The BIGGEST Laugh of 2009

Yesterday evening, the family came home from an evening of errands, meetings, and basketball practice. We had dinner before we left and the kitchen was left a mess - a big mess. My sweet, compassionate secondborn son says to me, "Mama, do you want me to wash dishes for you?"

Loooong Pause....


"Dear Son, I'm sorry, but you are sadly mistaken if you think those are MY dishes! LOLOLOL Firstborn, isn't that funny? He thinks he would be washing those dishes for me!

Hubby! Hubby! Did you hear that? Does everyone in the house think this way? We ALL used those dishes. We ALL messed the kitchen up. We ALL are responsible for cleaning the kitchen up. Those are not MY dishes and washing them is NOT my job. You guys are funny!" LOLOLOL

Wait a minute. I'm always trying to make sure I raise Firstborn and Secondborn to be good husbands, so where did I go wrong with the dirty dishes? Maybe I ASK them to wash the dishes, so they automatically think they are doing me a favor. Hmmmm...Okay, I'm going to leave this one alone because it's not worth my energy and I have no mental space to take this into the new year, but you have to admit the thought process of a man is quite funny....Wash the dishes for me. Hmph!

You know what? Those dishes said good morning to me. Yes, they are still there. LOLOLOL - ROFL - LOLOLOL

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Do You Believe?

My six year old niece battles with asthma and the Christmas holidays were no exception for her. She’s a huge Michael Jackson fan and nearly danced herself out of breath. The day after Christmas, I found her in bed completely exhausted. I knelt down to pray for her and then encouraged her to pray for herself.

As a mother, it’s important for me to ‘be there’ for my children. I want to be their comforter and meet their needs, but there comes a time when Mama must step out of the picture.

When I die, I want Firstborn and Secondborn to know where their comfort and help will come from – without doubt. When their heart is broken, I want them to know who can mend it. I want them to know they have a Heavenly Father who will meet all their needs.

Children, mine included, have so many questions about God and His existence. I answer what I know and lead them to seek God for themselves. I have questions of my own, but one thing I do know (without doubt) is God is real within me. I heard an awesome song yesterday at my mother’s church titled, I Believe. It reminded me that although I may not have all the answers to questions about the Bible and I may be confused with traditional worship practices and baffled over the many religions and translations of the Bible, I know God is real in my soul, and I choose to believe.

There is nothing in this crazy, mixed up world that can give me the joy I experience. The peace I have in the midst of my troubles can only come from a supernatural power. This burning passion I feel deep in my spirit has got to be something more than a hot flash. The comfort I experience when I pray is obviously something bigger than me. The amazing way things work out in my favor completely rules out coincidence. Hearing that song was a wonderful way to continue in the spirit of Christmas which is not just a season, but a life changing experience when you receive The Gift of God.

Teaching our children to develop their own personal relationship with The Father is crucial because one day, we must push them out of the nest to fly on their own.

What about you? Do you believe?

John 3:16 (NKJV)

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

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My Special Delivery

I’ve been pushed to the edge, my brain needs batteries, my energy is exhausted, and I have nothing else to give. I know when it’s time to getaway, however, I don’t have the money or the time to take a trip, but yesterday I received a special delivery.

We always celebrate Christmas with my family in Alabama, but this year we won’t be able to make the trip until Christmas Day. Instead of depriving the boys of pre-holiday festivities, hubby and I dropped the boys off in Alabama yesterday. My parents’ home looks like Winter Wonderland with a big beautiful tree, lights, and decorations throughout the house. The only light shining in my home is the kitchen light.

I’m so happy the Lord has allowed me to experience a mother’s love – I love my baby boys and always want them with me, but leaving them with my parents yesterday invited a much needed sigh of relief. This week there is no Mom’s Taxi, no teacher conferences or emails, no homeschooling, no…no children!

Hubby and I need some renewal time also. It’s easy to get lost in the mother/father roles and date nights get lost too! This time alone will remind us we were a couple before we had children.
Should I hide the remote control?

I’ve been praying for some relief, and although these few, short days may not be the physical getaway I thought I needed, the mental getaway is a special delivery of renewal and peace! I thank God for this special Christmas gift, which is also a time to focus on THE GIFT – the gift of the Prince of Peace.

Mothers often forget one of the most powerful weapons is our peace of mind and the perfect peace promised to us by God. We allow the busyness of life to steal our peace that was delivered many years ago. Have you accepted your gift?

The Prince of Peace is making special deliveries of peace, joy, love, forgiveness, faith, comfort, and much more! Call on Him to schedule your special delivery!

Isaiah 9:6 (NKJV)
For unto us a Child is born, Unto us a Son is given; And the government will be upon His shoulder. And His name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

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I Can't Feed My Child

Secondborn and I went to the grocery store this morning and he turned into the "I want" child. My goodness! "Mama, I want corndogs." Mama, can I get chocolate chips to make cookies?" "Mama I want green apples, I want to start eating healthy." "Mama, can I make lasagna?"

Well, as I type, he is in the kitchen making lasagna for the first time (he's happy) and of course I bought the green apples, but the other things I did not.

I continue to explain to that boy the difference in wants, needs, and desires. WANTS - NEEDS - DESIRES. Hubby and I continually talk to both boys about being a good steward over God's belongings - including His money! Both boys even took a financial class at church for the youth that expressed money management. I know it's an age factor, but good grief...sometimes I feel like I can't feed my child, but then I have to remember myself - WANTS - NEEDS - DESIRES. It can be hard for a mother to turn our children down, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

As we were standing in the checkout line, there was a woman with a basket overflowing with food. (pictured above) Good grief! It must have added up to almost $300. She either has a family of six or is going shopping for the entire month.
My basket, which was 1/4 full came to $70, which was $20 over what I wanted to spend. Yes, I try to be frugal

If we all lived within our means and not above our means, the economy wouldn't be in the shape that it is and most of us wouldn't have to live from paycheck to paycheck while we rob Peter to pay Paul. Some of us rob Peter, James, and John! As for this'll get fed, but all the unnecessary items are just that - unnecessary.

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Monday Meditation - Message in a Jacket

A young mother sat behind me in church and I felt her irritable energy. I asked her if she had a rough morning and she answered with a tired and very familiar yes. I was dealing with the horror of hormones, which is probably why I recognized her unspoken irritability.

I looked to my right and saw another woman trying to discreetly wipe tears from her eyes.

Earlier, another shared with me that her father had been ill. I was also aware of another mother at home with sick children.

I thought of all the life luggage mothers carry and prayed that each of us would receive a special message of relief during the worship service.

My pastor walked into the sanctuary and his red jacket immediately spoke volumes to me. The Prince of Peace reminded me, through the red jacket, of the blood that was shed for me – for mothers – for wives – for everyone! The red jacket symbolized the blood which offers peace, comfort, joy, and RELIEF from the heaviness of my life luggage. The blood allows me the freedom to cast my cares! It doesn’t matter what the situation is – it doesn’t matter what the sin is – it doesn’t matter what the economy says… the comfort, the relief, the answer... is in the blood. The red jacket was a symbol of being covered in the blood of Jesus - covered with the power and protection of Christ Jesus. A mother's life luggage doesn't have to be heavy if we remember the blood that was shed for us.

I was so excited about the message in the red jacket that I began snapping pictures. Yes, in church, but at least I didn’t use the flash!

It’s ironic that the messenger, my pastor, spoke a message to me without ever opening his mouth. The red jacket wasn't just an item of clothing, but an awesome message and reminder of hope and peace - for Christmas and everyday throughout the year.

Life luggage - we don't have to carry it alone.

Matthew 26:28 (NKJV) For this is My blood of the new covenant, which is shed for many for the remission of sins.

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Firstborn in Jail?

Sunday evening, I visited the local jail with my church prison ministry and it was an experience I will never forget. There was a young inmate with the same build and sweet smile as my fourteen year old son. I couldn’t stop looking at him and wondered why he was there. At one point, we made eye contact and exchanged a smile. He probably felt me staring at him, but when I looked at him, I only saw Firstborn. This young inmate shared his testimony, and I had to fight back tears. He shared how simple disobedience towards his mother led him to jail. He said he didn't listen to her and little things he refused to do escalated into wrong choices, which led to jail time. Hmmm…you know what was going on in my mind.

Well, last night, Hubby had a talk with Firstborn unaware of the jail experience I had with this young inmate. Hubby has noticed Firstborn’s choice of clothing and music has gone slightly to the left. He has also noticed Firstborn’s disposition and posture in church has displayed a blasé attitude. Hubby made a decision to correct this slightly left turn and get Firstborn back on course.

I felt sorry for Firstborn as I watched tears come out of his eyes while receiving his new marching orders, but I kept silent. I began to pray that his tears would save me from future tears. I prayed this corrective turn would get Firstborn’s attention. I prayed Firstborn would realize his parents refuse to lose him to the world. I prayed Firstborn would be the leader he was born to be and not the follower he has become. I prayed Firstborn would recognize the spiritual battle in his young life that his Mama continually talks to him about. The slightly left turn may seem small, but if not corrected can lead to a wreck or even jail time.

Firstborn is no exception to ending up in jail and if you think your child is an exception, you are deceived. Just my two SENSE and no, I didn’t misspell.

I thank God that Hubby recognized these things. Mothers can become so busy and distracted that it’s very easy to miss subtle actions in our children requiring immediate attention and parental roadblocks.

Am I making a big deal out of nothing? Maybe in your mind I am, but as for me and my house – we will serve the Lord and keeping Firstborn and Secondborn out of trouble and out of jail is a big deal and keeping them on course to be a light in this world IS THE DEAL.

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Monday Meditation - Presents in the Pulpit

When I walked into the church sanctuary yesterday, I noticed the pulpit was adorned with beautiful poinsettias and presents. I accepted the poinsettias, but the presents didn’t settle with me very well. I know it’s the Christmas season, but what’s up with the large sized presents in the pulpit?

Knowing my pastor, I knew the presents had a purpose, so I excused my critical, carnal thoughts.

When my pastor’s sermon began, it all came together. The topic was, The Reaction to the Gift and of course, we know what gift he spoke of. The comparison of material gifts and THE GIFT was made quite plain.

The sermon wasn’t the only powerful message I received, there was a Life Lesson for LaVender wrapped in those huge presents in the pulpit. The Lord made sure my focus wasn’t on the material presents that Miss Flesh wanted to rip open, but the present I plan to give my children for Christmas. What present will I wrap to share with them this year?

I really didn’t have to decide, the Holy Spirit picked the gifts of understanding and patience. Sigh. Allowing God to stretch me to a higher level in Motherhood will be the best gift I can ever give Firstborn and Secondborn.

Will it cost? Yes, it's expensive! It will cost a little of my Self and a lot of my pride. Ouch!

Will my gift be something my family desires? No doubt! I’m sure they love me just as I am, but who wouldn’t want a mother with just a little more patience and understanding? I know my teenager would.

Will I have to search for this gift? Yep, I must search within the depths of Miss Flesh to find those precious character traits that desire to surface to the next level. Miss Flesh doesn't want me to be Christ-controlled.

Do I have to wait until Christmas to give these gifts? Absolutely not, but they may be late. Just knowing I'm striving to obtain them is a gift in itself.

I thank God for the presents in the pulpit. My critical thoughts led to thoughts of the gift of Motherhood and my gift of a better Self to my family. What an awesome gift they're getting.

2 Corinthians 9:15 (NKJV) Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!

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Ho, Ho, Noooo!

It's only the first week of December and I'm already exhausted with the Christmas hype. Sigh...

Do I have to do this again this year? Who am I asking?

I'm still basking in the goodness of the Thanksgiving holiday and already my one box of Christmas decorations is begging to come inside from the cold storage house in the backyard.

We're in a recession right? Where is everyone getting the money from to light the OUTSIDE of the house up? Do they still sell the single candlesticks that sit in the window?

Presents? Yeah right...good thing I can bake!

Firstborn says, "All I want is a digital camera." Did he forget we just paid $205 for him to run up and down the basketball court at school? Can you say AFTER CHRISTMAS SALE?

I'm really not a scrooge...well, maybe a little bit.

I'm actually laughing as I type this because I go through this every year and I'm soooo thankful I celebrate the birth of Jesus everyday, so the hype is just that...hype that I don't have to participate in.

Yep, this year I think I'll watch. Wow! I feel better already!

If you really, really, really want to decorate for Christmas, you gotta read Deck the Halls.

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