Morning Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for this day. Thank you for access to your throne in the name of Jesus. Thank you for waking me this morning. I'm tired, Lord and I'm asking you to fill me with your Spirit. Fill my thoughts, my emotions, my mind, body, and soul with your Holy Spirit. Have your way with me and help me to be Christ-controlled throughout the day. Give me patience and understanding with my children and help me to love my husband unconditionally. Give me strength, energy, and power this day as I walk in love, speak in love, and act in love for your sake. I love you, Lord. In Jesus' name I pray, amen.

I Love Me!

My Father jokes about me saying "I love me" when I was a little girl. The family was saying who else in the family they loved and I said I loved me. Well, if a woman didn't love herself, she'd be in bad shape. This morning is one of those mornings when I need to truly pour into myself. I'm tired, hormones are raging, children are wanting, and husband is needing (smile). Just as we pour into others, women need to pour into themselves with love, encouragement, time, and a little pampering. Who else is going to make sure we get what we need? Right...nobody! When we take care of ourselves, we take care of others better. I love me!

Do I Really Love Him?

I mentally renewed my vows at a wedding I attended this weekend as I witnessed a Catholic and Baptist coming together as one. With my husband sitting to my left and my mother sitting to my right, I reflected on how different my marriage was from my Mother’s. My husband and I share the same religion, which gives us common ground amid our many differences. My Mother is a believer, yet her husband, my Father, is not a religious man at all. They’ve been married for over 50 years and their common ground which has kept their marriage is love. To watch my parents interact with one another in spite of their obvious differences on several issues is incredible. It shouldn’t matter if a marriage has differences in politics, religion, child rearing, or money; God’s Word says love conquers all. We often allow simple irritations and disagreements to get in the way of what’s important in a marriage instead of allowing love to prevail. My Mother has shown nothing but complete love and humility as a wife – always putting her husband’s needs before her own. Even when she may be upset with her groom, her role as a compassionate, helpful, and sensitive wife never ends - I’ve seen it for myself. Her example of showing love when a husband isn’t lovable is incredible and a genuine witness to my sisters and me.

Weddings are always a great time to assess our own marriage vows. This weekend’s wedding reminded me my love for Christ should be exhibited in everyday relationships, especially in my marriage. When I show love to my husband, I am showing love to Christ. When I am ugly towards my husband, I am being ugly to Christ. My display of love is a measurement of my love for Christ. This weekend, I renewed my vow to love my husband even when he is unlovable – in my actions and thoughts. Thoughts…OUCH! The question is…Do I really love Him?

Stop Complaining!

I have so much to do today, yet I'm okay with it! My attitude has everything to do with my accomplishments. I can choose to complain about every task ahead of me or JUST DO IT and be thankful for the ability to do what needs to be done. Complaining will only sour my disposition and my attitude and little will get done.

I arose early and communed with my Heavenly Father and I have perfect peace. I have four cakes to bake for a friend’s family funeral, bills to pay (one in person), clothes to wash and pack for the family for an out of town trip, a gift to purchase for a wedding, school work to be done with my sons, and of course the house needs to be cleaned – as always. I’ve set the tone in my heart, mind, and my home. Soft worship music is playing, the children are still sleeping, a cake is in the oven baking, a load of laundry is washing, tea is brewing for a later break, and my spirit is at peace. God is awesome – He just wants us to seek His help and He is waiting to bless us. I thank God for the gift of peace – the Prince of Peace which sustains me as a woman, a wife, and a mother!!

No T.V. Day

Yesterday, I decided the family would have a no television and no playstation day, so all day there was no electronic equipment to compete with. The boys were forced to find other things to do and they realized they can survive without a screen in front of them. Although they are limited to only a few hours of playstation and t.v. a day, it takes away from the family. Can you imagine living back in the day when there was no t.v.? The family sat in front of the radio! What did they do before radio? It's amazing how the home environment changes when your eyeballs aren't glued to a screen. Not only did we spend more time together, we had fun. I usually exercise in the evenings, just dancing in my living room (no gym fees) and the boys joined me last night. We danced for hours and needless to say, I slept like a rock. They had me doing moves I didn't know my body could still do. I wish I had the power to say 'no t.v.' more often, yet we know who rules the remote control!!! Anyway, it was great and maybe I can make a motion to have no t.v. night once a week. It's great not having to compete with the t.v., to spend quality time with your family!

Fighting For My Baby!

My babies are nine and eleven and I will move mountains to protect them! As Mothers, we naturally guard our babies, regardless of age, and we’re ready to defend them from all harm and danger. We must remember our children are susceptible to danger every minute of every day. The enemy is continually on the prowl to attack their minds and hearts – he’s always on his job! As we embark upon another school year, our children will be confronted with many challenges and we must be on our job! Just as we are ready to guard and protect in the flesh, we must stay ready to guard and protect our children spiritually. We can’t afford to become complacent in our prayers – children may be out of sight while in school, yet can’t be out of mind. My children are not excluded from this because they are home schooled. Although they only attend class outside the home once a week, the enemy will find other crafty avenues to attack, which is more reason to be on guard. Our children’s attacks will come in many concealed forms, so we must be aggressive in the fight by praying fervently, praising God regardless of upcoming school issues, and teaching them to call on their Heavenly Father for themselves – they have a parent with them at all times! God promised to give us strength, so our children need to know they are equipped to endure their challenges. They need to know God is with them every minute of the day no matter what happens. He will give them the power to persevere! Let’s stay diligent in the fight for our babies! The beginning of the school year is a good reason for special prayer; yet also a reminder our children, whether school aged or not, are targets everyday of the year and we must continually fight for our babies!

Prayer for Children

Heavenly Father,

I come to you, in the name of Jesus, thanking you for the children you've placed in my care. Thank you for the reminder to continually lift them up in prayer to protect them from the traps of the enemy. I ask you to protect them from dangers seen and unseen. Protect them and keep them in your care. Surround them with encouraging friends and loving teachers. Please guard their hearts and minds from unclean spirits and remind them of your love for them. Thank you for the opportunity to be their Mother and thank you for trusting me to love, nurture, and pray for them daily. I love you, Lord. Please give me the strength to endure this new school year and to praise you regardless of the situations you have planned for our family. I want to trust, lean, and depend on you only. Have mercy, Lord. Have mercy on me and thank you for allowing me to stand in your grace. Thank you in advance for all you've ever done for me and all you are doing right now. In your son's name I pray, amen.

Super on my Natural

I can be quite controlling and when I am, I deny God opportunities to show me His awesome power and His love for me. Trying to be Superwoman, Supermom, and Superwife takes away from the Supernatural power of God in my life. He waits for me every morning to show me just how great He is and how I can be used by Him, but I must first let go of the reigns of my life. Once I truly surrender my thoughts of control, God will be able to place some super on my natural. Do I really think I have control of anything? Do I really think I am raising my children? Do I really think I'm loving my husband in my own power? God must laugh sometimes at how self sufficient a woman tries to be - trying to meet the needs of everybody without His help in our daily life. Hmmm...this may be the reason women stay tired, frustrated, and dissatisfied - we try to live without His power. We try to handle things on our own, yet when things don't go right, He is there to pick up the pieces - again. Thank you, Lord for this day! Fill me with your holy power! Fill my thoughts and emotions with your Spirit. Take complete control of me and have your way this day!

Missing You

Sometimes I wonder if my sons get tired of being with me all day. They seem to always want to be under me. Hmmm…Yesterday, the family went to the store and we split up - one of the boys went with their Father and the other went with me. I wanted to say, “Go with your Father, aren’t you tired of me?” I didn’t say a word because obviously he was where he wanted to be. I thought maybe he was just looking out for my feelings and didn’t want me to be alone. I would not have minded being alone at all! I should be thankful for their desire to want to be near me because I know one day another woman will capture their attention and they will be gone. I will be expecting phone calls and waiting for visits while trying to recapture the ‘good ole days’ when I had my sons all to myself. Yes, these moments I sometimes smother with my selfishness, are precious and just the thought of my babies leaving me makes me miss them already. Who said you don’t miss your water til your well runs dry?

Another Chance

While washing dishes last night, I kept looking onto the back porch where my three men were eating dinner and playing dominoes. What a blessing to have a loving home environment. I began to feel an overwhelming sense of thankfulness as I prayed for them. I’m so blessed to be able to recognize the blessings my family holds because I haven’t always felt this way. I haven’t always looked at my children and felt love. I haven’t always looked at my husband as a gift. Thank you, God for another chance to recognize the blessings in my family. Thank you for allowing me to see them with your eyes. Thank you for allowing me to feel a portion of the love you feel for them. Thank you for giving me the desire to nurture and care for your children. What an amazing emotion we are blessed to experience...being a Mother! Women definitely have God’s favor - He chose us to be the caretakers of the home. Now, tomorrow when I wake up, I may not feel this way, so I’m living in the moment and thanking God for THIS moment in time! Thank God for my family and thank God for this new day - another chance to recognize the blessings my family holds!

Be Yourself!

I read a lot of emails from mothers feeling inadequate and insecure as a Mother. All we can do is our best – nothing more! It helps to not compare ourselves to one another and accept yourself for who you are as a wife and Mother. Do only what works for your home – your family – your children – your husband and not what another woman is doing in her home. Every home is different and runs differently. Mothers are the same, yet quite different. We all have different personalities, ideas, and thoughts about mothering, yet we all have a home to keep, children to raise, and some of us a husband to help. Accepting each other as Mothers will definitely help everyone on our Motherhood journey! None of us are perfect and when you really think about it, we are nothing and can do nothing without the help of God. I remind myself daily that God is raising my children THROUGH me! His love within me is what keeps me loving my husband and my children, therefore, I can’t take credit for anything! I’m just making myself available to be used.

Am I Crazy or What?

Hmmm…my nine year old actually thought he was doing me a favor this morning when he told me he took the trash out for me. Was it really for me? I guess it was since I usually have to ask someone to take it out. Hmmm…does he think it’s my job or was he just letting me know he took the initiative to take it out. Hmmm…does he think it’s my job to do everything around the house? I think he does! Is it my job to do everything around the house or is it my job to make sure everything gets done by delegating? Is this why nothing gets done unless I ask someone to do it? Oh my goodness! I must be a Mother! “Sweetie, thank you for taking the trash out for Mama! I appreciate you!” If you can’t beat em, join em!

The Long Drive Home

I'm usually a very composed person while driving, yet this morning while driving home from an out of town wedding; I was a different person. I don't know why, yet I could hardly wait to get off the road. I was anxious and irritable...okay, I was just downright foul. I was acting like a toddler crying to get out of my carseat. I couldn't understand why this road trip was so different; yet my actions and conversation showed nothing but a spirit of discontent. The two hour drive felt like a cross country trip and I didn't like it. Through all of my ugliness, I kept hearing one of my favorite scriptures of contentment over and over in my head. Yes, the Word of God is powerful - it found its way through my muddy thoughts. I thought of what my rush was to get home. Surely I wasn’t rushing home to wash dirty laundry and cook dinner! Not me! I came to the conclusion there was no reason at all - I just didn't like where I was or what I was doing at the moment.

So often, I find myself in situations and places I'd rather not be in and have to remind myself that where I am that very moment is where God wants me. Being the self-absorbed person I can be, I also have to remind myself that my uncomfortable places in time are not always about me. God may place me somewhere to be a blessing to someone else and vice versa! I continued to have subtle thoughts on contentment and realized as long as I am in the flesh on the planet Earth, I will never be completely content as God desires me to be. This world is not my home and I shouldn't get comfortable in my worldly surroundings, yet while I'm here; I might as well go with the flow in whatever situation I'm in. So often I fight what is going on in my life forgetting God is teaching me, molding me, pruning me, grooming me, BLESSING me! Okay, okay, okay, so the long drive home was needed because obviously I needed a looong lesson in being content and sitting in the car this day in time was God's perfect timing to teach me! Thank you, Lord and forgive me once again for fighting your will in my life!

Philippians 4:12 (NIV)
I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want.

Motherhood - A Painful Privilege

Motherhood is a painful privilege. As we watch our babies grow into adults, they have growing pains of their own to endure and we must watch them go through them all. They must live through challenging developmental stages, tempting peer pressures, learning to love others and themselves, experience rejection, and deal with countless hurts and pains of life. On top of all this, they have to deal with a loving Mother watching over them like a hawk waiting to discipline and correct every wrong move they make! Once a Mother is finished teaching, instructing, encouraging, and loving her child, she must let him go - into a world full of more challenges, hurts, joys, and pains. Motherhood is an awesome privilege, yet painful indeed!

Sick Husbands

My, my, my….God can use anything and anybody to show the power, need, and influence of a Mother in the home and this morning He used my dear husband who woke up not feeling very well. I touched his forehead to see if he was warm and was clammy and sweaty as usual. He took his temperature and it too, was normal, yet my baby just didn’t feel well and I mean my BABY! I think he just wanted me to know he didn’t feel well, so I could don my nurse hat and offer a little more comfort and compassion during the very early morning hour (smile). Although he was dressed for work, I asked all the right questions. “Are you sure you want to go to work?” “Sweetie, how do you feel?” “Are you going to be okay?” “Is there anything I can do for you?” I honestly believe meeting his emotional and physical needs made him feel a little better. I even made his sandwich for his lunch and gave him a health drink before he walked out the door. To top it off, I asked him how he felt on a scale of 1-10. Didn’t I work it? I sure can’t take credit for it because my prayer this morning was asking God to help me to be all my husband needed me to be as his wife and I was truly put to the test. I’d say I passed it with flying colors and I’m sure my husband will be okay. A Mother doesn’t have time to be sick; we’ve got to be ready to answer the call to everyone else’s needs!

In the FOG

Yesterday I felt like I was in the fog all day! I just couldn't think straight and I have a new appreciation for waking up in my RIGHT MIND! If I didn't have my hormones to blame it on, I'd think I was truly losing my mind. I went to the grocery store and left the check book, my husband asked me to do a few things and I forgot to do them, I was late everywhere I went - AUUUUGH!
Thank God for my sons because I used them tremendously!! They were my right and left hand and my brain. God is definitely a KEEPER - he kept my mind on yesterday and Lord, I need you again today, tomorrow and every day!

I have alot of things going on right now and it's probably brain overload. I hate busyness, yet this is a busy season of my life and I pray it won't last forever. I have several projects requiring my attention, yet I'm trying to keep my family my priority, which is a MUST! Nothing is more important than family... NO-THING!

Although I felt I was in the fog in a negative way, I have to remember what a friend told me fog stood for ---Favor Of God!