Women of Wisdom

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I awoke extra early this morning and was led to pick up one of the ten books on my bedside table. It’s not really a table, but a two drawer file cabinet I use as a table. The book, 40 Days of Decrease: A Different Kind of Hunger. A Different Kind of Fast was where I was directed. This book was referred to me by a friend’s mother who had no idea God was dealing with me regarding fasting. The season of Lent is upon us and although I don’t participate in Lent, the book by author Alicia Britt Chole has definitely been food for my soul. In the beginning of the book, Ms. Chole expresses something similar to my “worship is a lifestyle” mantra. She explains how Lent/fasting shouldn’t be a timed project, but a place we stay - something we practice on a daily basis.  

Lent shouldn’t be selfishly picking and choosing things we want to refrain from, yet should lead us to practice discipline and living in oneness with our God. After all, if we’re honoring the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, shouldn’t that take a little longer than 40 days or a 3 day fast from chocolate or bread? Wow, I thank God for this enlightenment and I thank God for using my friend’s mother to bless me. It never ceases to amaze me how God will bring people in our life to be a conduit for his love and knowledge. 

As I fast (decrease) from selfishness and pride, my heart is opened and my blessings are increased in ways I never imagined.  Today I am thanking God for the loving hearts of women in my life willing to share their wisdom.

Joy at the Break of Dawn

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Joy comes in the morning but recently I experienced an unusual joy at the break of dawn. This dawn wasn’t the usual first appearance of light before sunrise; this dawn was a friend I hadn’t seen in over 15 years. Dawn and I recently spent some time together and while we laughed and caught up on each other’s lives we realized we both had experienced our share of spiritual storms over the years. I would have never known Dawn had gone through anything she spoke about because she continuously spoke of the goodness of God with her bright eyes and big beautiful smile. She definitely didn’t look like what she had been through. She looked so happy! 

We all will go through things that have the capability of breaking our spirit – it’s called life. I speak about this in, When All Hell Breaks Loose. I called it maintaining our ‘spiritual poise’ in the midst of our storms which basically means to trust God’s hand in what may look like hell breaking loose or life falling apart. We have to maintain the right perspective in the storm – knowing God is in control and He knows what’s best for us. Regardless of what the storm looks like, it’s always in our best interest.

I could go on and on about storms because God knows I’ve had my share and will continue to have storms, yet my soul is anchored in Him – not my circumstances or what’s going on around me. Yes, joy does come in the morning but with the right perspective, joy can come in the evening and also at the break of dawn.