Kitchen Transformation

    While at my parent’s home this weekend, I realized the kitchen I grew up in had gone through some major changes. The cabinet color changed. The walls and even the flooring changed. The memories are still there, but the character of the kitchen has gone through a major transformation over the years. I thought of my days in the kitchen as a little girl and how I have also gone through a major transformation. The little girl became a woman.  Even as a grown woman, there is transformation taking place. My seasons of womanhood invite challenging experiences and life lessons with purpose of molding me into a stronger and wiser wife and mother – a better woman.    

Another new year is quickly approaching and as I look back over the years, transformation should be evident in every facet of my life. If the same things that bothered me two years ago are still bothering me, something must change. If the same people who irritated me last year are still irritating me, something must change. If I’m still struggling with the same weight and health issues I struggled with five years ago, something must change. Transformation should not only be visible in my physical life, but my emotional, mental, and spiritual life also. Change is good and necessary as we grow older. Just as the changes in my parent’s kitchen showed improvement, changes in my life should show visible improvement also. It’s time for transformation!

I Tried!

  I decided to get off the sofa and run in place while watching the last four minutes of the Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants’ football game last night. Exciting as the game was, I had difficulty running out the four minutes. I tried encouraging myself, praying, and even thinking of a wonderful ending to this meditation, but nothing worked. My mind was saying, “Stop! You’ve done enough!”  I had great intentions, but with exactly 2:51 left in the game, my body followed my mind and I stopped running. Four minutes can turn into fourteen minutes in a televised game with the time outs and station breaks, so I know I ran more than two minutes. Well, at least I tried!

With the holidays approaching, I hear a lot of talk about monitoring food intake and gaining weight.  One thing we forget is our body is not our own – it belongs to God. We don’t have the right to eat what we want nor do we have a right not to exercise our temple.  God knows our heart and will bless our intentions, so to attempt an exercise regime and monitor our food intake is a great start.

My will power will never be as strong as God’s supernatural power, so temple maintenance without Him leads to disaster. I always fail, but I can do ALL THINGS through Christ who strengthens me. Today is a new day with new opportunities to bring God glory through my temple. One day at a time, one meal at a time, and one exercise regime at a time is the only way to tackle this – with God!  Happy Thanksgiving to you and remember….everything in moderation!

Come to Mama!

Today makes the second time hubby has dropped by the house during his working hours to drop off a bottle of 409 cleaner. Is 409 his idea of a beautiful bouquet of flowers? Is he telling me to clean up? I'm not sure what the deal is, but each time, I act excited and give him a big hug. Yeah, 409 is one of my favorite cleaners, but....  Oh forget it, I'll take the act of kindness any way I can get it! LMBO! Thanks, hubby! I love it and it smells so good!

By the way....the bottle of 409 came with this.... "Do you wanna go to dinner and a movie tonight?"

Come to mama, 409! Mama is gettin' ready to use you up!

Dip Me!

 I had one of my church family members laughing when I told her why I wore a red dress to worship service yesterday. Remember the scene from the movie, Carrie, when she stood on stage and a bucket of blood was poured on her? Sunday, I felt like I needed to be covered from head to toe – submerged - dipped in the blood of Jesus.

This weekend, I was surrounded by more than a few things to remind me of the troubled world we live in. Not only did I view more than a few disturbing things, but I thought a few disturbing thoughts as well. I saw girls dressed like they were looking for a corner, I heard young boys talking about finding Mary Jane (not a girl), and I heard whispers of deceitfulness, jealousy, gossip, and lies. 

Friday and Saturday was all I could take, by Sunday I felt a need to be washed – dipped in the blood. Although the red dress was just my personal symbol of being covered, it sure helped my mindset. Although I have to live in this world, I sure don’t have to be of the world! Sunday night before going to bed, I turned the television on and surprisingly, I caught the Jesus movie right at the scene of the crucifixion. Coincidence? Not at all, but another reminder to focus on the powerful blood of Jesus. Because He shed His blood, I have life, health, deliverance from evil, and salvation!  I don’t have my red dress on today, but whatever I see, hear, or endure; it’s already alright because I’m covered by the blood!


 I hate to say it, but it looks like Secondborn will have the teenage blues worse than Firstborn ever had them.  Mr. Sunshine, Mr. Smiley, the example of Jesus in our home has taken a small detour down moody lane. I'm sure he'll be back...yeah, he'll be back....won't he? Pleeease, come back!  He started early because he won't be 13 for another six months. I guess this is the prep stage (smile).

This morning I don't know if I got on his nerves or if he got on mine worse, but I knew we needed some space between us, so instead of driving him to his bus stop, I let him walk - again. When he walked off, I noticed he had not brushed his hair, so I politely asked him if he brushed it and he mumbled back into the house. Uh....I'm just trying to help you.

Sometimes teens just want to be left alone. Sometimes they don't want our help. Sometimes they don't want to hear our voices - although they need us. day at a time! 

I try not to send my boys off to school with me talking at them and correcting them, but this morning was one of those mornings. I'm sure it won't be the last time, but I THANK GOD for Firstborn and the initiation he gave me into the teen years.  It's time to pull out my secret weapon that always works like a charm. When they do something that doesn't make ANY sense or it seems like they are deliberately trying to get a reaction from you....DON'T REACT, SMILE, and SING IF NECESSARY!'s going to be a great day!

Shut Up and Pray!

    Hubby tries to make sure I have everything I need, but date nights aren’t a priority of his. I enjoy spending time with hubby - without the boys. I’ve talked about this way too much over the years, and my dissatisfaction was turning sour. Miss Flesh wanted to give hubby a piece of her mind, but instead, I was led to shut up and pray.

Friday afternoon, hubby called and asked if I wanted to go to dinner and a movie. Wow! I was excited and wanted to call my sister, my prayer partner, and a few other people, but I new better. Thank God I didn’t because Friday and Saturday passed and I didn’t see dinner or a movie. All I saw was mean and ugly on my face and in my heart.  Sunday came with no mention of dinner. Shut up and pray…shut up and pray!  My prayer was to show love – in spite of how I felt. Grrrrrr…

Coming home from church, I was reminded that Christians don’t battle with the flesh, but there are wicked forces out there trying to kill, still, and destroy my relationship with hubby. Miss Flesh wanted to sarcastically ask what happened to her dinner and movie, but was led to once again, shut up and pray; so I did. We pulled into the garage and hubby told the boys to go in the house because he and I were going somewhere. Yep, hubby took me out to eat. Miss Flesh wanted to ask about the movie, but I was so full and happy, I was ready to go home. I thanked God all the way home. I also let hubby know how appreciative I was for our long overdue date.  

Life Lesson – Knowing when to shut up and pray allows God to show His power and increases my faith. God doesn’t need my help and hubby doesn’t need my lip talk (nagging).

Crazy Conversation

I just had to share this crazy conversation Firstborn and I had. I left scratching my head and wishing I had never initiated it.

Me: "What are you wearing to school today?"

Firstborn: "What do you mean?"

Me: hesitating  "What are you wearing to school today?"

Firstborn: "I don't know what you mean."

Me: "I don't know of any other way to ask the question. Boy, what are you wearing to school today?"

Firstborn: "Oh, you never asked me before, so I didn't understand."

Me: sighing  "Okay, now that you understand. What are you wearing to school today?"

Firstborn: "Pants and a shirt."

Me: in my mind - #@!*