Call Him

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I can’t remember if I shared that Firstborn is in Army basic training. Yes, he chose the Army and will be graduating next week. He was allowed to call me Saturday to share some good news. His good news isn’t what I want to share, but how excited I was to hear his voice is the purpose of this meditation. Saturday was the second time I’ve spoken to him since he left in August. When I got off the phone, I was overjoyed with his good news, yet more overjoyed that I was able to hear his voice. I miss my roommate/son so much! Of course there was a lesson hidden in my joy. Jesus never allows me to get excited merely for pure, selfish happiness – He always brings me back to Him. 

Well, just as I was excited to hear Firstborn’s voice, I was reminded that Jesus loves to hear my voice. Imagine that! Firstborn didn’t call to ask for anything, he simply called to talk and share. As his mother, I felt loved and needed. I’m sure my Heavenly Father wants to feel loved and needed by me, His daughter. Firstborn could have called anyone, but he chose me. Jesus wants to be my choice to call on – my first choice. It’s so easy to pick up the phone and call or text my sister, a friend, or my own mother, but Jesus wants me to call on Him. He wants to be the one I go running to. He wants to be my friend – my confidant. He wants me to call on Him simply to share with Him and to be in His presence. 

Can you imagine Jesus being excited to hear from us? WOW! It’s okay to have a go-to friend, but there’s no friend like Jesus. Call Him; He’d love to hear from you.