Home Inauguration

 Any man or woman has got to really love the job of president to look forward to a second term. Hard work, long hours, and little appreciation aren’t things the average bear would look forward to. As I thought about the inauguration, I wondered if the president is as full of drive, passion, and determination as he was four years ago. I then thought about my position in my home. Am I full of the same drive, passion, and determination that I had when I first said “I do” and when my little bundles of joy were first placed in my arms? Do I have the same zeal or have I become weary? Women may not get the pomp and circumstance or the big celebrations as the presidential inauguration does, but our role definitely deserves celebration and recognition. Oftentimes, I get so busy fulfilling my roles that I forget how fulfilling my roles are to me. I’ve let circumstances steal my joy instead of counting it all joy. I’ve focused on what was wrong instead of finding the good. A home inauguration can serve as a renewal of the passion I may have lost in the roles I have in my home and a reminder of the most providential and influential job ever – that of being a mother.  Whether we work inside or outside the home, we are all homemakers and we may not have been appointed, but we’re definitely anointed for our positions. Today is a good day to step back and take a look at what we’ve done in the past and what we can improve on as wives, and mothers. Instead of concentrating on the white house, let’s reflect on the dynamics of our own house! I’m having a home inauguration today. Congratulations, President Obama. You’ve got some hard work ahead, yet so do I. 

Letter of Appreciation

Our children want to appreciate us, but they really don't know how. As they grow older the appreciation begins to settle, but when they have their own children, the appreciation goes through the roof!

Don't Mess With Mama Bear!

It's difficult to explain what a mother feels when her child has been mistreated, abused, or even ignored. A fighting instinct surfaces that is sometimes hard to control. I often use the term, Mama Bear, because it perfectly describes how mothers protect their cubs; they will KILL before they allow their cub to be harmed.

For the past few months, anger has stirred within me and I knew I needed to channel that negative energy into something positive in order to move on with my life and bury the bitterness. Firstborn was wrongly accused and kicked off his football team, and finding the good in that was more than difficult, but I was eventually led to speak up and out for not only Firstborn for all youth in athletics.

I now have more peace of mind regarding this situation, which is a sign that I'm doing the right thing. I had to take a stand before I fell into a pit of pity, revenge, and hate. Yes, I was that angry! Don't mess with my children!

Please visit the site I created to share awareness of mistreatment in sports. It's titled, Your Loss


The Pneumonia, the flu, and a few other nasty viruses seem to be lingering around this season looking for weak immune systems to invade. With the exception of Secondborn, the rest of the family has escaped the contagious bug; however, this weekend I began to feel a little achy.  I rarely catch a virus, so I immediately increased my prevention measures by consuming more of my mixture of beet, tomato, and kale drink, my vitamin shake, and a few other powerful nutrients. I refused to give the nasty bug access to my body. Plenty of rest was also a part of my prevention, so I retreated back to bed as often as I could. Rest is a powerful weapon! While fighting the persistent bug, I realized prevention measures are necessary for my physical body as well as my spiritual body; they both require protection from outside elements. 

My spiritual body is capable of submitting to bugs also, but when I boost my spiritual warfare defenses, I’m not knocked off my feet in defeat and frustration. Praying without ceasing and putting my armor on early instead of waiting until I’m in the midst of battle prepares me for warfare. This morning, I am achy free; yet I can’t afford to stop pouring the extra nutrients into my body. The bug is lingering and waiting to catch me off guard. The adversary, aka Miss Flesh, is also waiting to invade my body through any avenue possible; there is always a trap set. The adversary stays on the lookout for unprepared bodies to dwell in just as those nasty virus bugs do.  How we prepare for the day reflects on the outcome of our day. Do you have your defenses up? Have you made preparations for possible invasion of the bugs? If not, boost up for battle and have a marvelous day!


It's a new day and a new year...
don't forget to renew YOU!

Change Your Clothes!

New Year's Day, I made a point to not say anything ugly or negative to hubby. I wanted the first day of the year to be free from my jokes and criticism. Well, I failed. I looked at hubby and he had on his favorite work sweats. They weren't just an ordinary pair of sweats. These sweats were old as dirt and had chlorine spots all over them. They use to be gray, but they have been washed so many times, the color was gone. The sweats were an eyesore and I really didn't want to look at them all day.

I looked a little lower and noticed hubby's black socks had a beige heel. Wait a minute! That's not a beige heel, that's hubby's skin! The socks, both socks, had huge holes in the heels. Nooo way, I can't keep my mouth shut, I've got to say something. I refuse to look at this on the first day of the year - maybe tomorrow, but definitely not today.

I apologized in advance, but I had to be honest. "Uh, do you plan on wearing that all day?" He mentioned he planned to work on the car.  It looked like it was going to rain, so he was going to wait a while before he started working on the car. I apologized again, but I had to tell him there was no way I could look at what he was wearing on New Year's Day - I just couldn't.  I said it as nicely as I could with a smile. Hubby proceeded to justify the sweats, but I wasn't hearing it. He walked away and I wondered if I should have just kept my mouth shut. I'm not one to hold my tongue, and convinced myself that I didn't say anything out of line.

Hubby came back and looked like a different person. He had on a nice shirt and another pair of sweats and socks with no holes! HALLELUJAH! He looked so handsome and I was sooo thankful. He stood in front of me and asked, "Is this appropriate?"

I gave him a big smile and said, "YES! God bless you!" I was so relieved. If it's New Year's Day, why wear old, torn, dead looking clothes? I know hubby wanted to be comfortable, but my God! Give me a break! I didn't ask for much...just a better view of my husband to start the New Year off right. Tomorrow you can go back to normal and wear his old, chlorine spotted sweats. Thanks, hubby!