247 Service Days Left

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My TracFone keeps me updated on my minutes and service days left.  The numbers continually scroll at the bottom of the screen, and right now, I have 274 service days left and 22.40 minutes. Those minutes will last me another month, but the service days are what I paid attention to. I thought about myself in one of the old, black and white Twilight Zone movies and realizing I had 274 service days left on Earth. When my service days run out, my service to my marriage, family, community, job, and to the world will be accounted for.  

As I sat last night, sipping my hot tea and thinking about my 274 service days, I could only look back at my service days already completed. I’ve served all of my life. Sometimes grudgingly, but I served. Sometimes expecting a little in return, but I served. I’ve served while sick, and sometimes while unhappy, but I served. No doubt about it, my life has been one of service. I don’t think this is just my story, but isn’t it a woman’s nature to serve? It’s what we do – serve.  The military service members aren’t the only ones serving, so are we! We serve our country everyday as we raise and nurture tomorrow’s leaders. We serve as peacemakers in the many relationships we find ourselves in. 

What will I do with my remaining 274 service days left? It’s hard to say when I know I can pay to add more service days, but in real life, each of us has an unknown number of service days left. Instead of focusing on the number of days left, let’s just live each day taking advantage of new service opportunities every day. The world would probably crumble without the service of a woman, wife, and mother. We live to serve!