month. I’m sure God has a deeper, more meaningful motive for what we call a “curse.” Month after month I try to embrace the physical sign of my womanhood, yet only despise her monthly appearance.

A woman is the only animal that bleeds for more than three days and is not taken to the hospital. We’re given a huge band-aid or a plug and told to carry on! From a very young age, a girl has to learn to deal with this monthly inconvenience for almost forty years of her life. While some women take advantage of ways to avoid our common relative, Aunt Flo, I’ve tolerated her undesirable visits and anxiously look forward to her final stage call. Yeah, I know the Bible says to be anxious for nothing, but this one thing…I’m anxious for! My periodic night sweats and frightening bouts of forgetfulness and fatigue are reminders of the looong stretch to menopause.

For those with young girls, I hope you can welcome your daughters into womanhood with some type of celebration instead of the boring presentation of the pad. For women facing peri-menopause, prepare your bodies for the change by taking care of your temple – your body will treat you like you’ve treated it over the years.

Women are strong beings. We have the ability to multi-task, endure pain, heartache, and meet the daily, demanding challenges of our family with no thought of ourselves. As a mother, minimum sick days are allowed, and the family appears dysfunctional without us. Our physical changes throughout our seasons of womanhood are small indications of being a woman, but the mere fact that we were created by an omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent God is enough for us to say…”I am Woman!”

Genesis 2:22 (NLT)
Then the Lord God made a woman....

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Poor Housekeeping Award

I finally received my much needed prescription glasses and I can see clearly now!

I can read without squinting and see highway signs a lot clearer. There is one thing I'm NOT happy about with my new eyeglasses and that is my ability to see the dirt and dust in my house. OMGoodness! So this is why my mother cleans when she visits! She saw things I didn't see! I can't believe the dust on my blinds, baseboards, and furniture! Is my prescription too strong or is this really what my house looks like? OMGoodness! Thank God my husband only wears glasses for reading! Uh oh...what about past visitors who have come that wear glasses? Did they see what I see? Did anyone secretly nominate me for the Poor Housekeeping Award? I'm almost embarrassed - almost.
Yesterday I dusted, vacuumed, dusted, wiped, and wiped some more. This morning, I saw more LARGE dust specs jumping off the furniture at me, and I've come to a conclusion... I'm taking these glasses OFF!
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Do You Over Parent?

Over parent? My father recently told me not to over parent and his statement came to mind again this morning when I received the below message from a friend. The author is unknown.

The Bible says parents are like archers and children are like arrows.

Parents ... as an archer it's your job to:

1) Protect them in the quiver (home).

After the assassination of her husband, Jacqueline Kennedy was asked if she planned to run for political office. "No," she replied, "my major effort must be devoted to my children. If they turn out badly, nothing I could do in the public eye would have any meaning."

Our children are growing up in a generation where they can get drugs, buy weapons, meet a predator, engage in virtual sex, and do it all under your own roof via computer. That should alarm you! You say, "I figured it out; they will too."

No, "A child left to him/herself brings shame to his/her parents... Correct your son, and... he will give delight to your soul" (Prov 29:15-17).

But be careful. If your children view you as judgmental and joyless they'll avoid you, then later explode like a time bomb. Build a home in which they can ask questions openly, get answers and form lifelong values. The word "warrior" means you must fight for them!

2) Aim them in the right direction. Don't over protect them or you'll choke their creativity, don't sacrifice them for material things, and don't impose your unfulfilled dreams on them.
Help them to discover their talents and discern God's plan for their life; then become their biggest cheerleader. Hmmm...I almost choked Firstborn to death!

3) Release them. It can be difficult letting go. But it's easier when you know you've taught them the truth, they're covered by prayer, and under God's protection.

I thank my friend for passing these encouraging words to me. This was my morning portion of peace in parenting. Do you know a mother who can benefit from this? Pass the peace!

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MW Monday Meditation - I've Been Called

I almost missed my calling for missionary work. To be sure I was called, I even looked up the true meaning and it comes from the Latin word missionem, meaning "act of sending". As a teenager, I always imagined going to some far away country, yet being a missionary is not about the location, but being obedient to the call.

I almost let my baking, writing, volunteer work, church ministry, and other personal endeavors blind me from being ‘sent’. Missionaries surrender their life as they know it – they are truly on a mission. This weekend I took a short respite as I prepared to do my mission work – on the homefront. Yes, my mission field is my home; this is my calling.

Many mothers don’t see motherhood as missionary work, but regardless of anything else I do in life, my family is my first ministry – everything else is second. I’ve been sent to pour my life into two boys. It’s a complete surrender. To know I’ve been ‘sent’ and entrusted by God to care for two of His children is humbling. It’s exhausting and time consuming, but who said missionary work was easy? I sometimes allow my talents and life itself to get in the way of my calling, but I’m reminded daily of being 'sent' as the boys grow older – they need me more and more.

As mothers, we have been sent to nurture one or more of God’s children. Welcome to the missionary field – the homefront! Have you answered the call?

Job 14:15 (NKJV)

"You shall call, and I will answer You..."

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My Babies' Bowels

Poop, #2, bowels, boo-boo, crap....not very pleasant words, but if we don't poop, crap, or have a soft, easy to pass BM, other things become unpleasant.

All mothers should have the movement of our children's bowels on our to-do list. Regardless of the child's age, constipation or IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) is quite uncomfortable for a child.

I ask our two boys almost daily if they've had a bowel movement. They use to frown when I asked, but finally realized it's part of my role as their mother to know and it's important to their health. I even notice the time they spend in the bathroom. Taking a dump shouldn't take all day. If it doesn't come out nice and easy, more fiber is needed in the diet and Mama comes to the rescue!

Because my family loves sweets, I have to make sure we have a daily dose of fruits and vegetables. A plate without anything green on it is a no-no. Needless to say, we have many no-no days, but I religiously make sure they get an apple a day, which helps the passing of bowels in a tremendous way. I actually slice the apple and place it on a plate or in a bowl and hand it to them because telling them to eat an apple doesn't work.

Every one's bowels are different, so you have to find the right high-fiber foods that works best for your child.

Thank goodness the boys like broccoli, green beans, drink lots of water, and exercise. We also take a supplement, Reliv, that allows our body to do what it was naturally created to do.
Do a little google research to find out what fruits and vegetables will make your family do their business better. An added benefit to this is better attitudes! We're more pleasant when we aren't so full of sh--.

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Monday Meditation - Thank you!

I was a little chilly this morning when I got out of bed, so I immediately walked into the closet, grabbed warm clothes and dressed – I had a choice of what to wear.

I also wrapped my favorite purple blanket around me instead of turning the heat on – I had a choice of how to stay warm.

I walked into the living room and looked for my favorite study Bible – I had a choice of which Bible to read.

I later walked into the kitchen to start hubby’s breakfast – I had a choice of what to cook.

My prayer partner called and I answered the phone of my choice. I sat in the chair of my choice as I used my ability to listen, speak, and comprehend.

I am blessed beyond blessed. My cup runs over. God’s mercy on my life is everlasting.

Dear God, thank you for all my blessings. Thank you for the blessings I may not recognize. Thank you for food to eat. Thank you for clothes to wear. Thank you for shelter. Thank you for heat in cold weather. Thank you for clean water. Thank you for my health. Thank you for my family. Thank you for meeting my needs. Thank you for being my sufficiency. Thank you for your mercy on my life. Thank you for sparing my family from devastation. Thank you for wisdom to be thankful. Thank you for the knowledge to acknowledge you. Thank you for the honor and privilege to call on your holy name. Thank you for access to your holy throne. Thank you for choosing me to be your child. Thank you for loving me – in spite of myself. Thank you for being the Lord of my life. Thank you for being God. Thank you, God….just because. Thank you!

I Thessalonians 5:18 (NKJV)
In everything give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

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