Own Your Happy!

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I was in my bedroom last night dancing to R Kelly’s, Happy People. It doesn’t matter if I’m at work, at home, or driving, when I hear that song, I move. I love to dance anyway and haven’t danced in a while, so last night I made up for it. I didn’t dance for exercise, I danced because I was happy, so what better song than Happy People? I found the song on YouTube and played it over, and over, and over again. What was I so happy about? Nothing in particular - just life itself. Yes, I have a lot going on in my life. Yes, I’m experiencing a season I never thought I’d be in during my golden years, but I’m happy! The more I played the song, the happier I felt. I was in my own happy world.
I didn’t think about anything in particular, yet I pictured myself in a large ballroom wearing a beautiful, flowing skirt that twirled with my every move. I imagined other people around me dancing, but I was center stage dancing alone and happy. Why not be happy? I may encounter seemingly, unhappy circumstances that I can’t control, but I can sure control my outlook, and I choose happy! I refuse to give my happy away – my happy is mine!
A few of the words in the song are: What is it that can come and take away all your stress, tell me – music. No further questions, you have passed my test. Happy people (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) keeps the world turnin', turnin', turnin'. Oh I believe that happy people (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) Keep us dancin', dancin', dancin'.
 Naturally, I woke up with the song on my mind, and it reminded me that I have something even more powerful than my happy. I have joy! I started my day with prayer, praise, and yes…dancing. Why? Because I’m happy!
 Listen to the song and own your happy!