Meeting the Porcelain

 I thought I'd share one of the most humbling experiences I endured in 2011. It wasn't a difficult relationship, financial woes, or my health issues, but it was the call of the big porcelain container - a public toilet. 

I probably have some of the strongest thigh muscles among women. I NEVER sit on public toilets - NEVER! I stoop with complete control from many years of experience. If my call to the porcelain container calls for more serious relief, I'll wait until I get home.

Weeell, during a short stay in the hospital, I had to use the restroom. I was just rolled into my room straight out of surgery and I had to go - badly. I felt strong enough to hold onto my IV roller and meet the porcelain container on my own, but the nurse refused. She helped me in the bathroom and she told me to take it easy and sit slowly.

Me: "Oh, I'm not going to sit down, I'm going to stoop."

Nurse: "No, you need to sit down!"

Me: "No really, I'm okay."

Nurse: "You really need to sit down, and we need to catch and measure your urine."

Me:  Experiencing overwhelming anxiety - "Is it clean?"

Nurse: Shocked that I would ask - "YES!"

I hesitated and slowly allowed my bare behind to meet the porcelain. I can't remember the last time I did this, but I was humbled and quite concerned about the germs attaching themselves to me. GROSS! Oh my God, help me!  Auuuuugh!  GROSS!  Why must I endure this!  This isn't happening! Heeeeeelp!!!

I finished my business, washed my hands thoroughly, and came out of the bathroom - pissed, yet relieved.  I told my mother, my sister, my husband, and my two sons who later came into my room and I cried out...."She made me sit on the toilet!  I'll never forget her! She made me sit on the toilet!" Of course I had to use the bathroom every hour thereafter, so I had to meet the porcelain on a regular basis. Good grief!  It was a challenge, but I did it. I survived! I'm still here and if you're wondering if I'll start meeting the porcelain on a regular basis, I must be honest and tell the truth....ABSOLUTELY NOT! I WILL CONTINUE TO STOOP!

Not the actual toilet; this is a copyrighted Internet picture


Hubby and I were talking and he said, " I wonder what 2012 will bring." I didn't answer because I didn't want to disturb his train of thought. I really don't care what 2012 brings. I'm doing all I can to focus on living my life to the fullest today - tomorrow will take care of itself. If you don't believe this, look back over 2011 and all you've been through. Look back over your life. Hey, you're still standing! Whether you're standing on one leg and barely holding up or standing strong as a tree, you're standing!

It's natural to hope for better days. The economy remains rocky. Those difficult people in our life are still hanging around. The bills continue to come, and as parents, we want better for our children. In spite of all our circumstances, we have to live our life to the fullest day by day. My assurance of the future is sealed with God's promise to never leave me or forsake me. He promised! God said I was more than a conqueror; I can do this! God also said all things work together for my good, so it doesn't matter what the situation looks like, what matters are God's promises to me. 

Whenever I begin to wonder about the future, I change my mental channel to the One who is in charge of the future - Almighty God. It doesn't matter what 2012 holds, I know who holds my future. God has a strategic plan for my life. My job is to stay connected to Him, to abide with Him, to trust Him, and to believe in His promises. 

This may be the last meditation of 2011, but it sure isn't the last of God's promises and mercies to me. Morning by morning new mercies I see - today, tomorrow, and the next year too! What will be, will be! 2012? Bring it on!

My Christmas Yes

I attended a charity event last night and several poets were on the program. One poet in particular shared a Christmas poem. He mentioned the poem was about the one person He thinks about during this season – his mother. I wasn’t expecting the poet to say his mother, but there is one mother every mother should consider during the Christmas season. The mother of all mothers is Mary, the mother of the baby boy who changed the world. When Mary was visited by the angel, she questioned God’s will for her life. Mary didn’t understand God’s unusual plan, but eventually went with the flow in spite of her reputation with friends, family, and her relationship with Joseph. Mary is an awesome example of submitting to God’s will even when it makes absolutely no sense to us. Mary gave God her yes. 

During this season of giving, I’m reminded, by this special mother, to give God my yes. I’m giving my yes to God’s plan for my life. I’m giving my yes to God’s will for my marriage, my sons, my career, my temple, my health, my finances, and every other area of my life. I may not understand or agree with God, but Mary didn’t either. I may question God, but so did Mary. I may even entertain a little fear, and I’m sure Mary did also before she decided to trust God and let Him have His way with her. What an awesome gift Mary gave God – her yes. 

This Christmas is different for me because of my new perspective. This is a time to rededicate my commitment to God by following Mary’s example and giving God my yes. There is no gift we can give God that compares to the gift He gave us – the gift of life, so why not re-gift His gift by giving God what He wants more than anything – a yes to His will and His way in and through the life He gave us. 

Merry Christmas!


I haven’t used an alarm clock in over ten years and awake between 4:30 and 5:00 most mornings. I was shocked when I awoke Sunday morning after 11 o’clock. I can’t remember the last time I slept that late without being disturbed. After realizing I still had my bodily functions and was mentally okay, I noticed something else that surprised me. I felt very different. I felt younger. My mind was clearer. I was at complete peace.

As I sat down to enjoy a bowl of oatmeal with raisins, I was reminded why I felt so differently. I got some rest! My mind and body was renewed and rejuvenated.  I’ve always been a believer of getting the proper rest, and now I know that I know…rest is a secret weapon to living life to the fullest. Rest is the secret to dealing with the battles and bumps of life. Mentally, spiritually, and emotionally…rest is the answer. I’m not the only one saying this, Jesus said it too! If He said it, it’s got to be true!

As I basked in my newness, I considered the benefits of spiritual rest in Jesus. Resting in Jesus would give me more mental space and energy. If I cast my cares on Him like He told me to, I would have more mental space to enjoy the abundant life, unspeakable joy, and perfect peace God promised me. Rest!  I know what the busy woman reading this is saying…”When do I have time to rest?” Well, you either make time to rest or end up resting in a hospital bed or six feet under because you’ve run yourself in the ground – literally. Oops! Did I go there? Maybe I got too much rest! 

Find the GoOD in it

I have a friend who needs a kidney transplant, one who needs a heart transplant, one who recently found out her nervous system is out of whack, and one going through radiation treatments. These health issues are far more serious than the recent diagnosis of my severe nasal infection requiring surgery. My health issue doesn’t compare to waiting on an organ or another chance at life. Regardless of my many symptoms and discomfort, someone would love to swap health concerns with me. I try to remember things could always be worse – regardless of my circumstances. In every aspect of my life, I attempt to see not only the good in it, but I pray to see God in it. Self-centered may be my nature, but Christ-centered is my calling. Having a pity party may be my desire, yet prayer and praise is His will. Of course, I could ask for immediate healing, but going through this health storm will increase my faith, trust, and intimacy with my Heavenly Father, not to mention the wisdom and knowledge I’ll gain. 

Getting to know God on a higher level calls for a storm on a higher level. My storm is here. Have your way, Lord! My peace comes from knowing God is with me and knows what is best for me. I’m also reminded this situation is not all about me. My sons’ prayer life will strengthen as they watch mama go through this health storm. Hubby will also be touched as well as others walking through this storm with me. Who knows, you may be touched! Have your way, Lord! Hey, one good thing about this is I have a lot more writing material coming my way! Talk about finding the good! What are you going through today? What’s your financial, family, health, marriage, or career issue? Things could be worse! Ask God to help you see the good and the God in it, then watch your perspective change.

The Hype

While grocery shopping this weekend, I saw a woman with four little girls. The little girls were chatty and full of energy, yet the woman was quiet and her face was full of frustration and fatigue. As I walked out of the store, I saw her sitting and immediately said a prayer for her. I wondered how many times I looked like that woman without being aware of it - you never know who is watching you. 

The holiday season is here and there will be more than a few faces of frustration and fatigue. I refuse to be one of them. The holidays are supposed to be full of joy, peace, and love - at least that's what the greeting cards say! It's so easy to get caught in the hype of shopping, grumbling, and having no peace of mind. One good thing about getting caught in the hype is the stress. The stress can be used to remind me to place my focus back on the joyous reason for the season. The stress can remind me to check myself, my spending, and event planning. The stress can remind me of what's important. I will remember that I create my own stress. If I become frustrated and fatigued, it's my fault. I don't want to be Santa Claus making my list and checking it twice. I want to be like a child full of joy and anticipation for the big celebration instead of being full of anxiety and dreading the occasion. Yuck! It takes being in tune to God's Spirit to create an atmosphere of joy, peace, and love in the home - anytime of the year. The atmosphere in my home is a reflection of God's peace in my heart. I want His peace not only during the holiday season, but every day of the year. The hype will pass away, but the joyous reason for the season lingers throughout the year.

Blue Plate Special

Firstborn had the blue plate special yesterday morning for breakfast. Not the blue plate special you’re familiar with, but we have a large, beautiful, blue plate used only for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, or anything the family deems worthy of recognition. Firstborn was the recipient of the blue plate yesterday; we celebrated his birthday. His meal was served on the special, blue plate, which is engraved with the words ‘cherish the moment’ on it. Although it was Firstborn’s special day, the words spoke to me. My first product of pleasure was born sixteen years ago and I didn’t think I would be able to handle it well. A few weeks ago, I had to call my younger sister to help me through a sobbing moment as I thought about Firstborn turning sixteen. My baaaaby is growing up! I figured if I cried early, I’d be okay on his birthday, which is today. 

As I handed Firstborn the blue plate, I realized I needed to cherish the moment rather than focusing on years gone by. That very moment was a moment to cherish. Every moment with my two sons is a precious moment to cherish. I can miss out on these moments by focusing on the past. It’s okay to look at baby pictures and remember their toddler times, but I was taking it to another level - I wanted to stop time.  Motherhood is my greatest joy and watching my sons grow up is bittersweet, if that makes any sense. Firstborn may not need me as he did in younger years, but as a teenager; he needs me in another way. I’m okay! I’m still Mama and will always be. I’m learning to cherish the moments as they quickly pass by without trying to hold on to them. Each season of motherhood brings new beginnings, new issues, new tests, and new moments to cherish.

Cherish the moment and enjoy this day of mothering!

My latest release!

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Are You Covered?

Firstborn had his last football game Thursday and had to be at basketball practice at 6 a.m. this morning. I was pleasantly surprised to see him awake without my prompting. He plugged in the iron and I immediately questioned why he didn’t get his clothes ready the night before. Just as soon as those words came out of my mouth, I realized he was doing his best. Good grief, LaVender, give the boy a break! We got out of the house in time, prayed in the car, and we were on our way. No words were spoken on the drive (too early for him), but as he got out of the car I told him how proud I was of his initiative to get up and ready on time and we exchanged the fist bump. 

No one wants the voice of a nag in their ear first thing in the morning. I try so hard to send my husband and children off on a joyful note. Their entire day can be set up or set off by the words I speak. This is just one reason I awake early before my household stirs. Spending quiet time with the Master enables me to see the good in others and have more compassion. I need God’s Spirit to cover me before I interact with anyone. It makes a huge difference in my day when my mind is set on Him. It’s almost a guarantee to come in contact with someone having a bad day or a grumpy attitude. Their lack of peace doesn’t have to shake my peace! Their negative words don’t have to influence my thinking! Their actions don’t have to turn me into a nag or complainer! Yes, that precious time alone with God is my protection. Protection from others and protection from my Self! Ouch! Are you protected this morning? If not, steal away for a moment and get covered; it’ll help you find the good in all things!

Steelers vs Bible

My pastor preached from the book of Haggai yesterday, which is the second shortest book in the Old Testament. Sunday evening, while watching football, I decided to read the two very short chapters of Haggai. I sat with my Bible open while cheering for the Pittsburg Steelers. I decided to read the introduction to Haggai first, to get a better understanding. I chuckled as I read how priorities and values are reflected by how we spend our time. Hmmm…my Bible was running a close second to the Steelers. It was a good game, but so was the book of Haggai. I kept reading and cheering, and guess what? The Steelers lost. I watched the post-game show, and a few players from the winning team, the Baltimore Ravens, were interviewed. One player, Ray Lewis, mentioned telling his team the night before the game, to get in position to receive God’s blessings. Ray Lewis’ statement pricked my heart. I wondered if I could be in position to hear from God while watching television. 
I really didn’t see anything wrong with reading my Bible while watching the game; I didn’t have to be reading it at all! It really wasn’t about the timing of my reading, but about the value I placed on God’s Word at that particular moment. I don’t ever want to get so comfortable with God or His Word that I depreciate the amazing significance to my life. God already has to compete with the busyness of my day, so why invite competition? Just as I want my husband’s and sons’ undivided attention when I talk to them, God would like my undivided attention every now and then also. Priorities need to be checked. What’s important in our life? Where we spend our time and money will give us a clue. I not only need to get in position, I need to stay in position to hear and receive from God! Thank you, Pastor. Thank you, Haggai, and thank you Ray Lewis! Happy Monday and let's get in position!

The First Five

 I recently read a letter to the editor of my local paper from an upset grandfather.  The grandfather's words didn't settle well with me. Maybe it's just me, so help me out!

The grandfather was surprised with the requirements for his granddaughter to enter kindergarten.  Knowing ABCs, numbers, and basic keyboard functions were obviously prerequisites for this particular school at age five.  Uh...what's the problem? Giving consideration to the grandfather's assumed age, I can understand not knowing keyboard functions, but ABCs and numbers should definitely be known before entering school!

Expecting the school system to teach basic reading, writing, and arithmetic is setting the child up for failure! Not knowing these basics, prior to entering school, automatically puts the child behind the learning curve on the first day of school. It's already time for tutoring and catching up.  Studies say the brain is like a sponge those first five years, so why not teach the child something? Busy? Working? No patience? Working two jobs? Can't read yourself? Whatever the excuse reason, it's just not good enough. Unless the child has an unrecognized learning disability, they should be learning something.

FIVE years - FIVE! If the child doesn't know their ABCs, what have they been doing for FIVE years? Playing with Lego Building Blocks? Watching television? Watching Sesame Street? Maybe I should ask what has the parent done for the first FIVE precious years of the child's life? Hugs, kisses, walks, and play dates definitely have a place,  but learning has a place also. 

I'm sure I sound a little harsh and please remember I asked for help with this in the beginning of my post. Help me out! Should a child know their ABCs, numbers, and basic keyboard functions when entering kindergarten or first grade?

Look Into My Life

Within a couple of weeks, my second book will be in print. I may be judged and my spiritual walk may even be questioned, but I don’t care. The title of the book, Trash Thoughts, exposes some of my ungodly thoughts and the struggle I have keeping my thoughts in a place pleasing to God. For reasons unknown to me, God has called me to be an open book - literally. If my mess can help someone else, I’m available. 

A very special seasoned woman in my life, Betty Winters, wrote, “If she dares to be an example to the young woman, she must be vulnerable-willing to let a younger woman look into her life and learn from it.” The first time I read these words, they were life changing for me. I knew there was no time to be embarrassed about some of the ungodly choices I’ve made, my silly mistakes, my unkind words, and now my private thoughts. My thoughts, Lord? Really? 

As an older woman, it is my charge to be an example and share my spiritual journey. I must be willing to part my curtains and allow others to look into my life and learn from it. I haven’t always been saved and I don’t always act saved, but prayerfully you can learn something from my life. To those on the older woman journey with me, don’t be ashamed of your past or present circumstances; it’s all to give God glory. Share your mess and be a blessing. Unmask and share how God has given you the strength to endure a troubled marriage, feeling depressed, disobedient children, low self-esteem, financial woes, difficult relationships, trying toddlers, and spiritual emptiness to name a few. I’m not saying to go out and air all your dirty laundry, but when the opportunity presents itself to share, why not encourage, empower, enlighten, and be an example to the younger woman.  

Your life is a lesson!

Consider Oral

Written by Susan Irwin of
Today, I wanted to risk annoying some of my Christian sisters by
being brutally honest about a "touchy subject" with many Christian

Over the past twelve years, I've received thousands of letters and
emails from Christian wives frustrated with their marriages and love
lives. They ask me questions like...
"Why isn't my husband more affectionate?"
"Why is he always 'ogling' other women?"
"Why doesn't he seem to care about MY needs, emotionally or
in bed?"
Now, sometimes, a wife is just stuck with a "stinker" for a husband.
He is truly just the type of man that is selfish and/or lazy and is
(probably) never going to magically turn into the husband of your
dreams. But, those husbands are the vast exception to the rule.
Most husbands do care about your happiness and base lots of their
personal self-esteem on whether they think you are happy or not.
But... they are also men.
And, whether you and I like it or not, there are certain "guy traits"
that are so deep and real that you just aren't going to change them
by just "wishing them away." You are going to (for your sanity) either
use these traits to your advantage... or let them continue to frustrate
you and make your marriage less fulfilling.
So, if you are (finally) ready to do something about your marital frustration,
I have a brutally honest suggestion for you...
Consider "oral."
Because I don't want to make this email super long, I won't delve into the
theology on this issue (the Bible fully endorses oral) or the male psychology
lesson, I'll just "cut to the chase"...Men are very oral.  
They (deeply) desire to give you oral and they (deeply)  desire for you to give it to them.
If you have tried to fool yourself into believing that your husband is different,
please... stop now. You're husband (as long as he has a pulse), if he were
100% honest with you, would LOVE to bring more oral into your bedroom.
Now, you may be thinking, "Why is it always about him?" or "How does this
help me?"
Here's how...
Women seek love and find themselves having sex.
Men seek sex and find themselves in love.
It doesn't matter how old your husband is.
It doesn't matter how long you've been married.

He thinks about giving and receiving oral.
And, he judges his love life and marriage (to some extent) on whether
he gets to give or receive it.
When he looks at other men, he compares himself, based on whether
he thinks that man is getting more oral.
When he looks at other women, he wonders if she is "oral."
If you want him to feel different and more positive about you and
your marriage, the quickest way to his heart ISN'T through his
stomach... it's through fulfilling his sexual needs and desires.

If you are willing to "make the first move" and demonstrate some
willingness and openness regarding oral, you'll be AMAZED at how
your husband starts to act differently... more attentive... more interested
in you, in general.

Eat Life!

While exercising last night, I thought about my younger sister. She, as most of us do, struggles with eating the right foods from day to day. If we had someone in our ear every day to hold us accountable for what we eat and drink, it might be easier for us to do the right thing. In my attempt to be my sister’s accountability nag, I often drop an email to her that simply says, “Eat Life!” In other words, eat foods that will help nourish and replenish your body. Eat foods that even the cellular level of your body will benefit from. The alternative to eating life is to eat death. Foods and beverages that taste yummy, but damage our organs and invite fatigue. Sometimes I hear chocolate yelling my name. Oh, food doesn’t talk to you? Well, I hear chocolate loud and clear and even when I satisfy my craving, it just keeps yelling my name. “LaVender! Eat me! More, more, more!” 

I try to remember my attitude, energy level, and progress is influenced by what I consume. Soda, chips, cookies, and bread, or apples, raisins, spinach, and water? We make a choice to eat life or death with every bite and every swallow we take. Thoughts of my sister reminded me of my body being a temple – holiness reigns in me! It’s easy to forget this with a plate of delicious food or addicting fast food in front of you. Holiness and trash do not mix! We probably wouldn't feel tired and need refueling by noon if we choose to eat life. We wouldn't reach the point of snapping if we choose to eat life. Even our spiritual life will awaken if we eat life. This is nothing new you're hearing, so just consider it as a reminder from your Monday morning accountability nag. EAT LIFE!

Mr. Man

At 7:45 a.m., Saturday morning, I was in Walmart purchasing bottled water and ice to donate to Firstborn’s basketball team for a car wash fundraiser they were having. I completed my purchase and walked outside to the car. The man I was behind in the checkout line was standing next to his truck smoking a cigarette – our vehicles just happened to be parked next to each other. Good grief. Miss Flesh immediately became irritated; I didn't feel like talking. I hurriedly placed the ice and water bottles in the ice chest. Mr. Man says, “Looks like you’re getting ready to enjoy a fun day in the sun.” I replied, “Noooo, I’m on my way to a car wash and the car washer is in the car sleeping.” In other words, I’m not alone. Mr. Man continued to pry. He wanted to know why Firstborn was sleeping – I told him. He asked where the car wash was – I told him. As I answered each question, I questioned myself for talking to this stranger. Believe me, Miss Flesh wanted to ignore Mr. Man, but I'm working on being more polite to strangers. 

As children we're taught to not talk to strangers, but unfortunately I'm now a grown woman who says she loves Jesus. Mr. Man slowly walked over to me while reaching in his pocket. I prepared to protect myself and he said, “I don’t have much, but here is a donation for the car wash.” Relieved, I said, “God bless you! Thank you!” Funny, how I suddenly felt like talking. I thought Mr. Man wanted me! I sat in the car embarrassed and sorry for my unkind thoughts of Mr. Man. It’s good to be cautious, yet it’s better to be cautious in the Spirit of God. Miss Flesh almost blew it. I wasn’t ready for a test of my kindness so early in the morning, but I thank God for it. I also thank God for Mr. Man’s life lesson for me…be kind to strangers! God can work through anyone, for anything, at anytime. Thank you, Mr. Man!

He Needs Me

Hubby hugged me and held me tightly – longer than usual. I went away for the weekend – only the weekend. Hubby’s hug only confirmed what my father recently said to me, “your husband needs you.” Daddy’s wisdom and God’s grace has kept me in my marriage because there are many days I don’t feel like being married. Daddy went on to explain how men try to run the household, but it’s really the women. A man may never admit to needing his wife, but they do. It’s not about the physical help (cooking and sex) as much as it is the emotional help. The weight of being the leader in the home with the responsibility of financially providing for others is a weight many wives will never comprehend. Single mothers can definitely relate, but the married ones take it for granted mainly because we help with the providing – I take it for granted. It somewhat bruises a man’s ego to know he needs help from a woman and men are full of ego.

Husbands need words of affirmation even when they aren’t stepping up to the plate like we think they should. Our help is what helps them step up, but our complaining and judging kills their manly spirit. I know my hubby needs me and the hug only reminded me, but can I get some of that help? Yes, that was my first thought, but of course God instructed me to lean on Him just a little more as a wife. I’m called to be a help mate, yet can barely help myself, but God is my helper! Thank you, Jesus! This morning when I heard hubby’s alarm clock, I saturated him in prayer and also asked God to empower me as a helpmate. Hubby needs my encouragement and support – again and again. Hubby needs my help – hubby needs me.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

I had a toothache and a swollen cheek this weekend. The pain wasn’t the problem, but the pressure to walk around in public was. I looked like half chipmunk and half human. I knew the swelling would eventually go down, but it wasn’t going fast enough for me. When it was time for me to meet the public, I realized how much emphasis I place on my looks. I spent too much time in the mirror trying to find ways to make my cheeks equal. I tried to suck the swollen one in from the inside, I tried to puff the other cheek out more, and I even tried to smile a little harder to see if I could hide my chipmunk cheek. People walk around every day with physical disabilities and disfigures and there I was concerned about a temporary swollen cheek. 

Being Christ-minded wasn’t even in my thoughts – it was all about the cheek. After my spiritual spanking, I asked God to help me to stop focusing on myself. When I look in the mirror, my Self is not what I see, but the illusion I’ve created for myself is what stares back at me. My spirit is where my true beauty exists, but I have been conditioned by society to believe my physical beauty is most important. When we look at others, we create an illusion for them also. 

Eyeliner, foundation, face powder, mascara, lipstick, false eyelashes, weaves – it’s all used to create an illusion or possibly hide what we aren’t satisfied with. The swollen cheek is gone this morning, but the lesson I received will be revisited every time I look in the mirror. I was perfectly created to be perfectly ME. Everything about me makes me ME, and God loves me regardless of what I look like – unlike man. God made me a beautiful woman because His beautiful Spirit lives in me. It’s not about how I look, but how I make my Heavenly Father look.

A Day Off

My prayer partner and I were talking this morning about how difficult it is for mothers to get a day off. Unless we leave the house, there will always be something required or asked of us. I immediately thought about my Heavenly Father; He never gets a day off – never. I call on Him every day throughout the day and He always answers, but when I get tired of my family calling my name, I act like I don’t hear them. What if God took a day off? The thought alone is unsettling. 

It’s soooo easy to complain, but what do I have to complain about? Even when I’m tired, God restores my energy. When I’m frustrated with everyday household chores, He helps me to find the good in what I do. When I’m exhausted with homework and grades, He gives me the wisdom and strength for positive parenting – it’s not my homework anyway! When hubby acts like he can’t do for himself, God reminds me I’m his helpmate, not his mother - there is a difference! When I’m consistently asked to volunteer, God reminds me how simple it is to just say “no.” God is my sufficiency for every hat I wear.  

Once I realize I work specifically for Jesus and not the people around me, I won’t be so carnal minded and desire a day off, yet desire strength, energy, and power, to do what I’ve been entrusted to do. Instead of taking a day off, I’m taking a day off from complaining - again! Thank you, Lord for the ability to do what is required of me – one day at a time! I trust you to give me everything You already know I need – even a day off!

We Can Do This!

Secondborn has had a cookie business for almost three years now. It wears me out physically and mentally. Friday night, he was preparing for a business expo and had a difficult time focusing. The process of baking and packaging the cookies started off fine, but about an hour into the mix, Secondborn said he needed music to motivate him. Okay, that’s fine. Minutes later he wanted a sandwich. Shortly after, he was getting tired. Then he had a headache, and then he needed a shower to help him wake up. I was mentally exhausted. I knew he needed a few words of encouragement, but my words probably came across as words of chastisement. 

Secondborn pays me $5 a week to help him. Trust me, I’m worth a whole lot more, but as his mother, I’d do it for free. We can do this! The day of the event went very well and he sold lots of cookies. He also received a wealth of encouragement from customers and other business owners. I was thankful because he sure didn’t get it from me. No one sees what goes on behind the scenes, and that’s okay. I’m thankful for the people placed in my little entrepreneur’s life to support and encourage him. 

Yesterday, Secondborn mentioned he had a lot of “motivators.” I told him those encouragers are his support group to keep him moving forward. We all need encouragement. It’s like mental energy to keep moving. Nothing gets done without hard work and sometimes it’s hard to encourage yourself. 

As a wife and mother, I have to encourage myself in order to keep my family encouraged and being cranky and tired is not the way. I must refuel and replenish myself - daily. I must renew my mind - daily. I must remember that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me and encourages me - through His Word. It's a new day...a new week...I can do this and so can you! Have an encouraging Monday! Be encouraged!

Every Breath

I didn’t want to, but I needed to. Firstborn and Secondborn were only five and three years old when the 9/11 tragedy occurred, so last night, our family watched one of the many 9/11 documentaries. Surreal. Senseless. Unbelievable. Here one minute - gone the next. No one knew, the morning of September 11th, a decade ago, that a sequence of events would occur to change their life forever. The surviving firefighters spoke of how precious and memorable the moment was when they first saw their families and even saw each other after the tragedy. I wondered why it takes death or a near death experience to truly appreciate life. 

As much as I strive to live and cherish each moment, too many irreplaceable moments are taken for granted. I assume I will inhale again after I exhale, but it’s not promised. I assume I will see my family again this evening, but it’s not promised. I assume tomorrow will come, so I can call the friend that has been on my mind, but it’s not promised. How can I not value every breath I take? How can I not take advantage of the precious moments flying by?  

Sigh…thank you, Lord. Thank you for reminding me that my life is just a vapor – a brief wind blowing by – a gasp of breath to exhale – a puff of air – here one minute – gone the next. Life travels fast. Learning to take advantage of the time we have with friends, co-workers, neighbors, and family would be wise. Every moment we’re alive, whether we enjoy it or not, is a moment with breath in our body. Every breath we take is a gift of life. It’s time to enjoy this gift of life – with every breath.

Be All You Can Be

I asked Firstborn if he had any ideas of what he wanted to do after high school and he said he didn’t know. Hmmm…Sweetie, you’re in the eleventh grade, you don’t have long. He then asked about the Army. I told him I only knew about the service I served in, the Navy. Of course I favor the Navy, but in times like these, I just want my children to have security – spiritual and financial security. 

Firstborn is only 15, so I’m not surprised he doesn’t have his life mapped out. I pulled up the Army website to view the available careers and also saw one of the Army commercials stating to be all you can be. I was thinking of myself more than Firstborn as I watched the commercial. Am I being all I can be? As a woman, wife, mother, servant of God, sister, daughter, friend, and writer, am I giving God my best? Am I in a position to allow God to pull everything out of me that He’s placed in me? Am I living at the optimum level I was created for? Just as I reminded Firstborn that he didn’t have long, I don’t have long on this wonderful planet Earth, so I better get it together. I can’t expect Firstborn to be all he can be if I’m not doing the same. As his mother, I should be able to boldly say, “Do as I do and as I say.” From the simplest of tasks to the most demanding, I must be an example – I must be all I can be.

It doesn’t matter how old we are, God is never finished with us. There is always another opportunity, another endeavor, and another chance – there is always a next in life! Today is a new day, let’s be all we can be – one day at a time!


A while ago, Firstborn made me a CD with Earth, Wind, and Fire songs and yesterday, I played my favorite song, Devotion, over, and over, and over. I decided to look up the lyrics, so I could sing the correct words instead of only singing one word - devotion. The words are beautiful. I then looked up the word devotion. Devotion: 1. profound dedication; consecration. 2. earnest attachment to a cause, person, etc. 3. an assignment or appropriation to any purpose, cause. 4. Ecclesiastical, religious observance or worship; a form of prayer or worship for special use.

I began to think of my devotion – devotion to my husband, my sons, my talents, my church, my parents, my ministry, my temple, my life. My devotion and service in each of these areas are empty without giving God the devotion He desires from me. Doing what I do can become religious rituals without a true devotion to God – the One who has placed these people and things in my care. After my umpteenth time playing the song, Secondborn asked me if the group was a gospel group. Below are the words to the song, Devotion.

"Thru devotion, blessed are the children. Praise the teacher that brings true love to many. Your devotion opens all life’s treasures and deliverance from the fruits of evil. So our mission, to bring a melody, ringin’ voices sing sweet harmony. For you here’s a song, to make your day brighter. One that will last, you long through troubled days. Giving your heart the light to brighten all of the dark that falls in your way. You need devotion. Bless the children. Deliverance from the fruits of evil. In everyone’s life, there’s a need to be happy. Let the sun shine a smile your way. Open your heart, feel a touch of devotion. Maybe this song will help uplift your day, make a better way. You need devotion, bless the children…"

May your Monday be full of devotion – to God.

McDonald's Breakfast

Last night, Firstborn mentioned he wanted McDonalds for breakfast on his first day of school. I cook a hot breakfast every morning, but I listened to him talk about McDonald’s hash browns and some other grease-filled menu item. Firstborn knows his Mama is against fast food breakfast, so I wondered why he was going against the grain. He knows breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why McDonalds when you can have Mama’s hot breakfast? Instead of rocking the boat the night before school started, I asked him if he had money and we figured out what time we needed to leave the house to prevent being late for school. I even visited the McDonald’s website to read the nutrition facts of some of their breakfast items. I know; I’m a little anal about this. J

 Some children don’t eat breakfast at all and some eat junk for breakfast, so one morning of purchased grease wouldn’t hurt Firstborn - not even on the first day of school. If this is the motivation he felt he needed for the first day, so be it. I accepted this while being reminded that this school year will be full of battles and I refuse to jump in the ring with all of them. I don’t have the mental space or energy for each of them. McDonalds, you win! Firstborn will be in the 11th grade and has a maturing mind of his own. Although I’m his parent, I don’t want to go against the grain on every idea he has. I want to be a supportive parent and not one full of ego that has to have it my way – oh, that’s Burger King, huh? Anyway, I’m here to guide and train my children, not control and dictate. Some issues are major which will require me to put my foot down, and some are minor which will work themselves out – without Mama’s help. I’ll pray for discernment with these major and minor issues as I allow God to raise His children through me. Good grief, LaVender! Give the boy a break – even if it is at McDonald’s!

 Have a marvelous Monday and choose your battles!


Last night, while hubby and I sat in the living room talking, the boys were nearby listening, yet focused on their gadgets. Firstborn was texting and Secondborn was on the computer.  I didn’t place emphasis on what they were doing, but I noticed how focused they were. If they can diligently focus on what they enjoy doing, they can use that same ability to focus on their school work – if they want to. The new school year has already started for many, but the bells will ring next week for us. I will remember the deep concentration the boys had on their gadgets when it’s time to focus on homework. The inability to focus definitely won’t be the problem, but distractions will be.

A distraction is anything that captures our attention from the task at hand. Whether the distraction is around us or in our own mind, we all deal with them. Exercise, work, cleaning, studying, spending time with God, or even having to change a diaper invites distractions - the Spirit of Distraction comes in many forms. This school year, I will have a different approach with the boys when dealing with their lack of desire to focus on their school work. I know they can do it – if they want to! I’ll have to help them recognize their distractions and explain how distractions work against them – against us. Distractions damage - distractions destroy – distractions disturb - distractions detour us from what God has called us to do.

Regardless of our age or what we’re doing, focusing is significant to success. As a wife and mother with so many of my own tasks and countless distractions, I must be an example to my children and fight the annoying Spirit of Distraction. I must focus, follow through, and finish what I’m called to do. I can do it – if I want to.

Boring Bible

The title sounds like blaspheme doesn’t it? Well, I use to think the Bible was boring. Every time I picked it up, the thous and shalts bored me to tears and I never knew where to begin reading. I would find every excuse not to read the Bible. Booooring! 

Now, as an older, wiser, married woman with children, I’ve realized how much I need God’s presence in my life.  I dare not start my day without His Word. If you ever want to start reading the Bible and not know where to start, The Psalms are awesome! The Psalms, located right in the center of the Bible, remind me that God is the center of my life. Reading the Psalms has given me a deeper relationship with God. This morning, I read Psalm 27 and it began with, “The Lord is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life, of whom shall I be afraid?”  I read a little further, and it read, “Hear, O Lord, when I cry with my voice: have mercy also upon me, and answer me.” I continued reading with, “Wait on the Lord; be of good courage; and he shall strengthen thine heart; wait, I say on the Lord.”  Now, what woman doesn’t need these words in her life today? Boring Bible? I don’t think so! 

 How we react to daily situations reveals how much Word we have in our life - our Word level.  As we deal with our toddlers, teenagers, and adult children, God’s Word gives us power! As we help our husbands, God’s Word gives us power! As we interact with co-workers, God’s Word gives us power! As we deal with our Self, God’s Word gives us power!

The next time you look at your Bible, look at it as your power. Open it, read it, and be empowered! Boring it is not!

Mom's Fighting Fat!

All of us are guilty of starting something and not finishing it. Whether it's a special project, a new endeavor, or even a blog!

Well, my dear friend, Sandy, started a blog a while ago titled, Mom's Fighting Fat. It was a great blog, but life got in the way and Sandy left all her followers and her fat hanging - no pun intended.

Mom's Fighting Fat offered so much encouragement and information to women with a desire to live a healthy lifestyle. Sandy also included her own struggle with weight loss and even took backside pictures and videos of herself exercising. Oh my goodness, who does this?

I'm proud to say, Mom's Fighting Fat is back in business and I'm asking you to please drop by and welcome Sandy back to blogland.

When time permits, visit Mom's Fighting Fat Comes Back

To Yield Or Not To Yield To Temptation


This is the sound I heard in my ear all weekend as I enjoyed my high school class reunion. The psst was the call of temptation in my ear.  The planning committee went above and beyond what was necessary to set the stage for pure enjoyment and excitement; it was an awesome gathering. Not only did I see the faces of classmates I hadn’t seen in years, but I also saw the face of temptation – up close and personal. We all have a weakness and if the stage is set properly, we will be faced with a choice – to yield or not to yield. I love to dance and my body wanted to get down, get funky, and get loose - really loose. Thank God, I was able to dance like a lady and still have a ball. Did somebody say buffet? Delicious food was in abundance, yet I held back from eating all I could eat.  Is that Eddie? I had a crush on Eddie from junior high to high school and there he was in the flesh standing next to me. Eddie, Eddie, Eddie. Hubby knew all about Eddie and finally met my high school crush. I thanked hubby for coming to the reunion with me because temptation has a mind of its own – I live in the real world. Just because I love the Lord doesn’t mean I’m excused from being tempted by the lures of my weaknesses and Eddie was definitely a weakness back in the day. Talking to Eddie reminded me why I liked him so much. Miss Flesh was in my ear. “Psst…psst…you know you still like him. Psst…have dinner with him. Psssst..he has a boat and likes to fish, you love fish! Pssst…hug him again.” Whether our weakness is food, money, music, or men, we WILL be tempted and although sometimes difficult, the choice should be to yield not to temptation. Are you wondering what happened with Eddie?  Well, I got out of my own bed with my own husband - I made the right choice. I was not a prisoner of the moment. Eddie is where I left him – in my past. Have a marvelous Monday and yield not to temptation.

Listening To My Body

My mind told me to get up, but my body told me to rest.  This morning, I listened to my body.  I had a strenuous weekend that exhausted me beyond words.  My mother volunteered to host her family reunion, so she led a small group of us as she planned and prepared food and entertainment for what turned out to be an awesome reunion.  We pushed our bodies beyond the limit and none of us took time to eat correctly to give our bodies the fuel needed to work the long and hard hours necessary to make the reunion happen. We worked on fumes and adrenalin and there was no time to rest. The family enjoyed the reunion and gave rave reviews and endless compliments, yet the hard work took a toll. 
 My older sister and I talked about how some women live this type of strenuous lifestyle week after week.  This may be the reason heart disease is the number one killer for women.  Being mentally stressed is just one of the many factors of heart disease.  A lifestyle of constant busyness invites mental stress. Our minds say keep going, but our bodies beg us to stop and renew. We often listen to our mind thinking we are so important, we must keep going.  Well, if we don’t stop, we won’t be able to keep going. It may appear glamorous and some women even feel validated having such a full schedule, but why?  Do I have a free day this week? Yes, and it will remain free – free to renew my mind and body. Every day of the week doesn’t need an event or appointment.  The labor of the reunion is over and I welcome my weekly schedule with Mom's Taxi. Thank you!
Women are amazing. We are able to multi-task and do what we do well. We were created to produce and deliver – not just babies. Remembering to renew ourselves is critical – to our Self, our family, and everyone else depending on us.  Listen to your body!

Slow To Yell

Rural roads with signs warning of cattle crossing is where I found myself Sunday while driving home from another basketball tournament.  Firstborn programmed the GPS and instead of the main highway, we were on country roads. I was furious because I was past tired.  Hubby wasn’t with us this time, so I was forced to pay attention to directions.  I asked Firstborn if he did everything correctly and of course he said he did, but this was supposedly a quicker route. Excuse me? I was fuming. No, I was pissed.  I felt like crying each time the agitating GPS voice told me to turn left or right onto some unknown back road.  I wanted to fuss and yell at Firstborn, but he already endured this during the tournament, so I granted him mercy.  I was so tired, I couldn’t think straight to pray.  The only scripture that came to mind was the one I didn’t want to remember - be slow to anger. Sigh….
I finally reached a place, mentally, to think reasonably and pray, but looked at the gas tank showing less than a quarter tank. No gas stations were on any of these roads, but we did see two donkeys and a deer.  I felt anger stirring again, but this time I prayed for peace. I knew Firstborn was only trying to get us home quicker and my yelling would only make him feel worse. My peace didn’t come immediately, but focusing on God and trusting Him to save me from the back roads and my anger invited peace. Anger is a monster waiting to be awakened by a simple word, action, or thought. I knew my anger wouldn’t help the situation, so I shut up and continued following the agitating GPS voice. An hour later, we met the highway and a gas station.  Firstborn sighed with relief and went to sleep without being yelled at.
Did the rural route save time? No, but I learned that anger gives absolutely no direction!

My Pain

I was awakened at midnight with stomach cramps – not because of something I ate, but because I’m a woman. Yes, monthly cramps. I wondered why, at 48 years old, was I still entertaining Aunt Flo.  Give me a break! Because I was so disturbed and agitated, I thought about every other type of pain women endure.  Childbirth is another.  Woman was chosen to bear the children – in pain.  Even after the children are born, we endure further pain from our children as we continue to carry their pain in our hearts. Emotional pain is another. Woman was created with extra layers of emotions – we love hard and we hurt hard.  Spiritual pain is another. Church-goers or not, women passionately cry out to God as we seek help and guidance in keeping our home in tact and our family united. Think about it, how often do you see men cry out to God in public? Whether in church, a hospital, or in court, women aren’t afraid to cry out to our Heavenly Father for help and strength.
If pain, in fact, empowers us, we should be some extraordinary, empowered species. We are extraordinarily empowered! In order to withstand all the physical, spiritual, and emotional pain we experience, we have to be extraordinary and to put it plainly, man couldn’t handle the pain we shoulder.  The way they act with a simple cold is amusing. We may be the weaker vessel physically, but we sure are the stronger vessel in every other aspect – just my opinion.
By 1 a.m., my stomach pain subsided and I had a Monday Meditation to share. Pain empowers in ways we don’t expect! Instead of always asking for healing or deliverance from my pain, I should be asking what God wants me to learn from it or how I can be empowered through it. The popular saying is true – no pain, no gain! Pain strengthens, gives courage, and empowers - if we allow it to.

Out of Control

The stands were full of passionate fans, the players were physical, the score was close, and emotions were intense. I’ve watched Firstborn play many basketball games, but the energy from this game was like no other. The team and parents traveled three hours for a weekend tournament and this game determined if we played the championship game or not. I found myself feeding off the energy in the crowds. Miss Flesh was stirring strongly within me and having her way. I was yelling, waving my arms, correcting referees, and coaching from the stands like a mad woman.   I was out. of. Control.
A quiet voice inconspicuously ushered me out of the stands to sit near the entrance of the gym – alone. I was put in time out to regroup, refocus, and gain some self-control. I was also reminded by that quiet voice of how my surroundings influence me – I must always be aware. If I’m amidst gossip, I’m prone to gossip. If I’m amidst complacency, I’m prone to complacency. If I’m amidst mess, I’m prone to be messy. If I’m amidst out of control fans, I’m prone to be out of control. While sitting in my spiritual time out, I prayed as I watched the game. I wasn’t as fanatical and cheered like a mama with some sense. God didn’t want me to embarrass myself, Firstborn, or Him. We won the game, but lost the championship game. I was mentally exhausted, but thankful for my life lesson, which was timely for all the many activities filling the summer months. I must always be aware of my environment and my emotions – remembering who and whose I am. When school begins, football season starts and this mama is already excited, but because I don’t want to be in another time out, I will enjoy the game, yet practice self-control. Go Team!

Press Through!

 Firstborn was sick with a stomach virus that left him lifeless for a few days.  On the third day of his virus, I encouraged him to get up and fight his illness. Also on that third day, Firstborn’s football coach called to check on him. While listening to his coach speak, I thought about athletes who play with broken bones, pain, and high fever.  Athlete or not, we all meet adversity and learning to press through our uncomfortable circumstances is the only way we move forward.  I boldly explained pressing through pain to Firstborn and the very next day, I was faced with my own test of pressing through

 I decided to cut the grass, so full of energy, I tackled the back yard and then moved to the front yard. Halfway through the front, I was exhausted and wanted to stop.  I immediately remembered my bold, encouraging words to Firstborn. Sigh… I knew I needed to practice what I preached.  Needless to say, I pressed through my fatigue and the heat and finished the yard.  

Grapes are pressed to get the sweet juices out of them.  We too, must be pressed to get the best out of us.  If grapes had a voice, I’m sure they’d scream from the pain of the press, but the press is necessary.  The same is true for us. In order for God to get the optimum performance out of us, we must endure painful press positions.  Firstborn’s coach had no idea his phone call would offer a life lesson on pressing through adversity, but that’s what a good coach does – gets the best out of his players.  The fourth day, Firstborn was still weak, but he went to practice and pressed through. When he got home, he asked who cut the yard. I smiled and said, “Your Mama pressed through and cut it.”

If you find yourself in an uncomfortable press position, pray to press through!

Celebrate You!

This is my birthday month and I’m turning 48 years old. Not 43 or 45, but 48. It seems like it happened overnight. The 40s fly by quicker than the 30s and I heard the 50s zoom by. Many women don’t care to share their age, but the older, wiser woman is absolutely captivating to me. Notice I said older and wiser because some women simply get older without an ounce of wisdom to impart. 

Now, for you younger women, please take note. Your beautiful body will always be beautiful although your breasts will begin to sag and unless you do 200 sit-ups a day, your mid section will become pillow-like. If you aren’t stretching and exercising daily, your muscles and joints will become tight and it’ll take you two minutes to stand from sitting position. Heaven help you if you aren’t drinking at least ten glasses of water a day and eating fruits and vegetables because the menopausal season will shake your body into shock. Men want to have sex regardless of their age, so we better stay in shape! Our aging bodies will treat us exactly how we’ve treated it over the years. Think about the amount of fast foods and sodas you’ve consumed. It’ll come back to haunt you if you don’t make changes now – it’s never too late and your body will thank you. 

The woman’s body is like a piece of art - the older it gets, the value and appreciation increases. Just like wine and cheese – we too, get better over time. Pray to embrace becoming the older, wiser woman. Why fight something inevitable? Don’t you want to meet the older, wiser you? You’ll embrace your gray hairs if you truly embrace YOU. You’ll embrace your sagging breasts if you truly embrace YOU. Embrace every season of your life you’re alive. Every day with breath in our body is a reason to celebrate. Celebrate life! Celebrate YOU! I am…all 48 years!

Sauce Stain

This weekend, my attention was captured by the book of Proverbs. One evening, I reached for my Bible, on the sofa, which was already opened to the Proverbs and I noticed something on the page. I immediately tore into hubby sitting close to my Bible. I threw several questions at him without waiting for his reply. “What is this? Are you crazy? I don’t believe you!” Hubby used my Bible to place his empty, dirty lasagna plate on.  Hubby didn’t say a word, but looked at me like I was crazy.

I wiped the sauce off, but of course it stained the page. The stain wasn’t on an actual Proverbs passage, but on a study note that read, “These short, wise sayings give us practical wisdom for daily living. We should study them diligently and integrate them into our life.” I hysterically laughed as my life lesson came through the sauce stain. I didn’t have to go off on hubby the way I did; my reaction could have been totally different. Reading the Proverbs is one thing, but integrating them into my daily life is another. Quoting scripture is one thing, but living the scriptures is another.  Going to church is one thing, but being the church is another. My lasagna was one thing, but my life lesson from the sauce stain was better. 

Life will be full of opportunities to integrate God’s Word. My reaction to my children, traffic, telephone calls, emails, unexpected situations, hubby, people, and every part of my life will offer opportunities to integrate the Word in my life. The stain on my Proverbs page is a reminder to allow God’s Word to stain my heart – to apply them to my life. My life lessons come from the strangest situations, but there is a lesson in everything – even sauce stains!


I spoke to a new mother who is realizing her bundle of joy has turned into a bundle of battles. Whether it’s a new marriage, new baby, new car, new position, new job, or a new business, our season of bliss will bring battles – it’s guaranteed. Blissful times often take our focus off God, but battles bring us back.  

Years ago, I would have prayed for this new mother to be delivered from her adversity, but now I know her storms are exactly what she needs to be strengthened. Every woman reading this can agree. From Bliss to Battles to being Blessed – that’s life.

We pray to be healed from sickness and delivered from difficult times, but can we trust God enough to let Him have His way? We don’t want to experience physical, spiritual, emotional, or even financial pain, yet pain empowers us! Storms teach us to fly like eagles – above the storm! Our battles will even empower others if we aren’t ashamed to share. We’ll say God brought us through, but we won’t say what He brought us through. This young mother needed to hear how God brought me through my past days of sleep deprivation, emotional muddle, and sometimes feeling like a single mother. I shared because I knew we both would be blessed. From Bliss to Battles to Blessed.

My prayer for this new mother is not for deliverance from her battles, but for peace and endurance to go through; she will definitely be blessed! We rarely learn anything in good times, but battles invite growth. From Bliss to Battles to Blessed.

I Dare You!

Secondborn and I talked about his gifts and talents this weekend.  He sometimes doubts himself and lacks confidence in his God-given abilities. These doubts lead to discouragement. As his mother, I continually remind him of the supernatural power he possesses to excel. My teaching moment immediately turned into a life lesson for myself. The words I shared with Secondborn should be applied to my abilities – especially my writing.

I recently found the nerves to submit articles to various magazines and received my first acceptance – with pay. Why didn’t I do this a long time ago? Because I doubted my abilities, which is actually saying I doubted God. After all, it’s His gift; I’m just an instrument for words to flow through. We all have gifts, creative abilities, and unique talents. What are we doing with them? I dared Secondborn to let God have His way with his abilities and to watch what happens. I also dared myself. A dare will push us pass our carnal limitations. Fear blocks our optimum performance and doubt limits our faith. I dared myself to allow God to consume my writing. I dared myself to give my writing back to God. I dared myself to seek God for direction with my words. I dared myself to put God’s super on my natural each time I sit down to write.  

As women, we naturally overflow with God’s creative spirit. It seems our creativity travels in so many directions, but our lack of focus on Him also takes us in soooo many directions. We sometimes appear to be all over the place.  I’m good at many things, but one thing I know – writing is God’s special gift to me. You too, can make a list of things you’re good at, but what’s one thing you know is a special gift? I dare you to allow God to have His way with it! I dare you!

Have a marvelous Monday!

Motivate Me

Hubby is sent off to work with a hot breakfast, a hot hug, and words of encouragement. The last thing he hears from me each morning is to have a great day!
The boys are also sent off to school motivated and knowing having a good attitude will make a good day and I pray with them individually every morning. Keeping my family motivated and on the right track is a job in itself – especially Mondays.

Who motivates me? Well, if I don’t motivate myself, no one gets motivated. Some mornings are more difficult to motivate myself than others. The mornings I’m held captive by my covers are the hardest. Who wants to be motivated when you don’t even want to get out of bed?  The days I’m dealing with the horror of my hormones are extremely difficult - the word motivation sounds more like mutilation!

My only source of motivation is knowing my strength comes from above.  There is no morning cup of coffee, but a morning cup of Jesus. There is no music, but meditation. There is no self help book, but I speak words from The Book…I can do all things through Christ…the joy of the Lord is my strength…He will keep me in perfect peace…the Lord is the strength of my life…I will never leave you…with God all things are possible…abide in me…God is able…let not your heart be troubled…follow me…fear not…Repeating power-filled promises motivates me in the right spirit to begin my day. God’s words empower me and counteract the pessimistic and self defeating words I hear throughout the day from others and sometimes in my own head. I can’t sit and wait for someone to motivate me. I have to motivate myself! I have to encourage myself! If you haven’t been motivated today, speak a few of God’s power-filled promises and meditate on them. Your Monday and every other day will be okay!  He promised!

Have a marvelous Monday!