Friendly Reminder!

I can't help stressing the importance of exercise ESPECIALLY during the hype of the holiday season. We can forget ourselves in the midst of the shopping, decorating, and entertaining and before you know it, we're sluggish and irritable. This is just a reminder to move something each day to get the blood flowing and to keep your peace of mind!

My New Crockpot

The cake business is a blessing and I'm keeping the homefront happy. It took a minute to get use to the juggling act, yet the balls are midair and steady. I'll have to be very conscience of time management and truly allow the Lord to order my every step. There just isn't any other way this is going to happen. Afterall, this whole Perfect Peace endeavor is God's plan for me, so why would I doubt Him working everything out. He knows how important it is for me to keep my family a priority and I'm doing just fine - to God be the glory! Each time a woman asks me for guidance on beginning a business, I tell them OBEDIENCE to God first. It's all I know and I KNOW it works! Yesterday a woman blessed me with a new crockpot! I've never used one and always wanted one and right now I have my dinner cooking in it! Now tell me that God isn't more than awesome! The woman that blessed me with it doesn't have any idea of my new juggling act, yet God does and He came through AGAIN in a way I never expected. How can I not serve a God so amazing? He meets all my needs - great and small.

A Juggling Act

The cake business I recently started is going extremely well, yet I'm spending a little more time out of the house than I care to. I know this is necessary to get the business started, yet I would rather be at HOME! I'll endure until I can get some reliable help. I thank God for children that adapt and adjust to whatever comes their way. They are truly going with the flow. Thank you, Lord! My husband, on the other hand, isn't so pleased with my time being divided. I am convinced there is no such thing as balancing a job and family. It's all a juggling act as we strive to keep one of those important balls from dropping. Even when I was in the military, something was always left undone, someone was shortchanged of time, and time alone was less. It's all good because this is life! I'll deal with the situations as they come and keep rolling with the punches. I'll do what is necessary and what doesn't get done will definitely be waiting for me when I return for it. Last night, a lady I met for the first time said, "God is going to give you double for your trouble!" I receive that!!

Singing in the Shower

Last night I stepped into the shower, closed the curtain, exhaled, and relaxed in the comforting peace of God as the hot water rolled down my back. The song, The Blood Will Never Lose It’s Power, came to mind and I became overjoyed as I sang of the blood giving me strength from day to day. I sang that part over and over while thinking of the many tasks I tackle from day to day and how Jesus forgives me from day to day. It is crucial for me to remember where my strength comes from. If not, I find myself feeling proud of basic accomplishments - in and outside my home. It is only the blood shed on Calvary that gives me the strength to do all that I do. It’s the blood that gives me strength to be a loving helpmate to my husband. It’s the blood that allows me to homeschool two sons. It’s the blood that gives me the energy to be my sons’ Mother outside of being their teacher. It’s the blood that gives me strength to hold my tongue. It’s the blood that gives me endurance to stand my many tests and trials. It’s the blood that gives me peace in chaos. It’s the blood that allows me to willingly forgive. It’s the blood that gives me the desire to be set apart and peculiar for Christ. It’s the blood that makes me comfortable in my skin. It’s the blood that sooths my doubts and calms my fears. It’s the blood that wipes away my tears. It’s the blood that renews my strength when I’m tired. It’s the blood that allows me to be who I am and do what I do and it will never lose its power. Thank God for my spiritual shower and the song to remind me of God's love, power, and forgiveness. Thank God for the blood

1 John 1:7 (NIV)But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, his Son, purifies us from all sin.

Family First

This Saturday is the Grand Opening of my new dessert line and my prayer is to keep my family FIRST. I have no desire to work outside my home, yet I'm doing this to help us get out of debt and to have the freedom to do some other things for the children. I know it'll be alot of hard work in the beginning and it has been, yet I'm already ready to slow down (smile). My little dessert place is inside another restaurant, so that helps. Maybe I won't have to be there everyday dragging my children behind me. Anytime a Mother adds something to her plate, it takes time away from the homefront. I prayed before I started this endeavor that I would not get caught up and forget my priorities. This is something the Lord blessed me with, therefore, I will trust Him to make it be what it is supposed to be - nothing more and nothing less.

Forgiveness In Marriage

My mother and I saw a movie this weekend which prompted early morning thoughts of the many women I know in unhappy marriages. We all experience difficult seasons in our marriage and some of you wonder if your season will ever end. I too, endure my seasons of marital unhappiness. So, why do women stay in unhappy marriages? Is it expected? Is it the Christian thing to do? Is it for the children? After the movie, my Mother said, “If we didn’t forgive, there would be no marriages.” Amen! Our willingness to forgive is a test of our being a new creature in Christ. When I’m angry with my husband, it amazes me how God smothers my desire to cut my groom with my special killing words. I know it’s God because I’m not physically capable of holding my tongue. This supernatural covering is proof of the change in me. No, I haven’t always been this way and even today I sometimes wish the Lord would allow me two minutes to let my old nature surface – I only need two. My fellow Mothers, when our marriages are attacked, someone needs to be humble enough to be used by the Spirit of God. Who is showing love, mercy, and forgiveness? Who will God use to restore the marriage? Who is praying? Who is showing Christ-likeness to the children? In those rocky marital moments, I have to step back and let God have His way. Yes, it’s hard and sometimes it hurts, yet it hurts God more when He can’t use us to show His love. Who am I to deny anyone the benefits and freedom of God’s forgiveness? My ability to forgive and show love is evidence of my change. If God can change me, he can change ANYBODY!
I can’t forget those in physical, verbal, and mentally abusive marriages – please know you can forgive while protecting yourself.

Ephesians 5:2 (NKJV) And walk in love, as Christ also has loved us and given Himself for us, an offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweet-smelling aroma.
The Peace Place
A new place to find and maintain your peace/piece of mind

Got Peace?

There is nothing more valuable in my role as a Mother than my peace of mind. I could even call it my PIECE of mind. My peace is what sustains me through chaos. My peace is what keeps my mouth shut when I want to fuss. My peace is what allows me to love my husband when he's unlovable. My peace is what keeps me going in my never-ending tasks. My peace is what keeps my mind stable. My peace is what allows me to go with the flow. My peace is what allows me to work with difficult people. My peace helps me celebrate my womanhood and other women. All my paths should be peace and peace is my path to love, joy, acceptance, and living a full, purposeful LIFE! Do you have your peace of mind? If not, remember the only true source of peace is The Prince of Peace. Tap into your source of power and get your portion of peace today!

Love Yourself

Growing up, I was a quiet, tall, skinny, insecure girl with severely chapped lips and big feet. I’m still the same tall, chapped lip girl, yet with more weight, mouth, and self esteem. I guess I grew up and gradually learned to love and accept myself. This is a rough process all young girls must go through – learning to love themselves. Most girls grow up not completely satisfied with their bodies and many of us are still dissatisfied. Girls compare as they watch beauty pageants and the very popular model shows. This is natural for females, yet it grieves the heart of God, our Creator. Our daughters, nieces, and other young girls crossing our paths need love, compliments, and encouragement poured into them. They must be saturated with their significance in this world because as they grow up, they’ll have to love and encourage themselves – don’t you have to?

Last night I watched a show on facial deformities and I should never have another negative thought about any aspect of my being. The enemy knows the power of a woman and his subtle schemes to destroy our esteem and worth begins in our own mind with the thoughts we have of ourselves. Can you imagine a world of women with total self-confidence and supernatural abilities? Watch out world! For those blessed to have daughters, make it a priority to teach your daughter to love herself. For those of us with sons, let’s teach them to acknowledge women as the beautiful, precious vessels God created. And above all - love yourself as the wonderful woman God purposely and perfectly made!

Proverbs 139:14 (NIV)
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

Call On Him!

I'm so happy there isn't a limit to how many times we can call on our Heavenly Father because yesterday I called his name over and over and over and over and over again. Not that I don't need him every minute of every day anyway, but yesterday was a rough one for me and I needed His presence in a special way. I had to deal with so many different personalities and situations that I needed to be covered - completely - like never before (smile). I know who I am and who I can be, so it was important to be Christ-controlled and Christ-minded to the utmost!
In the midst of this busy day, I thought of how many times my little one calls my name. Ha! Now, when I get tired of hearing my name called, I'll remember yesterday and just how precious the presence of the Lord is to me. Just calling the name, Jesus, is a comfort to me! A Mother's presence is just as comforting to her children. They call on us for every need, request, complaint, and want. We are truly the Jesus in our home and the Jesus in their young minds. We are the answer to their every need! A Mother's presence is like no other and our children need us. So, when we get tired of hearing our name called, consider it an honor and a privilege to be used - for Christ's sake.