I Lack for NO THING!

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The Lord is my shepherd I shall lack nothing. I have to repeat this in my head when I find myself focusing on what I lack. Lack of income, lack of gas, lack of clothes, lack of creativity, lack of companionship, lack of health, lack of time or lack of time alone. The lack of anything can sneak up and cause worry and doubt in the mind, which causes the focus to drift away from the Provider. If I can be real, the only thing we really lack, as children of God, is the ability to realize we don’t have to lack anything! We make a choice to be without because the Lord is our Shepherd and we shall lack for NO THING! 

No matter how impossible the situation appears or what we might need, God will always make a way. Hasn’t He always? He always delivers. He always provides! He is our supply and our supplier. Even when we place ourselves in a situation of lack by overspending or mismanaging our money, He still shows mercy and provides! If this isn’t enough to make you shout, I don’t know what will. We either believe in God or we don’t. 

Let’s not do like our children sometimes do. They’ll say they’re hungry, but the refrigerator is full of food. They’ll say they’re bored and they have every toy and electronic device possible. My mother used to say we were crying because we were hungry with a loaf of bread under our arm. Funny, but true! We serve a King and we are the King’s children – we shall lack for NO THING. 

Our Heavenly Father has everything we need and want. 

WONDER - filled Monday

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The words wonder and wonderful are used throughout the Bible. When I looked up the word wonder, I found the words awe-inspiring, amazing, surprising, marvel, plus a few more words that made my heart skip a beat with joy.  My thoughts immediately went to the mind of a child and how they are always full of joy and wonder. Children are filled with happy expectancy until grown-ups and life experiences damper their world of wondrous. I know I live in a world of reality, but I want to capture that mind of a child and expect what is before me with wonder instead of fear and doubt. Today is a new day and I expect great things from my amazing and marvelous God! 

Things can change for us overnight. Actually they can change in the next minute. Things can change suddenly, but do we expect wonderful things to happen or are we stuck in a mindset of Monday blues, a dead-end job, or a hum-drum life. Humph…you can stay stuck if you want to, but as for me and my mind, I will have a WONDER-FILLED Monday! Childhood does not have to be our happiest time. Our happiest days could be right now. Each day we live and breathe should be a day of joy and wonder because we serve an awesome, awe-inspiring, amazing, and WONDERFUL God! With all this being said and we consider our present situation, let’s expect wonderful things to occur. 

Just as we love our children and want the best for them, we are God’s children and He loves us so much more and wants only the best for us.


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I took time to rest a little more than usual this weekend. Although I had a speaking engagement and basketball game to attend, I looked forward to being intimate with my sofa, blanket, and pillow whenever possible. There isn’t anything major going on in my life, but a lot of little things can make a major impact on the mind. I realized during my rest period, that although physically resting, my mind was still quite busy working - overtime.

 I had to concentrate and work hard to focus on the NOW and not Thanksgiving, Christmas, ACT testing, basketball games, bills, publishing, working out, my job, my sons, etc, etc… I’m sure you have a list of your own. My blood pressure has been a little high lately and I’m convinced it’s because of all the little things taking up major mental space in my mind. Let it go, laVender! Let it go! I can’t do a thing about any of it and worry only causes stress, and stress causes health issues, so let it go! Woosah….I live in the NOW not tomorrow or yesterday…Woosah! 

Yes, this is a process and it takes daily practice and prayer. I find myself having to redirect my thoughts and change my mental channel frequently. I shiver at the thought of how much time I’ve wasted living in the past and thinking about what was or could have been. Uuuugh…There I go again, thinking about the past. Help me, Lord! That’s the key, asking for help from the Helper. Lord, regulate my mind and control my untamed thoughts. A woman’s secret weapon is rest – rest in our body and mind and most importantly, rest in Him. Woosah!