Moms Showing Cleavage

For the first time IN MY LIFE, I wore a shirt that was cut a little lower than I'm use to wearing. I usually wear a tank top under this particular shirt, but that bold, risky day, I decided not to. What in the heck did I do that for? ALL day long, I was pulling up my shirt. The seam that was supposed to be on my shoulders ended up on my back - I was so uncomfortable.  It was only to run errands, but good grief...I couldn't wait to get back home. Although my cleavage may be considered a small showing or insignificant viewing, it's still MY cleavage!

Firstborn was with me and I asked him if he knew what cleavage was. He gestured towards his chest and said, "All that stuff."  I let him know how uncomfortable I was and used the opportunity to share a few lessons on appropriate dress and what to look for in a girl.  I'm sorry, but my body is not for display and of course this is my opinion.  By the large showing of cleavage out there, I'm sure many others disagree with me and that's okay. The summer months drive us to undress and cleavage is popping out all over the place while the eyes of men and young boys pop out right along with them. LOL

How much is too much cleavage? Is it okay for a mother to show cleavage in public? Why do we want to show our cleavage to the public? Is it sexy or sleazy? What are we teaching our daughters? What are we teaching our sons?  Should there be a size limit for showing cleavage? What do you think?

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