Stress Buster

I was speaking to a mother yesterday who has two full time positions outside of the home and returns home each day physically and mentally drained. I remember being in the military and coming home feeling the same way. I had little to give and prayed as I summoned the energy to offer to my real job - my family. It seemed they got my leftovers, yet it was all I had to give – I did my best. Women are natural workers – hard workers. Sometimes we have to be told to slow down or STOP! Super Mom Syndrome causes stress and stress causes illness. Exercise is a great stress buster. I’ve started an exercise regime (again), and I’m reminded how exercise relieves stress and irritability. Amazing!! I also have more energy at the end of the day. I’m doing the exercising right in my home - sit-ups, push-ups, jumping jacks, running in place, dancing, light weights, and whatever else I can do to help myself. I refuse to spend money on another body gadget to sit in the corner and look at me. Our family depends on us and so does our body, so taking care of it NOW will definitely pay off later. What is your stress buster?

The Sacrificial Mother

While having casual conversation with several mothers on the football field last week, one mother shared how her sister recently found out she was pregnant. We all expressed our excitement until the pregnant sister’s age was revealed – 46 years old. Yes, this woman is pregnant at age forty-six. Reality set in. I’m forty-three. Hmmm…my excitement turned to apprehension. Our conversation turned to the topic of the sacrifice mothers make for our children. Is it really a sacrifice or is it our calling? Is the job over when they turn eighteen or is this a freedom card we play? Do our children owe us anything for the nine months we carried them? The labor we endured? The nights we pray for them, doctor them, and hold them? Will we look for appreciation when they get older or will we be satisfied knowing we did our best? Looking at a woman’s life through our carnal eyes, it does seem like women get the short end of the stick. Our whole life is taking care of others - our children, our husbands, our parents, and then the grandchildren come. If we look at our life through the eyes of God, we have another viewpoint. We are CHOSEN to care for God’s children! We are His babysitters! His caretakers! What an honor to be chosen to love, raise, and, nurture His children! It’s a high calling. The true sacrifice is when we surrender ourselves to be used by God for His glory. Do you feel you are making a sacrifice as a mother?

Casting My Cares!

Sitting on the edge of my bed this morning at 4:45 a.m., I felt overwhelmed with what the day held and I already felt TIRED. I didn't feel very thankful for another day, nor was my mind Christ-Controlled as I struggled to pray for strength. I wanted to go back to bed - I was TIRED! I watched my husband limp around our bedroom with a painful knee, so I knew this was not the morning to skip cooking breakfast for him. I wondered if he considered how I felt after a busy weekend...I'm TIRED! Realizing I was wasting my time wondering if anyone cared, I walked out of my bedroom and heard music coming from my sons' bedroom. I always turn their stereo off when they fall asleep, yet they sometimes turn it back on in the middle of the night. I stood outside their door listening to Ruben Studdard's version of I Surrender All...this was God's perfect timing. Tears began to roll as I listened to the words of this comforting hymn. I felt like Jesus was giving me a big hug and infusing me with His love, strength, energy, and power. Yes, somebody does care - Jesus! At this moment, I surrendered the cares of the day and myself to Him. The loads of laundry, cooking breakfast for my husband and again for the boys, home schooling, tasks to complete for MOMSWEB, never-ending housework, phone calls and emails to answer, deciding what to cook for dinner, friends needing help, my weariness, and every other worldly matter on my mind was handed right over to the Lord. My weight was lifted and I was able to begin my day. Knowing I can cast my cares on the Lord and depend on Him to work through me and for me, gives me the supernatural power I need to go on in His name. Hold me up, Holy Ghost!

Christ Controlled

Although my children are home educated, they attend school once a week and I’m thankful I don’t have to deal with our once a week morning routine on a daily basis. Thank you, Lord! My eight year old still has no sense of time, so he feels he can wake up and sit, maybe even casually sit and read. My ten-year old is forgetful and last week he forgot his lunch. Sometimes on our drive to school, I’ll look in the back seat and realize someone has not brushed his hair. These are small things, yet when there are several small things in a small period of time, it can be annoying. I pray out loud to keep calm and to allow the boys to hear my prayers for them and for myself. I also pray to keep a Christ-Controlled attitude. Knowing I can depend on Jesus to keep me pleasant in the midst of craziness is a comfort in itself. It’s easy to permit small matters to steal our peace of mind and the stability of our home. Things happen and our reaction to these things is what is important. We don’t want to embarrass the family of God or be a bad example to our children. Actions speak louder than words and children repeat what they see and hear. A Christ-Controlled attitude makes a Christ-Controlled home.

A Woman's Work...

...Is never done! I always try to have the right attitude in regards to my work as a Godly Woman. Not a better attitude, yet the RIGHT attitude. It’s so easy to grumble and complain; yet a Godly Woman must always represent Christ. Whether you sit behind a desk all day, deal with clients throughout the day, or work inside your home, all work should be done with a Godly attitude and to the glory of God. It’s difficult some days to wake up to the same mundane chores, yet Jesus is the King of Mundane. Every morning He changes the darkness to light. Every morning He touches us to wake us. Every morning He is our sufficiency for food and shelter. Every morning he wakes the birds and directs them to their food. Every morning...we can go on and on and on. When I consider the Lord of my Life and all he has done and is doing for me and my family, the very least I can do is have a Godly attitude while doing the work I’m blessed to have the ability to do. What a blessing to be a steward over the home God has blessed us with. What a blessing to have clothes to wear daily and a machine to wash them in! What a blessing to have food to eat and a sink with clean water to wash them in! What a blessing to have plumbing and a toilet in the house to use – Yeah, I’ll clean it!!! Windows? I’m not there yet (smile). Thank God for our work, which in never done!

Out of Control

I received an email from a mother who said she felt like she was out of control being the mother of three little ones. All mothers feel out of control at one point or another. We wouldn't be human if we didn't. I felt out of control this morning as I looked at my laundry and the mess around me that needed cleaning. Sometimes just the thought of our responsiblities can be overwhelming, which is why it is best to take one task at a time and do what is necessary first. Take a deep breath, relax, and pray the Lord will order your every step. Sometimes I don't know whether to cook, clean, or wash clothes first, so I ask for guidance from my Creator. He knows my capabilities and my limitations and I am powerless without Him! Once I cast my cares on Him, I feel less tension and anxiety. Teaching my children is a huge responsibility within itself and it is done around my housework. Mothers ask me all the time how I do it - I don't! Jesus does it through me. I'm clueless!! I'm out of control until I give Jesus control!

Evening Prayer

Thank you for this day, Lord. Thank you for watching over my family and keeping us safe. Thank you for being with us as we drove from place to place and allowing us to arrive safely at our destinations. I love you, Lord. Thank you for a warm, comfortable home to relax in. Thank you for clean water to bathe in. Thank you for a bed to sleep in. As I prepare to end my day, be with me as I sleep. Enter my dreams and renew my mind, my strength, and my energy. If it's your will for me to see tomorrow's day, I will give you the glory, honor, and praise for your grace and mercy. I thank you for everything that happened today. Thank you for my family. Thank you for the blood of Jesus that continues to cover us. Thank you for the angels standing watch over us and thank you for the Holy Spirit that was with us every step of the way. Thank you Lord, for this day. Amen.

Surrender Prayer

Dear God,

I surrender my day to you. My goals, my tasks, my desires, my day planner appointments, my wants, and my will - I give to you. Have your way with me. Fill me with your Holy Spirit and order my steps. Consume my thoughts, my actions, and even my emotions with your Spirit. Help me to keep my mind on you as I work, cook, clean, drive, teach, encourage, and do all you have planned for me today. I love you, Lord. You know what's best for my family and me, so I surrender my family, my husband, and my children to you - they belong to you. Help me to be the empty vessel you desire as I strive to be the wife and mother you've called me to be. Use me for your glory! Lord, have your way in and through my life. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

Today's Prayer

Heavenly Father,

I come to you in the name of Jesus thanking you for waking me up this morning. Thank you for starting my day with my health and strength. Thank you for the ability to dress myself, to feed myself, and to care for my family. Thank you for access to your throne of grace and mercy. Have your way with me today. Order my steps. Guide me, lead me, and please protect me. I thank you for the blood you shed for me. Please cover my home with the blood and keep us from the plans and snares of the enemy. Guard my children's hearts and minds. Keep my husband from temptation and give me peace and patience with everything that comes my way this day. I love you Lord and I ask you to fill me with your Spirit. Help me to show love, to be love, and accept love in your name. Amen.

Just As I Am

I'm having some plastic surgery done and it's been quite painful. The surgery is on my personality. In order for me to genuinely accept another woman for who she is and where she is in her life, I must be absolutely honest about who I am. As the Lord continues to expose and cut the ugliness out of my personality, I’m slooowly learning to enjoy my own gender. I almost hate to admit it, yet one of the reasons revealed to me as to why I don’t take pleasure in the company of women is because I see myself in them. Ouch! Why do I refuse to accept the fact that I am one of these women I don’t care to be around? Am I so holy that I can’t be in their company? Jesus talked with everybody and went everywhere with a mission to share His love. Who am I to select the location and surroundings to share God’s love? This weekend I received an invitation to a jewelry party and I was relieved to have two scheduled football games to serve as my excuse to decline the invitation. Little did I know the Lord would have one game cancelled and also have someone offer to pick me up. I was out of excuses, so I attended and had a wonderful time. With various ages, races, and backgrounds present, we talked and laughed about everything from death to sex after sixty - jewelry was not the topic. The gathering was unlike any I’ve been to before because my idealized image and self - righteous attitude were not invited. I’ve always heard that people we don’t like have a lot of our own qualities in them - I’m convinced of this. I thank God for accepting me just as I am. I thank God for using me in spite of who I am. I especially thank God for saving me and not leaving me just as I am. This is obviously my season for plastic surgery in order to look, act, and walk more like Jesus. It’s painful, yet there is power in pain!


I’m trying to practice what I preach and I’m the first to tell other women the importance of properly caring for themselves. I’m usually the last person in the house to go to bed at night, yet last evening I was the first and it felt good! I left my husband and the boys up watching the football game. There was plenty around the house I could have done; yet my body was screaming for rest and I listened. Not getting the proper rest makes us quite irritable whether we realize it or not. Getting more rest may be the answer to some of a woman’s moodiness – not all of it, but some of it (smile). Some of us have the ‘tired’ look. We look as if they are burning the candle at both ends, which may be the case, yet getting the proper rest may help soften this ‘tired’ look. Our rest is important for many reasons. They don’t call it beauty rest for nothing! It’s funny how we ensure our children get proper rest, yet we forget we are human also – we often function on fumes! If we are always late to bed and early to rise, it will definitely take a toll on our body. How we treat our body today will determine how it treats us tomorrow. What is your bedtime?

Playing Catch Up!

I made sure I would have a relaxing Labor Day Weekend and I did. I enjoyed company, reading, spent time with my husband and children, and even had a nap or two! The entire weekend was a blessing and now I’m paying for it. I have loads of laundry to wash, fold, and put away – I’m playing catch up. A woman’s work is never done and I’ve learned that sometimes you just have to walk away from it - It will definitely be there when we return!! There were so many dishes to wash this weekend, I used the dishwasher and washed by hand a few times and STILL ended up leaving some dishes in the sink last night. So what if there is a plate or two in the sink? So what if the bathroom - mirror needs cleaning? So what if there is a pile of linen on my bed to be folded? The price I’m paying for having a good time was well worth it because I realized something – my house will never be completely clean, so why stress? Yes, I love a clean house and I especially love a clean kitchen, yet being here all day makes it almost impossible. My home will always look lived in (smile). The weekend is over and it’s time to catch up and get back into the normal routine! ! It’s true; a woman’s work is never done.

Cheese or Chili Fries?

My mother gave me a book titled, Woman to Woman, several years ago and recently I’ve been led to revisit the book. The book speaks of having a Christ-centered personality. Little did I know the Lord was preparing me for this past weekend as I worked in a ball field concession stand with several other women. I had the pleasure of working next to a woman with a very sour attitude. She was a hard worker, yet her attitude overshadowed her performance. She wasn’t pleasant at all and I couldn’t get her to return a smile - I would have to paint it on her myself. At one point, this woman turned her back to me and on the back of her t-shirt was wording about casting out devils. Hmmm...I made a point to view the front of her t-shirt and sure enough there was a picture of a Bible with more wording. I then heard her say something about Jesus. As I prepared to privately judge this strange woman, the Holy Spirit made me check myself. What kind of demeanor did I have in the hot, busy, chaotic concession stand as I fried fries and received orders for chili fries and cheese fries? Was there a pleasant look on my face or was I frowning? Was I kind to the other women as they shouted orders at me or was I snapping back? Was my light shining or are they wondering if I’m a Christian? I thought about Woman to Woman and immediately asked the Lord to help me have a Christ-centered personality in my present, undesirable situation. I prayed without ceasing and kept my focus on the Lord - this was necessary to avoid embarrassing the family of God. It's so easy to watch someone else, yet there is always someone watching me. It's also easy to be a t-shirt Christian, yet I'd rather be a Christian from the inside out. Dear Lord, help me to have a Christ-centered personality. Cover me with your character and let my light shine at all times!

Matthew 5:16 (KJV)
"Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven."

It's Not About Me

My sons’ first football season has turned out to be more than just playing football. A couple weeks ago my husband handed me 20 raffle tickets and told me we had to sell them – we being my son and I. Excuse me? I didn’t sign him up for football, so why do I have to be the one to sell the tickets? His reasoning was because he worked all day and I was at home. Okay, I want to stay married, so I’ll leave the ticket topic alone. Later on, we find out the parents have to work the concession stand in addition to selling the tickets. Excuse me? Okay, I’ll help work the concession stand if my husband partners in selling the tickets. Later on, we find out since the boys are on separate teams, the fundraising events are separate for each team and now there is cookie dough to be sold. Lord, what about me! Is there anything else I need to do to help me enjoy this eventful football season? Why didn’t somebody tell me? Oh well, what am I being reminded of during this process? IT’S NOT ABOUT ME...this is part of being a sacrificial mother. This season of my motherhood journey is about putting my desires, goals, and ambitions on the back burner until I raise the children God placed in my care. Yes, it’s a big slice of humble pie to eat, however, they are only children once and I am a Servant of God for a lifetime. Lord, give me strength to keep on keeping on!