Show Some Sign

I awoke late for church Sunday, but my first-born had already eaten breakfast and was prepared to go to church. I wondered what his motive was since I always have to wake him on Sundays. He gave me the religiously correct answer of wanting to know more about Jesus, so I continued questioning. I asked what he did with all the information he learned. Once again, the correct answer was given. He said, “I’m supposed to use it.” I told him it was good to want to go to church and church school, but we need to show some signs of what we learn by how we treat our siblings, how we keep our room clean, our attitude, and obedience to parents. I let him know we can’t continue to go to church Sunday after Sunday and not show signs of growth. I was prompted to use our study of seed germination as we continued our conversation. We walked into the living room to check the status of a seed project. We have onion and cucumber seeds in plastic sandwich bags to test if the seeds are good or bad. The cucumber seeds are sprouting, yet only one onion seed is showing signs of growth – the others appear dormant. First born picked up the bag with the onion seeds and said, “Are we like these seeds?” I assumed ‘us’ meant church-goers. Surely he wasn’t speaking of me! Was he? I was speechless for a moment. As I looked at his serious face awaiting my answer, I laughed and told him those seeds could very well be us if we don’t show signs of growth by acting Christ-like. Why didn’t he pick up the cucumber seeds? I wasn’t about to ask another question. Once again, a Life Lesson for LaVender. As a Godly Mother, I should always show signs of a thriving, growing seed, not a seed of dormancy. What signs are you showing?

Jeremiah 2:21 (NKJV)
Yet I had planted you a noble vine, a seed of highest quality. How then have you turned before Me into the degenerate plant of an alien vine?