No Time For Pain!

Remember the commercial from way back that sang a song about a woman not having time for the pain? I believe it was an aspirin commercial or something. Well, I've been singing that tune for the past couple of days. I thought I had a 24 hour flu, but it has continued into the 48 hour time frame! I definitely don't have time to be sick! I put my mind and my body in auto-pilot and I'm doing what I have to do while taking frequent breaks to rest my body and nap. I hardly ever get sick, so this is unusual to me. I even had the nerve to feel a little guilty for feeling bad, but I got over it quickly. My goodness, does a Mother have to have permission to get sick? Give me a break! I'm drinking as much water as I can, taking my soy shakes, and getting lots of rest. I'm not a medicine person, so I'm letting nature take it's course. I haven't got time for the pain!